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My Pregnant Maid

My Pregnant Maid



General Romance

What happened when a night worker get pregnant? Amanda was a night worker who got drunk over a night and have one night stand with an unknown CEO man. She found out she is pregnant and had to stopped her work after deciding to keep the innocent baby. But this cause a rift in her life especially when accidentally; become the maid of her child's father. What did life have in store in her?

Amanda's POV

The loud sound blaring from my alarm make me jumped up from my bed. I glance at the small clock beside my bed.

"Oh; shit! 8:00pm." I screamed as I threw myself down from the bed. I land on the floor with a loud thud and fly on my feet not minding the pains i felt below my waist.

"I'm late! I'm late." I chant as I ran to the mini bathroom I have.

I wore my clothes quickly as I ran to get a taxi.

"Love's night club." I wave down to the cab I saw.

I should have taken a bus but i'm damn late to wait for a bus now I had to took the expensive taxi.

"$12." He replied curtly and I feel like slapping his mouth.

"Should I pay $9." I bargained.

"$12 or I would zoom off." He answered sharply. I got in not arguing with him anymore. I'm late than ever. All the man would have been taking by my colleagues.

Oh! don't mind my stupidity.

I work at a very popular night club down the street, not a very decent job but I fucking love it.

I chose to work as a call girl at a night club to fed myself and I derived so much joy from it, it take me nothing to get a man with my curvy shape.

"9:00pm!" I heard the driver curse.

"Wtf!!" I screamed out loudly.

"Hey! Are you okay?" He snapped as he parked at the buzzing club.

I rush down jamming the door very loudly.

"Hey, won't you give me my money." He yelled coming down after me

Oh, my bad!

"Here!" I passed and rushed in.

The place was buzzing as usual, strippers dancing on stage and some are giving a lap dance to some men. Some are kissing and even having sex without wondering if they are watched by hundreds. I may be a call girl but I didn't have sex when watched by many.

I'm so late. I cussed.

"Hey! May-may T." I wave at the short plum african woman. She is the owner of this place.

"My name is mama T." She corrected me again, I never get pronunciation of her name correct.

I smile and Sat down on the bar stool.

"Amanda the curvy girl." She hail as usual.

"May may T." I tease and she frowned.

"Anyway, why are you late?" She questioned.

"Is it not one stupid sleep that makes me, hope there is still anyone left for me?" I asked eagerly.

"Girl, you come too late o." She said in her usual africa accent.

"Shit!" I curse.

"Guess i'm not lucky today, give me a very strong wine." I demands. I have to enjoy myself since I didn't have anyone to attend to today.

She place a bottle and a cup at my front.

"Meh meh T." She was called by another customer which she frown at the pronunciation of her name.

I didn't know the reason she never wanted to change her name. I mean who still go with the same old name.

I squeeze my face at the strong feeling of the drinks on my taste bud. Gosh! So strong and damn bitter.

"Ugh!" I squeeze my face with my tougue out.

I want something strong not something bitter.


I struggle to stand on my feet, I could feel my eyes going in circle, I was so tipsy and I need to get home.

I move some steps and find myself sitting on the floor.

"I'm going to get home." I yelled but got covered by the loud music.

I stood up and walk wobbly out of the club.

"Hey look at where you are going?" I yelled at the drunk man who bumbed into me.

"Would you have..a.." He bulp loudly out my face.

"Of course, that's my job." I replied with a giggle to the drunk stranger.

"Follow me." He said as he dragged me towards his car.

"Hey; you!" I pointed with my fingers point out and staggered toward him.

"Can you drive?" I asked opening the car door.

"We can't die." He replied getting in.

"Hey! That is not where the car key is fixed." I said with an half closed eyes.

"Keep...shut." He snapped as he started the car.


He park the car in front of a big building I couldn't recognize.

I stepped down after him and walk wobbly behind his drunk self.

He said something to a girl we met at the place and she lead us to a room.


Next morning

I rubbed my eyes tightly as I groaned lazily. I stood up suddenly as yesterday event suddenly rushed in to my head.

"Gosh!" I slammed my hand on my forehead.

But who is the stranger I ended up with last night.

I'm never getting drunk again. I thought as I rubbed my temple.

I saw some bundles of dollars on the bed and a happy shout left my mouth.

I grabbed the money and wore my old clothes. Guess being drunk pays.

Damon's POV

"How many times have I told you not to drank again." My best friend joe rant at me.

He traced me to the hotel this morning and dragged me here, I didn't even know who I had a night with. All I could remember is that she was blonded.

"I'm talking to you." He snapped at my face.

"I would stop, can you just leave me now." I said softly not in for any nagging from him, I walked away from him.

He act so much like mommy.

"Come back here!" He yelled as he trailed behind me.

What did I said.