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Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not




Khia is living but feels like she weren't. She plans to kill herself by drowning her onto the sea. A demon saved her, but the former will get a punishment for trespassing and disturbing his quiet haven. The demon make her a slave. What is she gonna do?!

Khia Gueco P.O.V

I'm so full with this sh*t! Living my life doing evil deeds. like, this... makes me think to just kill myself. But Everytime I planned to do such thing, it doesn't work or mostly I get caught. But then, when I'm caught... My punishment is always the worse. I just want to sleep... For eternity. I'm tired. But it looks like the Deity is not on my side. Just take my life... I don't want to be an assassin anymore.

I heave a sigh. The type of sigh that I'm carrying the whole world. Tsk... If only I'm living a different life.

I live in our organization Main quarters. I don't have a home. And this place... I can't call a place like this a home.

I've been in this place since I was a kid... I don't even know my parents, or if I have siblings.

I can't escape from this place. They... They'll find a way to capture me. No...I think there's no way out.

I didn't experience to study in a school. But I did do evil deeds... At a young age. My hands are sinful, everything in me is sinful.

Maybe they can't let me go just yet or get rid of me because I'm useful. But what if I am not anymore?

I got up from my disignated small bed. It is still early but I have to get up and get ready.

I take a quick bath and got myself dressed. But not dress, just a comfy baby blue loose shirt and a black pants, pairing with my black shoes.

As I walk by in a hallway, I suddenly felt a presence behind me... 3 meters away, I think?

"Yes? What can I do for you?" I turned my back as I faced an old man. I didn't see him around. I just saw him just now. How did this old man get in here?

He's wearing ragged clothes. His eyes is different. It's crimson red. I suddenly got chills. And that's new. This person in front of me is not just a mere human... He's something else.

He walks closer, until our gap is just 3 rulers away.

"You wanna get out in this place?" The old man playfully said. A smirk plastered on his face afterwards.

My forehead furrowed. It's not possible.

"It's possible." He said as if he reads my mind.

I blinked for the fourth time.

"Can you read my thoughts?" I asked. Well, my face is always in a composure. No one knows what I am thinking. It is not visible on my face tho.

The old man laugh a bit. What's so funny?

"How can I get out in this place then?" I crossed my arms as I looked at the old man intently.

"Follow me." He seriously said as he turned his back at me. He has that quad cane to help him walk. Well, he is old. His quad cane is not old. This Man is not a beggar or something. He's kind of suspicious yet I am following him.

We enter in a tunnel. I can see the end of it. But instead of a raging water that is falling, like in a water falls... The water is steady, like a plastic is hanged at the end of the tunnel. But the difference is, it is not a plastic but a water. I can't see what's in there, at the back of that water. Is this a portal?

Geez. What am I? In a fantasy world? I'm not a kid to believe in this.

But geez, the water is making me confused.

"Old man where are we really headed to- kyaaaaaaa!!!!!" I screamed when he suddenly hold my wrist and pulled me and a light appeared that I cannot help it but to close my eyes.

My heart is pounding in a fast pace. The ambiance is different... I think I am floating... Wait what?!

I opened my eyes. My eyes widened as I saw myself floating. What the f*CK?! Where's the old man?!

"At the back." Said the old man, who just disappeared earlier. I did not looked around, I'm just looking straight.

"Ya! P-put me...d-down this i-instance." I shakely said.

Where am I? Yeah, I want to be out in that cell...but why am I in here?

"Fine fine" he said it and then chuckled afterwards.

"Did you just f*cking chuckled?!!!!!!!" I screamed again as I, or rather we... Are f*cking falling down! Fast! T_T

"Ya! Old mannnnnn! I told you to put me down but not like this!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. My throat is now hurting. Darn it! I think I just got a trauma from this old man. T_T

I looked down, there is nothing in there but water. I closed my eyes, tight. Damn!

But to my surprise, we landed safely in a boat. How did the boat happened to be in here?! We are stop by a rock, preventing us to fall down.

I looked at the old man as if I am throwing him a dagger.

But then... A eureka pop up in my mind. What if I jump? This is what I wanted. To end my life, to end my sufferings.

I move backwards as I reached the end of the boat.

"What are you planning?" The old man's voice change.. but whatever.

I wanna end my life. Here.. and now. There is no one gonna stop me.

"Gonna kill my self, by drowning my self... In that deep water. Do not hinder me."

"What? No?! I have plans for you!" His tone is serious.

I jump from the boat and let myself carried by the flow of the I reached the cliff and let my self fall.

I closed my eyes as my heart is pounding to its fast pace.

Before I closed my eyes, I can see the silhouette of the man who get off the boat I land in.

He was about to save me....but suddenly, an arms wrapped me... And whispers...

"You'll gonna pay for trespassing and disturbing my quite haven, you human."

Damn! What did i get myself in to?