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Her First Mistake

Her First Mistake



General Romance

This book contains mature contents! Getting married to the CEO of Classics was the dream of every girl, Sophia included. Her first encounter with Michael which was a dream come true to her, turned into a mistake she would do anything for to go back in time and change. Sophia could vividly remember the way he flirted in a nice way with her that night, she laughed as if intoxicated, his words were like red wine and she had taken a lot of it, he was very charming and wore self-confidence like clothing. ....... Sitting on the edge of the king size bed, She began to weep again, apparently she had not considered the life after saying " I Do" all she had been thinking of was how much she loved and wanted to marry him. Sophia could not get over the fact that he was and would be the only man who can make her experience things she had never experience before, his sensual mouth, talented hands, and his rock hard body pressed tightly against her. But here she was still thinking about him now but only about how much sadness and pain he had caused her, when Vera came into the picture.

Why can't you stay at home with your family on Saturday for once Michael?" Sophia asked her husband with perplexity that fateful Saturday afternoon, she wore linen skirt and blouse, and her hair was simply packed in buns.

Michael ignored her as he walked towards the door in response to the doorbell.

'why is my husband behaving this way for goodness sake' Sophia wondered, she was light in complexion and a little plump, she didn't have any makeup on her face and was now oily.

She was full of hopes about getting married to Michael when she exchanged marital vows with him about six years ago, the first year was okay but the second year, they had begun to quarell, it started with little and seemingly insignificant issues which got worse because the issues were not resolved, and now things had become so bad that they hardly agree to anything.

Sophia could not remember the last time they laughed or did things together, Michael would never stay at home, he was the problem, she thought, only if he would change.

She was still looking at Michael as he checked the peephole, he wore a stripped sleeved shirt on a pair of jeans, at that time Sophia met him, he was a dream come true for her, Michael was about six feet tall, dark in complexion and broad shoulders, he was the CEO of Classic, the best NYC magazine company, he was the kind of man many ladies will throw off their home training for, with his dressing, and his killer smile, Michael was the perfect description of a male God.

He and Sophia loved each other and were always together at the beginning of their relationship, when she informed him that she was pregnant, he was extremely happy, he suggested they get married quickly, and Sophia gave birth to their first child Manuel.

He made many promises to Sophia, promises that gave her the assurance that her parents and her two older sisters who were against the union would soon eat their words, their relationship was simply great, it couldn't go wrong, she was very sure.

"So where had the love gone?" Sophia wondered for the umpteenth time as she sat in the living room of their mansion, looking around the room, the sofa and armchairs were made of brown leather, a white tray filled with seashells and fine pebbles was on a centre table, the colour of the curtains matched with the grey carpet.

Sophia had woken up this morning feeling Moody, extremely tired of the way things stood between her and Michael, and she wasn't feeling any better even till now, in spite of the bright weather outside, she sighed, suddenly feeling exhausted, more in her spirit than in her body.

Michael opened the door, flashing his white teeth in a smile, " Larry Boy,!" He greeted his friend, shaking his hand.

Sophia frowned, ' Larry again? Why wouldn't this man stay away from her husband? he was one of the people with bad influence on Michael, causing problems in her marriage, what was he doing here again? And more importantly why was Michael still relating with him after she had complained at least twice that she didn't want their association?

Their association meant that Michael was still visiting Club 2 against her wish.

The men patronizing the club 2 joint usually did so with their side chicks, and drank alcohol, she had been with Michael when they were dating but when they were about to get married she told him to stop going to the club, he stopped for a while but she discovered some time last year that he had started visiting the place again and she quarreled with him.

And now, Larry who is a regular at Club 2 was in their apartment, Michael obviously had no regard for her opinion, which was one of the caused of their marital problem, Sophia thought in anger, she could only hope that he had not gone back to drinking alcohol and having girlfriends.

"Hey Michael!" Larry greeted his friend in return.

"Larry Boy!" Michael repeated, obviously happy to see his friend, " please come in" he invited, opening the door wider.

Larry stepped in and as Michael closed the door, he said again, " Larry boy! How're you doing?"

"I'm doing great my guy" Larry answered, he was casually wearing an olive green plain shirt and a dark green trouser.

Sophia stood from beside her almost two years old son, and his doll to greet Larry, she shook hands with him and said through tight lips, " Good afternoon"

She knew what Michael might do next, and she must do something to stop it, she had to put an end to this rubbish Michael did.