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Love Slave to my cruel husband

Love Slave to my cruel husband

Author:Alleona Johnelisa Nieva



Miracle Fortalejo will always choose to stay silent and not tell anyone what situation she's in to protect her husband and her parents. Even if they're already hurting her physically and mentally, she'll still love them as long as she can. But not for so long. The moment she woke up on a hospital bed and realized that her parents and her husband aborted her baby believing that it's from other man, without her knowing, she finally burst out in anger. Facing them again with all the hatred she hid for years, she promised them that she'll come back to make them suffer the same way they did to her.

"Miracle!" Shanelle greeted her friend warmly as she entered the coffee shop. Miracle immediately smiled when she got to see her bestfriend.

"Shanelle! I miss you!" the woman smiled before hugging her best friend tightly.

Shanelle accompanied Miracle to sit infront of her, she approached the ordered frappe to the woman before she smiled sweetly. "How are you? You look so happy to see me again!"

"Of course." Miracle pouted her lips. "You're away for almost 2 weeks, you didn't even text me that you're going to Paris," she said with a sullen voice.

Her friend laughed. "I'm sorry, you know my husband, he doesn't want me to use my cellphone every time we go somewhere. All he wants is for him to have my attention. Red flag," Shanelle giggled.

A smile flashed on Miracle's lips. "But your husband is kind, actually. Maybe he's just afraid that you might be taken away from him. You know you they almost lost you, don't you? Maybe your husband was just traumatized so he wanted to have all your attention," she added.

Shanelle looked down at her arm in front. Anger immediately welled up in her chest when she saw a bruise there.

"Miracle. Did your stupid husband hurt you again?" her curiosity lingered.

Miracle gulped before hiding her arm. He immediately shook his head. "No. I just slipped in the bathroom earlier so I fell to the floor," he would reason.

Annoyed Shanelle lowered the glass she was holding. He glared at his friend. "Are you still covering up for your husband even though he's already hurting you? Miracle what's happening to you?"

"Shanelle," Miracle whispered softly.

"Don't Shanelle me. Don't let me pass through your soft voice, you know I'm weak so I'll give and I'll give to you! Miracle, how many times have I told you to leave that fool!" with the woman's extra giggles.

She shook her head repeatedly. "Shanelle, I don't want to. You know that. I love Trigger so much. I can't afford to leave him," she cried bucking.

His friend was just scratching his neck. "I can't understand you. When my husband lays his hand on me, I will distance myself with our children. But you, what are you doing to yourself? Do you intend to die at the hands of a fool--"

"Shanelle, he's still my husband, please stop calling him with such names," Miracle interrupted.

The one in front of him shook his head in disbelief. "I'll get you to be a martyr, Miracle. I'll kill your husband myself when he tries to hurt you again! I'll let go of that bruise, girl. But when that increases, I'll file a case against him ! "

Miracle was confused because of that. "Shanelle, h-don't! I don't. Don't imprison Trigger!"

"And why?" Her bestfriend took a deep breathe. "Because you love him? Fuck that love, Miracle. He doesn't even care for you. And that child in your womb, what are you up to there? Will you let your husband beat you and hurt the child?"

Miracle clung so tightly to her stomach. Her baby. He just smiled when he confirmed the suspicion yesterday.

She's 1 week pregnant with Trigger's baby. Of course, this is all he will devote time and love to.

But Trigger doesn't even remember that something happened to them that night.

The man went home to their house, very drunk. She didn't fought back when he kissed her hungrily. How could she refuse its kisses if only that night it had been tender and careful?

She let him took her virginity. Because she loves him so much. He loves his wife so much that he will give everything to her.

"Do you think, Trigger will change if he finds out that we're going to have a baby? Shanelle, maybe he'll be nice to me when the baby comes out," Miracle said happily while her voice was full of hope.

Shanelle can't help but to pity her bestfriend. In the tone and expression of her eyes, it seemed that she was drawing little hope that her husband would love her.

She quickly wiped away her tears before holding Miracle's hand. He felt sorry for his friend's situation. He did not know why the Miracle of the world was tormented like this. All her life, she's been a good friend. This was the couple's helper to take care of the children when he was paralyzed due to an accident.

Miracle did her best to help her financially when she was suffering. Miracle did everything to make her happy when she felt depressed. Shanelle feels worthless and taken care of. But Miracle was one of those who tried to get him treated. Her husband is also very grateful to the friend because he accompanied her for two years.

But seeing Miracle suffered like this, she can't help but to feel angry towards Trigger. It is too dumb to hurt an innocent woman.

"Miracle," Shanelle uttered. "Leave him, leave Trigger. We'll just live in your house, we'll take care of you. You will be the second mother of my children, and your baby, we will also be that family. Leave Trigger, we can revive you, "she pleaded.

Miracle quickly released from Shanelle's grip on him. "Shanelle, we've already talked about this. I will never leave Trigger no matter what happens. I love him. And I know he'll love me one day too. I'm sure he'll realize it sooner. Maybe n-confused He's just now. Isn't he mad at me because they forced me to marry mommy and daddy? Maybe the anger in his heart will also disappear when-- "

"When are you dead?"


"He can fucking kill you, Miracle. With the beating he's doing, you might die!" her friend added.

Miracle shook her head. "I'm sorry, Shanelle. U-I'm going home, maybe Trigger is coming home from the office. I'll cook for him."

He picked up the purse on the table before walking away from the friend, but he was immediately stopped when he spoke.

"You said you'll never leave his side. What if your son is touched, Miracle? Aren't you still leaving his powder?" Shanelle asked.

Her breathing stopped for a moment. She just swallowed hard before continue walking away.