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"I hate you !!" Angelina cried while beating his chest with her hands. Danzel just smirked at her little attempt. He lowered himself until he could feel the fear from her breaths and said, "Love, you can hate and beat me all you want. It doesn't affect me either way!! But one thing you get straight into that brain of yours is that there is no escape from me. I am your biggest nightmare! " Angelina's eyes widened in fear and she cried beating him... Little did she know that she was just waking up the dead feelings in his heart.....


"Angelina, get up!" A high-pitched voice rang in my ears. A groan escaped from the back of my throat. Not wanting to open my eyes, I decided to igno—

"What the hell!" I screamed in shock and disbelief as I stared at my best friend who had an empty bucket in her hand and a smirk playing on her lips.

"Have you gone insane, Lexi?" I yelled at her, pointing at my wet shirt and wet bed.

She just rolled her eyes and said, "Come on Angel, you are the laziest person I have ever met, I wonder how I put up with you."

I glared at her words.

Lexi was perfect in her own sense. With beautiful green eyes and short brown curly hair which swayed across her neck, she had a beautiful body. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Swartz, owned a small publishing company and they had a good reputation in society. She lived with her parents and older brother Josh. Lexi liked gymnastics. She worked daily, improving every inch of her body. For me, my best friend was just an example of perfection.

And about me?


I had long thick black hairs which reached up to my waist with dark black eyes and not a body that girls wish and boys die for.

"My annoying little friend-" I said glaring at her. "It's Sunday and unlike you, I like to sleep in".I love to sleep, it's my hobby and if it's Sunday then it's an obligation. And most importantly, who doesn't enjoy sleeping?

"No! You are not going to waste time by sleeping today, Angel." She said and then her smile grew wide. "Because we are going shopping!"

I jolted up in my bed when I heard those words, my sleep had all vanished by then

Girls love to shop; it's too much fun and the most entertaining work to do. Lexi and I enjoyed it. That was something we had in common because except that we both had different personalities.


"Angel, look at that guy babe. He is so hot." Lexi whispered. We had spent two hours trying on different clothes and shoes. Lexi insisted to pay the bills but I simply denied it.

I peeped over the next counter and just rolled my eyes. "Wait, what?" she said horrifyingly. "Are you insane or something? How can you roll your eyes on that guy?" she exclaimed pointing at the boy.

"Lexi, I'm not interested in drooling over any guy who wouldn't even care to share the same air he breathes with me. Boys like him love to play with you and leave you when they get what they want. My boyfriend will be much better than this hot guy of yours." I clarified.

"Angelina you're over 18 years and you're still waiting for your boyfriend to come walking towards you. If you want a boyfriend, then you need to open your eyes and date."

Blah... blah...

I blocked the rest of her words out and continued to pretend when my eyes fell on the car parked on the other side of the road.

I closed my eyes and exhaled, hoping the car would disappear but when I opened them, it was still there. I moved my eyes from it and looked up at Lexi who was talking something about dolphins. But even if I tried to ignore the fear and panic growing in my head, I moved my eyes to the car. It has been two weeks since I noticed the car following me everywhere I would go, to the mall, to Lexi's house, and everywhere else. Sometimes the car was parked close by or would be stationed around the block.

"Lexi, it's the same car the one I told you about a couple of days before". I whispered to Lexi, pointing towards the car. Her eyes followed my direction and looked at the car suspiciously and then frowned.

"Angel, it's just your own thoughts dear." She said being convinced. "Who do you think is following you? You don't have any enemies or something." She said the obvious.

I thought about her words. Indeed, I didn't have any ex-lovers or ex-lover's crazy girlfriends. I wasn't famous in high school and don't reminisce any fights with anyone. There were plenty of good-looking girls in the town so it couldn't be any mad stalker.

"Lexi, let's just grab a bite. I'm starving." said dismissing the topic in my head.

"Yup Angel, let's eat something, my stomach is churning wildly". She exaggerated and took my hand.

We ate in the cafe opposite to mall. Lexi kept talking about how her parents had a fight with her older brother when he was caught naked with a girl in their living room. I tried to laugh at her funny sentences and ask the necessary questions but my mind couldn't help but divert to the thoughts of the car. Maybe I was hallucinating or maybe someone was actually following me.

After filling our empty stomachs we decided to go home. My mom would be back from work. She works at a small clinic while my younger sister and I try to help her during weekends. Being a single parent is a tough job. My sister doesn't remember but my mother had to work hard just to afford our education. We help her when we have time. My dad, well, I don't want to talk about him.

"Bye Lexi," I said getting out of the car. "Don't forget to pick me up on your way to school tomorrow, my car's broken down." I reminded her.

"Sure, honey," she said hugging me. I waited until her car disappeared.

My mother's car was parked in the driveway. A satisfied grin crept through my face knowing I'd get to spend some time with her now.

As I was turning around to go inside the house, I saw the same black car parked far away across of street. A strange feeling made me want to check whether it was just my thoughts or was it someone following me. Not thinking about the consequences, I strode off. But as soon I started walking towards the car, but it took a turn and drove off at a full-blown speed.


I shrugged and walked inside.

As soon as I entered my house I was greeted with the delicious aroma of pizza. The only person who would make this house as our home, my mother was home.

"Hey mo,m." I hugged her.

My mother smiled at me. "Hey honey, how was shopping? Did you enjoy it?" she asked.

"Yes, m, um, who doesn't enjoy shopping; it'll be the last thing on earth to hate.", I said cheerfully.

After eating pizza, I just told her about my day. Obviously, apart from the car incident else t, here mom would ban me from turning on the T.V. which I obviously don't want to happen. I asked her about her day and then frowned when she suggested of applying for another job.

"No, I am not letting you work for so long.", I said denying her words.

"But I have to dear!" she said. "Who will look after Alex?" My sister, Alex was four years younger than me. She was the most cheerful girl one would ever meet. We fought; we played, had fun, and loved each other. She had gone on a study tour so it was just me and my mom for 2 weeks.3

"How is she?" I asked my mother.

"Enjoying the tour. If you ask me, Alex thinks it mois re of a picnic for her." my mother smiled.

I laughed along.

We watched the television together for a while. Soon I felt my eyes shutting on my own. Yawning I said, "Okay mom I'll just go to bed. Today was a very hectic day for me."

When she didn't respond I just looked over my at mom and she was asleep.

I chuckled.

She just works too hard than her capacity. Two jobs to pay the bills would make someone of her age look tired and sad. I know my mother, even though she doesn't show it and conceals emotions; I know that she's sad. I have heard the sniffling sounds coming out of her room but even if I wanted to go in and hold her, I know I couldn't. She needs space and time, just like I needed. Alex and I had suggested she start dating but it was always a no from her. Twice she agreed reluctantly but then it never lasted for a week. Alex thought it was our fault; she thought mother was still in love with our father. But I know the real reason, the truth behind those tired eyes but I was forced to live with it, to hide it from my little sister.

Not wanting to disturb her, I turned off the T.V and covered her with the blanket. I walked in and cleaned the dishes making sure not to make much of se. When everything was done I headed toward the room.

I took a quick shower and then walked toward the bed. It was half-past twelve and I was lying down on my bed waiting for sleep to overtake me yet I couldn't help but start thinking about that mysterious car.

Why was it that I could see it everywhere? Was it really an illusion or was it really someone following me? Will I be kidnapped? Or worse killed! But what freaked me out more was that I wasn't scared, I didn't feel the creepiness scaring me.

Oh god!

I should really stop watching crime serials.