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Hiding The Alpha's Triplets

Hiding The Alpha's Triplets




"You're my Omega, aren't you?" He's going to get married, obviously has his own mate, but he won't let me go! I looked at his blue eyes. They're enchanting. It's like as if they're telling me to submit to him. "Say it." He puts his thumb on my lower lip. "I—I'm..." He smirked. I have to stop this. It you won't let me go, then I'm going to have to choose a much harsher way out. "I'm..." Sorry, Drake. I grabbed the small syringe that I was hiding in between my legs. "I'm not your Omega!" and I stabbed the poison at the back of his neck with gritted teeth... I was finally able to leave!

Faith's P.O.V.

Tick! Tick!

I glanced at the old clock.

10 P.M.

It's time.

I grabbed the blanket that I turned into a bag and put it on my shoulder. It contains all my clothes and things that I will need for my escape.

It's night time at Nighstar Pack Territory. It's the perfect time for an escape because it will be harder to recognize me in the dark. I was also hoping that there would be less to no people outside.

But I was wrong.

There are still a few people wandering around even when it's late already.

Why are they suddenly all outside?

I pulled down my hood to cover my face.

This is the time that the guards will switch turns for duty. Rustov, the big man with a small brain, will surely not notice my fake pass. I'm not allowed to leave the Nightstar Pack Territory without permission, and so I bought this fake pass from an old lady by the market.

She said that it will free me and that's exactly what I needed.

I need to leave this place.

I have no future here.

I have no wolf and I can barely gain the identity of an omega in this pack. I would have been the rogues' meal a long time ago if I didn't link myself with Alpha Drake.

But what difference does it make when I feel like he’s killing me every day?

He stripped my dignity away from me. He used my body like a sex slave. He imprisoned me for so long that I forgot what’s it like to be free.

I want to start a new life... a new chapter.

And I’m not going to stay here and be his mistress now that he found his mate.

You're almost there, Faith...

I smiled when I saw the gate.

I reached the border of the Nightstar Pack Territory without being noticed.

I fall in line after the man in front of me. He's leaving too. He must be going for a hunt with the Hunters of the pack. But me? I'm going to escape this hell place.

I peeked to see if the guard had changed already. But my pupils turned into a dot when I saw a different guard on the gate. It's not Rustov…

It's the skeptic Gonzalo!

I need to get out of here!

"Next!" he said in a loud voice. I was about to turn around and leave when the old man saw me already. "You..." he said and pointed his long stick to me. "Show me your pass."

I had no other choice, but to face him because he'd order the guards to arrest me once he sensed something odd about me.

He can't see my pass.

He will surely know that it's fake. It's hard to deceive Gonzalo that's why Alpha Drake put him in charge of checking the documents.

Gonzalo is the head of all the guards.

He’s and Elder of this pack.

"I—I changed my mind. I decided to do my errands tomorrow morning."

I wanted to smack myself for stuttering. He obviously noticed that because he stared at me. I bowed my head to hide my face.

"I ask for your pass, young lady."

I started to shake uncontrollably.

What will I do?

"Lady..." he called again, but this time he sounds impatient.

I shakenly lifted my hand to give him the fake pass.


Did he notice?

Should I run now?

I lifted my head slightly to see the gate. There are two men guarding it, but I can pass through them if I run very fast.



"Here's your pa—"


I didn't let him finish what he was saying and just ran to the gate. My expectation of passing through them easily burst like a bubble when one of the guards reacted quickly and caught me.


The guard lifted me from the ground like I was feather.


I strangled and screamed so hard that my hood fell of and showed my face. The old Gonzalo creased his brows.

"Bratinella..." he uttered.

I gave him a death glare.

This is his fault!

I could have escaped already if he didn't ruin my plan.

"Look at you." He smirked. "I was about to give back your pass already when you decided to run. Thank you for that. I would have received a severe punishment from the Alpha if you weren't stupid enough and escaped," he scoffed.

My eyes grew big.

So, he didn't notice that it was fake?

Damn it.

I shouldn't have run then. I just made everything obvious.

"You think your small little legs would be faster than the warriors?" he scoffed.

I scowled at him.

"What's going on here?"

I froze when I heard my original guard's voice. It's the Alpha's Beta.

Morgan looked at me emotionlessly.

Gonzalo turned to face him. "She tried to escape." He glanced at me. "But she failed. We caught her." Morgan was just staring directly at me. He can't have me! He will bring me to Alpha Drake!

I strangled stronger when he started to walk towards me.

"No! Let go of me!"

I tried my very best to break free, but it was useless.

They're warriors.

And I'm not even close to an Omega.

"Don't hurt yourself and just come with me," Morgan said.

I gave him an exhausted look.

I’m finish.

I've been caught.

He took me from the guard and pulled me back to the pack house where I escaped.

We were already at the door when I stopped walking. Morgan turned to look at me.

"P—Please, just let me go."

He stared at me using his cold eyes.

I bowed my head.

Why would he betray the Alpha for a useless Omega like me?

I had no other choice, but to start walking again when he pulled me inside the mansion. He brought me straight to the Alpha's office.

"Sir..." he announced our arrival.

I bite my lip as soon as he left me in the room with Alpha Drake.

I landed my eyes at the man who was wearing a handsome smirk on his face.

"Welcome back, Faith."


Drake's P.O.V.

I smirked while watching the woman tremble in front of me. I could smell her fear from here.

She dares to leave her comfortable prison in the pack mansion.

I guess she wants to stay in a much more realistic one.

"J—Just let me go..." she said in a small voice.

I raised my brows.

I think there's something wrong with the tone of her voice.

She didn't sound like she was asking. She sounded like she was ordering me. A low rank Omega like her is ordering the highest rank Alpha?

Funny girl.

I put my pen down and stood up from my office chair. She stepped back when I looked at her direction.

I smirked.

"I'm afraid I can't grant your wish, Faith."

Her scared eyes slowly turned into a death glare.

Brave girl.

"What else do you want from me?! You've taken everything already! I have nothing left!"

Her sweet voice thundered in the four corners of my office.

I sighed deeply.

I didn't like the way she raised her voice at me. Looks like someone needs to learn how to respect an Alpha.

My legs slowly walked towards her. She stepped back and back until she felt the door behind her. I slid my hands inside my pocket and watched her body shake in fear while her eyes glare at me like a little cub.

Cute girl.

"Why did you try to run away?" I asked in a serious voice.

Faith stared directly into my eyes. It was something only her can do. Nobody else in my pack can look into my eyes like she does. Not even my Beta or Gamma can look at me the way she's looking at me.

The interesting part is I'm letting an Omega like her stare at me in the eyes.

It amuses me.

"I have the right to leave. You... You're getting married. You found your mate. There's no point of making me stay here. I should no longer be entangled with you! I’m not going to be your mistress!"

I've always love her fearless nature.

But not the part where she forgets who started this.

My jaw clenched.

Faith gasped when I aggressively groped her arm. "Have you forgotten that you're the one who approached me first?" I scoffed. I could see the pain on her face because of my tight grip on her arm, but I don’t care even if I crush her bones. She's giving me a reason to be physical with her.

She tried to leave without my permission.

She disobeyed me.

I'm already considerate by the fact that she's still alive right now.

I would have killed her right on the spot if she was another person.

"I only did that to save myself from bullies, and to have a legal status in this pack. Do you really think I would want to involve myself with someone like you?" she taunted. She tried to withdraw her arm from me, but she failed.

My smirk slowly turned to an insulted smile.

Is this worthless Omega implying that she only used me?

The Alpha of the Nighstar Pack was used by a mere Omega?

“I—I want a life, Drake…” Her voice cracked. “I’ve suffered for so long... I can’t live like this forever. I want to have my own future... I want to be loved.”

My face darkened.

She wants to be loved? By whom? By some other man?

I scoffed.

Not happening.

"A—Aww! Y—You're hurting me!"

I put my hand on her neck and she choked.

I felt something fell on my pocket, but I’m too mad to care.


I stared at her coldly.

She used me...


I forced her down to the floor while still choking her.


I didn't listen and started to rip all her clothes like an animal. She cried and begged me to stop, but I didn't.

I will fuck her so bad till she bleeds.