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To be a Legend in Another World

To be a Legend in Another World




This is a story of a young man named Wang Feng, he died because of a pandemic and was resurrected as a Person in another World. Wang Feng "I am reincarnated as a weak Mortal in this peaceful and calm forest" He thought he was weak as a Mortal in the world of Cultivation. He thought he was just a normal person. He thought a lot about him, but he was wrong. He said he was resurrected in a peaceful and calm forest? God! This forest is the so-called starlight Forest, this place is a nightmare to the People. He said he was weak? If so, who will say he is strong? If you say you are second, no one claims first. Did you say you are mortal? If so, Fairy and Cultivators are just a fantasy! He really didn't know anything about himself. He adopted a pet, the pet was a tiger with the ability to be king of the Beast, but when he lived with him, it became the Supreme Beast, but it behaved like a normal Cat. Feng kills Supreme Beings without knowing it. He met a Fairy and treated it as a Mortal. He owns so many Musical instruments that are enough to break the world. He owns many things that are enough to match the value of the whole world or more. He possessed many treasures that no one else could think of, but for him, it was all just a pile of rubbish. He always does something ordinary but he does not know it has a big impact on the world. He is Supreme! He is Feng. Wang Feng, a man who complained to God and became the strongest in the other world. He Died and became the strongest in Alternative World Note from the Author: This story is not R-18. All the Events, Names, and Places are Fictitious, Please if you ever find your name or places in the story, it's just a coincidence! A/N: Names, Events, and Places are all fictitious...

  In a specific room in a building found in China, there is a teenager with weak energy lying on his bed, a small drop of tears can be seen at the corner of his eyes.

  He is Feng, Wang Feng.

  He came from a not-so-good family but still living as a good and energetic person, the family was always warm to each other and happy together, life was simple, but he could say, a perfect family.

  But, everything changed when a strange disease enveloped the world, this disease was called COVID-19. COVID-19 was still new at that time when he encountered a person carrying the disease, and unfortunately, he also becomes a carrier after the said encounter.

  He could not believe that at that time, everything began to change. He was taken to a secluded room, he could no longer be with his family, he could no longer live like normal, everything, everything had changed.

  How difficult is this situation? How unlucky is he? And now, here he is, lying on his bed, alone, with no hope of anyone to visit him. No! He is waiting for the Shinigami to come and take him out of this world.

  Now, his body is too weak, he can only stay alive thanks to the help of external supports. 'Why did these things happen?! ' Wang Feng asked himself inside his mind, he can no longer speak aloud because he is too weak now, he is about to die. Only a little time left for his life to end!

  'I lived as a person! '

  'I did my best to live as a good person! '

  'Why do I have to die?! '

  'I still want to see my family! '

  'My little sister's crazy smile! '

  'I want to hug my Mom and Dad! '

  'I don't want to die yet! '

  'But ~'

  'Here I am, alone, unhurriedly dying but gradually weakening, waiting for no one! '

  'No, I'm waiting for my Shinigami! '

  'Waiting for my shinigami to end my damn life! '

  Wang Feng could not help but shed more tears from the corner of his eye as he continued to complain to God.

  'Many people, billions of people! What have I done to deserve to experience this ruthlessness?! '

  'God! What have I done?! '

  'There are many Teenagers, Middle-aged, Old Man, who wants to die, but why did you choose me?! '

  'I commit myself, and always believe in you! ' 'But why?! '

  'Why do I have to die?! '

  'Why do I have to die like this, alone! '

  'Why do I have to die alone and ruthlessly! '

  'All I want ~'

  'I just want to see my family one last time! ' 'But, but even this little request from me, why can't you grant it?! '

  'One more! I don't know what will happen to my body after I died! '

  'Cremation? Maybe even my ashes can't be brought back to my family! '


Sob, Sob

  Wang Feng's body began to shake and the tears could not be stopped, it flowed to his cheeks, drop after drop, soaking the white blanket.

  The weak vitality started to disappear more faster than before.

  'Why do people have to suffer?! Why do people have to die?! '

  'I know I'm not perfect, but I want you to see my worth! '

  'God, what have I done?! May I know? '

  'If I am given another chance, if I can live again, I want to become strong, I don't want to feel the bitterness of death anymore! '

  'I ~'

  'I don't want... I don't want to die! '

  Toot... Toot... Toot...

  But even with all his pleading, just after a while, in his last word, along with the last drop of tears in his eyes fell, his life lost.

  Wang Feng perished!




  The room suddenly became quieter than before. Other than the beep and the breeze, nothing can be heard, Wang Feng's body now lies lifeless.

  He... He died alone, alone in a silent room, unaccompanied until his death! It is a sad event but must be accepted, as it is destined.

  Tap ... tap ... tap ...

  Suddenly footsteps could be heard outside the room, but Wang Feng was already dead.

  Why are they here? To collect Wang Feng's cold body, of course.




  Later, invisible to the naked eye, a white shining ball suddenly appeared on Wang Feng's corpse and sucked his soul.


  This stands where it all begins, the story of Wang Feng's suffering and resurrection in another world, this story is titled; So what if I Died? I'm the strongest in the Alternative World!

  First: Don't Curse the God

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