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Runaway Bride

Runaway Bride



General Romance

Andy Hathway is a 23-year-old free-spirited lady who lives today like there is no tomorrow, she's beautiful and gorgeous but her life isn't as okay as you think it'll be. She was adopted into a rich family at the age of 7 and she has always taken the family as her own, Giselle is the Hathway biological daughter and she scammed a rich and influential old man, the man wants his revenge by getting married to her but Giselle mom forced Andy to marry him instead. Andy wasn't pleased with their decision and ran away a day to the wedding, she traveled to another country and changed her name to Ruby. She decided to follow her dreams and brought up a restaurant with a girl she saved from a gang of rapists. Ruby was entangled with the most handsome and hottest man who works as a sous chef in her restaurant, Ryan finds himself getting attracted to this free-spirited lady and couldn't help but fall in love. What happens when Ruby also reciprocates his love and then finds out that Ryan isn't actually who she thinks he is? And what if Ryan finds out that Ruby is his first love? Who's Ryan and Why is he working at her restaurant? Continue reading to find out


  " Wow! Customers are rushing in like crazy? !" I couldn't help but feel happy at the indirect compliment.

  "It's due to heavenly Andy's perfect cooking.." the second girl praised and blushing finds its way to my cheeks.

  " You're flattering me, heavenly! I'm not" I liked the fact that they praised me but I'll sound too proud if I agreed.

  "I'm being serious here, I ate the pasta you made, and gosh, it felt like I was in another world" I almost couldn't believe it.

  "Will you start up your restaurant? I mean you have the skills to start" she asks but I was interrupted before I could utter another sentence.

  " You're all here" We all gasp at the sudden appearance of our boss, he scoffs and the girls scattered to their position.

  "Here's a bonus for you" I smiled sheepishly, stretching out my hand to receive the small envelope.

  " Can you come early tomorrow morning?" He pushed his hands backward not wanting to give me the envelope yet and my eyes were fixed on his hands.

  " Of course I can" I replied hastily and he was about to drop it on my palms when I felt a stingy spank on my butts.

  I jumped up from the bed and lost balance as I rolled to the floor.

  "Are you insane!!!" I yelled not even caring about who the heck the person is.

  I couldn't believe that was a dream, even if it was why did she have to interrupt at the moment I was getting my pay??


  " You're the insane one here, if not you'll not be stretching out your palms while sleeping" Giselle hissed while rolling her eyes awkwardly.

  " And what's yo…" I restrained myself from starting an argument that I'm bound to lose.

  " Why are you here?" I ask, dusting my hands and standing up from the floor.

  " Mom wants us to shop for some items and groceries…

  "And?" I questioned at the unexpected announcement from my sister.

  " Nothing more, what else do you want to hear?" I'm the only one that feels there's something behind this, she looks suspicious to me.

  " I'm sure there's a lot more, I'm getting this strange feeling that you'll drop me off at the supermarket and go off with your friends then leave me all alone to get the items by myself" I was only assuming but her reaction proved that I was right.

  " I knew it I keep telling Mom that you're a witch but she wouldn't believe me, I don't get how you'll know the full details of my plan!" I almost laughed at her jibbering.

  " Well, I'll do the groceries and you can go out with your…. friends" I made an insincere smile, of course, it doesn't come without a condition.

  " Really!!" It was too good to be true for her.

  "Of course but under two conditions!" I waited for her reaction and she gave me a go-ahead by raising her brows, I coughed to clear my throat.

  " You go with the car and give me cash for Uber, also don't tell mom that I did the groceries…you can do it right?" I pouted my lips hoping she wouldn't agree as I was damn tired to get into the bathroom, talkless of going out.

  " Good grief! Good grief" Her heavy sighs sound like a trumpet as I was surprised at her reaction, I expected her to have an angry face.

  " Deal" She was quick to place the cash on my table and rushed out of my room before I could utter another sentence.

  I was too foolish to think that was a hard condition! "Aish !" I growl and hit my legs against the bed to show my anger but it turned out that it hits a different spot.

  "Ouch!" I cried out and sat on the bed, I have a lot of new recipes to try out so I better go to the supermarket now.

  Dashing into the bathroom as if I was being chased, for some reason I felt like I was a character in a movie but I don't like my position, I'm just a supporting role and nothing more.

  It took me nothing less than 15 minutes to get ready as I let down my dark blue hair from the towel. I scuttled to the dressing mirror, drying my hair.

  It looks curly now!

  I waited in front of the gate for the Uber but it took longer than I expected so I begin to walk to the station, I crossed my hand around my tummy, glancing towards the end road but there was no sign of the Uber driver.

  " Andy" My body in a swift position was able to turn to the person calling me.

  Turns out to be my non-friend in her car, I was disappointed on setting my eyes on her as I thought it was someone important, I hissed and turned to leave.

  " You shouldn't be like this to me, you know I like you" She crossed her hands under her chin to make a cute reaction.

  " Can you just listen to yourself? How can you say openly to a girl that you like her? Do you want people to tag me lesbian?" I yelled though I didn't mean what I just said.

  " I'm only trying to get closer, I want to be your friend and here you're twisting my words" I began to feel guilty for talking to her in such a manner.

  " I'm sorry but you know people in this area want to become my friend because of what they want from me and then leave me after revealing to everyone that I was adopted, your friend did that too" I couldn't help but stated my reasons for acting like that.

  " I know, I won't be like them…give me a chance after all I was adopted too just that our foster parents are different" She hummed and it was true.

  Her foster parents take care of her so much that it'll be hard to believe that they're not her biological parents, mine doesn't even care about me but they do give me some necessities.

  " Okay, I'm your friend from now on" I winked stylishly.

  " Get in the car, I'll take you to wherever you're going!" She shouted happily and I was still wondering why her happiness shows sadness to me.

  "I don't wanna be somebody, Just wanna be me, I wannabe me me me " she turned on the radio and sang along with the girls singing, I couldn't help but move my body to follow the rhythm as it was a whole mood.

  " You seem to like this song" I muttered as she wouldn't stop singing.

  " Of course, I love it" She squeals like a baby.

  " Be careful!!" I yelled but what was bound to happen will surely happen!

  "Are you okay?" I questioned as she wouldn't raise her head from the steering wheel.

  We almost got into an accident, if not for the truck driver that drove carefully this topic would have been something else.

  " Hey, Sina" I shook her hoping she would get up and I was beginning to feel scared.

  " I'm okay" She shouted excitedly that my heart almost jumps out of my chest.

  "That's a relief" I sigh deeply.

  " Can we go now, I don't wanna be late"

  " I'm sorry, I take driving lessons every weekend, I don't know why there's no sign of improvement, I want the latest Benz for my birthday" She pouted her lips with a sad expression all over her face.

  "So you won't get a new car if your driving skills don't improve?" I was too curious.

  " Yeah you're right!, We're almost there" I winked trying to let everything settle in my brain.

  "I'm I allowed to go in with you?" She asks, flickering her eyes continuously.

  "Hmmm" I hum unsure if she wouldn't be a pushover.

  "Andy, Andy, Andy" she winks teasingly and I couldn't help but smile.

  I never imagined her of all people to be my friend, we'll see how it goes.

  "Okay, let's go" I replied and she clutches her hand with mine.

  We bounced into the shopping mall, I brought out the endless list and moved to each section.

  "Wow!" She shrieked like a baby and I wonder what she was so excited about.

  "Let's go there" she pushed me but I was quick to stop her.

  "I'm here to get groceries and provisions, don't be bothersome please," I said in a calm tone.

  "Gosh, why are you acting so hard-headed?" She winced.

  "I only wanted to have a taste of the grilled sausage, it won't even take up to 3 minutes," I thought about it and it doesn't seem like a bad idea.

  "I don't think it's a bad idea to check it out," I said bashfully and…