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Fate Is Cruel

Fate Is Cruel

Author:Hajra khan


General Romance

Harry Aberra one of the most famous buissness tycoons of London , he kidnapped Hope Lozano on the day of her wedding ,for the sake of his revenge . He promised , he will everything to make her pay her deeds . " I will make your life a living hell ,you are not allowed to leave from here again ". He rasped, she flinched her body in fear . Moving closer ,he pinched her chin tightly "I will use you and throw you when I get enough of you " , his words were filled with ruthlessness ,his aura was cold . Her heart felt like ,someone has pinched a needle on it .

  It was dark in the night.The dark clouds engulfed the sky,hiding the moon beneath it ;witnessed the breaking of two hearts .The night was pretty cold .

  In the warehouse ,

  A woman lying in a deep sleep under the effect of sedatives, on a large unfamiliar bed, her facial features were pure and delicate.

  Her brown hairs spread on the pillow softly. The moonlight slantering through the window , falling on her face ;made her features more prominent.

  ''Ahh'',she whispered in her unconsious state.Fluttering her eyelids,she opened her eyes. Feeling dizzy, she held her head with her right hand ,she tried to sit.

  Due to the darkness in the room ,nothing could be seen.The darkness made her afraid ,giving the bad premonitions in her heart .She strained her mind to remember why she is here ?.


  She was in the room , getting ready for her wedding.

  Then,suddenly , she heard a noise of something breaking. Her heart got tensed , she stood up from the bed, following the voice. She opened the door, to check the situation.

  She walked out of the room, glancing around the corridor.She felt someone's presence behind her. As she was about to turn,someone clamped her mouth with a piece of cloth. Before she could struggle ,she felt her world blackened out.

  Flashback end

  ''How can I be here?'',she mumbled, rubbing her forehead due to the pain in her head.

  The footsteps could be heard from outside.With a creak sound ,the door unclosed.

  And a handsome figure switched on the lights .

  She shrinked her eyes, placed her hand in front of her eyes to adjust the light.

  As she looked up the figure in front of her .Her heartbeat pounced.

  Her eyes wide in shock.They both looked into each other eyes with a lot of unsaid emotions in their hearts.

  ''Ha..Harry'', she spoke incoherently.

  She felt that her breath hitched in her throat.He walked towards her bed, he bend down at her level; to meet her eyes.

  A ripple of anger flashed past his deep blue eyes,but his handsome face,didn't even show a slightly bit of expression on it.

  His deep blue eyes met her light brown eyes.

  ''Regret to see me ?'',he said with a cold tone.His words made her to come out of her thoughts.

  The word ''regret '' made her numb. In her dreams,she had thought many times to meet him but not like this . Ofcourse ,not at the day, when she was about start the new chapter of her life. Atleast ,not at the day of her wedding with someone else.

  Now,she wants to laugh at herself .

  She looked at him with a blanked expression on her face.His deep eyes throwing daggers at her.Her heart flinched in pain, due to the cold emotion in his eyes.

  She kept glancing at him continously, without giving him an answer.

  He moved back few steps away from her,still looking into her eyes deeply .He had always dreamt of her .For years,he had loved her.

  The silence fell, both of them didn't speak,kept glaring into each other .

  After an unknown amount of time.

  ''why I am here ?'',she stuttered , breaking the eye contact between them.

  Hiding her emotions,she got up from the bed.

  She could clearly see the fury in his eyes.She had never seen such an rage in his eyes before.She felt terified now .

  She wanted to say many words to him,but she couldn't.This was supposed to be happen ,didn't it .She clearly knew that this day would come sooner or later.Why she was afraid now?.

  She chosed this path herself .He didn't reply her. He slowly walked towards her .Her heart beating fast.

  She stepped backward involuntarily, until her back collided with the wall.The look of ingnorance on her face made him infurated .He always wondered what her reaction would be when she saw him, but the blank look on her face hurt his heart deeply.

  ''you are in so much hurry ! because of him ?'' ,he asked in an authorative voice.

  His voice was domineering and cold,which made her heart skip a beat .He caged her between his arms on the wall. Her heart started to beat fast ,he could clearly listen the thumping of her heart .

  She has to get out of here soon. His intense gaze made her afraid.She has to flew from here as fast as possible,before it is too late.

  '''Let me go'',she spoke ,trying to get out of his cage.

  ''Ohh are soo desperate to go''.

  His voice had a hint of annoyance and irritation in it.She bit her lips to avoid his eyes.

  She wanted to ask from him why she was here ?.But ,the expression of anger surrounded his face ,made her to shut her mouth.

  She knew very well in her heart ,the cause of her presence here.With gathering a little bit of courage she stuttered''He is waiting for me ,I should go ''.

  She tried to push him.Her movement made him infurated.He grabbed her wrists tightly.

  Trying to calm his anger he asked with hoarse and soft voice ''Do you love him .. ?'',increasing the force on her wrist.

  She looked up at him,meeting his intense gaze.Her hands start quivering.His question made her to fall into a panic.Nervousness could be clearly seen on her face.

  ''Hope ..answer me ?'',he inquired again, with patience in his voice.

  His eyes stared deeply into hers ,waiting for the answer.She knew what was he asking ?.Her heart felt into a turmoil.Her answer would end everything between them ,they were never meant for each other.

  She wanted to respond to his words, but her answer would end their relationship which was left a little bit.

  Harry was waiting for her answer as if his breath depended on it.

  She tilted her face to other side, to avoid his penetrating gaze.She knew that if there was one person in the world who knew her, it was Harry.

  She clutched the hem of her shirt, closing her eyes,baring the pain of his grip.

  ''Yes I do..'', leaving the breath that she was holding.

  She merely whispered ,but it could be clearly heard by Harry.

  Just her words fell, he loosened his grip on her wrist,and staggered backward.