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Luna Or Not

Luna Or Not




Rage is on to be 18, and even sooner to find her mate. When her wolf, moon, convinces her to go to pack yellowstone for the first 5 week if her bday, she seemingly agrees, but on her way, she gets lost, and meet a human, sweet and kind, yet very angered. He helps her make her way to yellowstone, and she falls for him. Arriving at pack yellowstone, she discovers his secret and meets her mate, but shes not exactly dissapointed

Yes, im supposed to be a big, bad warewolf, but i seriously didnt want to hurt the bunny and deer grazing mere meters away. Yes, i had to feed Moon, my wolf, but i was kinda trying to go vegetarian.

Ok, thats a lie. I just seriously think they dont need to be eaten.

One of the older pack memebers raised a brow at me, indicating his impatience. I bit my lip and let moon take over. 'I wont bite them too hard,'she assured me before she got full control. Over the body anyways, ive always attained strenght over the mind. Mere seconds in, and i see blood dripping down Moon's lip. I cringed inward at the taste of raw meat.

The elder nodded her to eat away, and she dug in.

Now; i was fully aware that she was truly enjoying the meal as i never really ate anything but leaves, as disgusting as it was.

In mere seconds; not even; and the meat was finished. She smirked at me as i looked her up and down.

'I know we're supposed to be doggos, Moon, but that was disgusting.' i mark up at her. She laughs at me before jumping behind a rock for me to transform back and cover up before anyone could see me naked.

'It wasnt that bad' she laughed. 'Not for YOU, you clearly enjoyed it' i play-scold at her. She laughs back and shakes her head at me. 'Wierdo' she says before i focus on the elders infront of me. The eldest nods ahead as the youngest steps foreward, and officially declares me The Future Luna of Pack Dark Star. I pride foreward, Moon beaming ever brighter.

'Suckup' I laugh to myself, but she replies, stating she heard me.

I got back to the rest of the pack, finding small pups chasing eachother. They all briefly stop to greet us, and before all of them run off, i stop a little girl.

"I've never seen you before. What is your name?" I ask with a big smile. She smiles even larger, proud of the recognition. "My name is Zoey. And I'm from Pack Yellowstone!" She exclaims excitedly. I fake a surprised face, and shoo her off to go play with her friends.

I turned back to the men behind me, smirking widely. "Lets go, men" I added a them, leaving to the pack house.

I met most of the pack at the main hall, each cheering and smiling brightly. I laughed uncontrollably as a few of them started singing.

As a pack, we never had the whole alpha-dominating-omega vibe. I mean, it was never like that, humans came up with that dynamic long ago, i dont even know why.

'Because hoomans are even weirder you.' Moon points out, and I merely laugh. It's not completely false. 


Ok, so; perhaps I should probally introduce myself. MY name is Rage Phoenix, Daughter of Alpha Maxine and Luna Merine of the  Dark Star Wolf Pack. And yes, today I was officially identified as Luna-worthy.

My wolf's name is moon, and she's amazing. And by that, i mean she's litterly the best wolf a girl could ask for.

Not because she was humored and loved by my antics, my antics being only wearing odd-socks to bed, never bathing with a closed door, always sitting on the ground, and having hair-bands on my wrists,

She was actually quite insistent I learn off the last one, because when I shift, she has to deal with rubber and material pulling on her paw-hairs. That's why I only get super-strechy hair-bands these days. It helps a lot.

But because she understood that, prior to contrary belief, I'm a bit of a.... weirdo. Ok, thats probally a dumb way to state it. Let's just say that she and i, we could physically see eachother. Like; I could pet her 3 inch thick pelt, and she could lose over the urge to try and lick the insides of my mouth.

Which is apparently something wolves like doin, go look it up.

Wait, let me explain even better; it's not normal to do so. Atleast not for most Lunas. Alphas, perhaps. Betas, also rare, but never really a Luna.

Now to get a move on; I'm turning 18 in two months, and FIY, thats usually the month you start taking awareness to your mate.

Ang going into heat. Not so fond of that one


Becoming 18 means

for me

that I get to explore more of our pack and it's members. Not that it's necessary, everyone knows everyone, so I'm well acquainted with each living soul around here.

If my mate, in fact, isn't in my pack, I'm going on a exclusive trip to all the other packs.

And I can't wait.

So; another info-lineup, here; i DO travel often. I'm not required yo sit at pack-house all day and whatsoever 24.7, because, if you haven't noticed, my pack isn't perfect, but that's what makes it perfect. We haven't had a rogue in the past 5 millennials, and the last rogue to enter our grounds had joined our pack. All the packs are like that, actually.

Basically, most stories about us are very much false, because we tend to solve problems in groups, we don't fight for domination, we see everyone as part of the pack, take Zoey from earlier as an example.

Back to topic, I'm also ADHD. And in wolves' case, it's only worse.

I wouldn't completely know though, as im not.. You know, human?

But it's not too bad, i keep it very well under control.

Having,my adhd, it means i can remember every story every person has ever told me, but I can't remember where I left my phone 2 minutes ago. It sucks, but its also amazing.

That's about it. You'll learn the rest on your way.

I hope, lol


I walk up to my room, farthest corner of the house, kinda isolated, but never lonely.

'That was sweet' Moon exhaled.

I nodded and laughed aloud. 'Sadly, yes.' She fake-whimpered and i laughed aloud again.

'Anyway, guess who's bday it's tomorrow!!!' Moon said, referring to herself.

'Not mine, i hope' I joke. She mock-bites me and continues rambling.

'Mine, idiot. Anyway, i have a bday request.' I raised a brow, my intrest spiking.

'Tell me, my leashe' I mock in a old-english-accent. She narrows her eyes and laughs, 'I was hoping we could travel to Pack Yellowstone a week before your bday. We should arrive there 2 days before. Maybe we can hang around there?' I raised a brow.

'Mom and Dad would want me here, Moon, i can't. Besides, my mat-' 'no, they'd want you,to,tour, and I dont want my mate yet. Pleaseeeee' she pleaded. I gave in, agreeing to take off to Yellowstone, already mapping out the route and food needed, the distance and time. Moon's guess was correct. "Ok, deal." I repeat. My own birthday was a month away, so... yeah.

Now for context, a pup would usually meet their wolf a week after their seventh birday. I met Moon exactly a month before mine. Dad said it was because I was a Luna.

I flop down into my bed, thinking about a nice hot bath. Moon starts barking in my ear, and I fall asleep