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Not In Black And White

Not In Black And White



General Romance

I never believed in fate or destiny but what I do know is that from the moment I saw him, there was an attraction and what I didn't realise was that I'd chosen him, even before I even knew it. ✿✿✿ Hailey Baxter is in her first year in college and all she can think about is the three most important things in her life which consist of- a) Sleep b) her fluffy cat and recently added, c) Dane. Hailey's life had changed the moment she'd met him and now she can't stop thinking about the tall and interesting Dane Hawthorne. For a girl who's never had a boyfriend or a crush in her life, her world is turned upside down and her emotions are in a tizz. She doesn't know what caused her sudden attraction nor what to expect from it. She's determined to find out without falling harder for Dane.

~ I never believed in fate or destiny but what I do know is that from the moment I saw him, there was an attraction and what I didn't realise was that, I'd chosen him, even before I even knew it.~


Beep Beep Beep

The continuous noise made me groan with irritation. Squinting at the brightness of my phone, I swiped the alarm to snooze. Smiling at myself, I  cuddled happily back into the warmth of my blanket and closed my eyes for what felt like five seconds before the alarm began again.

Beep Beep Beep

"Oh shut up." I grumbled and was about to snooze it again when, Baxter, my huge, fluffy white cat stretched beside me and jumped off the bed with a thud. He yawned and came to sit in front of me, giving me the sign that it was time to eat.

I sighed.

Well NOW I'm awake. I threw the blankets off, of which half landed on the floor and swung my legs over the side of the bed. Unplugging my phone from the stand besides the bed and giving Baxter a quick rub, I opened my bedroom door. It was dark due to the passage light bursting last night and I had to feel my way to the kitchen.

Jeez my legs were sore. My head was sore. My back was sore. My-

Oh quiet old woman.

Laughing at myself quietly, I jumped when the kitchen light suddenly switched on and froze, my eyes blurry at the brightness of the light. Oh no. They've got us. The aliens have finally decided to invade earth. My back was against the wall like something out of a mission impossible movie and I imagined myself doing some sort of roll-kick if anything appeared from the doorway down the passage.

I considered it a bad idea because I sure as hell wouldn't make it to roll. I'd end up laying on my back yelling 'take me now' in some dramatic way. I snickered. Henry, my guardian, poked his head into the passage and smiled.

"Thought I heard something. You ready for breakfast?"

My hand straight to my poor heart. Looks like they won't be invading earth today. "I could kill for something, anything to ease the whole which developed in my stomach over night." I said, and hissed when my bare feet touched the tiles.

"It's cold. It's cold. It's cold." I repeated and gave Baxter a look.

"You just had to have breakfast now? The sun hasn't even risen yet." I moaned, filling up my fat cat's bowl with food. My cat sat, staring at me, which was like telling me, "it's your duty. So feeed me."

Henry buttered some toast and placed an egg alongside it before pushing the plate to me. 

"Thanks Henry." I said and he winked,

"When a girl's gotta eat, a girl's gotta eat. We don't need you prouncing  around looking some toothpick do we?" I snorted and some of the coffee I'd taken a sip from went up into my nose. Oh well, my nose was blocked anyways.

"I like my curves. I've got a lot of it, I know, I must admit, but I like them. Avoids getting kidnapped." This time Henry laughed and bit down on a piece of toast. He poured himself a cup of coffee and took off the cupcake printed apron I'd gotten him on his fifth year with me last year.

Henry was hired to look after me since I was thirteen. My parents weren't around enough to officially look after me. So they hired him to make sure I grew up in a stable environment where I wouldn't have to move around so often as I would if they'd continue to raise me. I smiled, Henry loved me to bits and spoilt me when he could as would do unto him.

I haven't seen my parents since my thirteenth birthday. They'd call every so often but every time they would, I'd brush them off. I know they couldn't help the fact that they worked so much, and I loved staying with Henry, so I've always thought it'd be better if they'd just continued to live their lives and I'd live mine. Even if they did decide to drop everything and come home, what would I say to them?

"Oh, hey. I'm your daughter you haven't seen in six years. Thanks for missing out my teen years."

The sun was rising now, yellow rays slowly peeking through the gold curtains of the lounge and I saw Henry check his watch. "Gotta run now sweetie. Lock up after you? And remember you're on dinner duty tonight!" I heard him yell the last bit before I heard the door open and close. It was after six now and I got down from the high stool and made my way back to my room. I pulled out my phone and swiped through Instagram.

Pictures of a party that happened last night covered my whole feed. I had to stop as I looked closer at the phone to recognise my best friend taking a selfie on some guy's lap. I shook my head and smiled, knowing Mackenzie, she'd have gotten laid last night but wouldn't remember a thing today.

It was brighter now in my room and I peeked through the curtain and sensed it would be a hot day. I lay on my bed again. I was too tired to get anything from my cupboard and stared at my messy room. I haven't cleaned my room in... If I have to think about it, it means it's been too long.

I wouldn't call myself lazy. I'd call myself someone who hates the thought of doing anything but sleeping. Which is bad, I know, but who could blame me? No one, I tell you NO ONE, loves the thought of cleaning. Unless your some weirdo who wants to become a house cleaner one day. I'm not judging, that's what you wanna do with your life. You'd probably actually help me by cleaning my house one day. If I got the energy to search the web for one. Which I don't.

I lay on my back and raised my hips to slip off the shorts I'd slept in. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who does this. I let out a heavy breath as if I'd just run a marathon and finally got up, staring at the scattered clothes on the floor. I decided on a pair of black high waisted jeans and a pineapple printed tee. I found my pair of high tops I'd hadn't seen in lord knows how long and put my hair up in a neat bun.

I put my phone in my pocket; my wallet in my backpack; checked that I had everything I needed and fished out my keys. Having parents that work around the clock and sending money home every month had its upsides like, I bought myself a bike with the money even though I work at a household appliance store. They don't pay me much anyways.

I locked the door

almost forgot about that, again

and got onto my black bike, slipping on the helmet and starting up the engine. It roared to life under my finger tips and I smiled. I'd thought about riding over McDowell's Porsche once and having him cry to his daddy. I'd realised that it wasn't worth it because McDowell's father would of bought him another one, a better model just so he could spite me the next day.

Now I can hear what you're thinking, how can someone who like to do nothing actually ride a bike?

Let me explain: I found that I have a fascination with bikes. When signing up for college, the paper clearly stated in bold- CHOOSE ONE SUBJECT WHICH IS WAY OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. So I did, well, doing anything physical was way out of my comfort zone, none of the other subjects like baking, athletics, ect were all full because guys were forced to do shit like baking and dressmaking. So in the end, I had one last resort

because I swear on my grandmamma's grave, I will not do chess

I chose motor mechanics.

It's pretty cool how the inside of machines work and I think it's the only thing I enjoy doing, physically. Other than sleep. So I work part time at the garage on school premises during those hours and I do enjoy it. We work on the cars that the students who live on campus bring to us.

Unfortunately, when I'd eventually registered for this college, all dorms on campus were full and it's not to say I'm not looking, sort of, because it would be so much easier for me if I just lived there. I brought my bike into the schools parking and swung my legs over, placing the helmet in the hook of my arm.

I wish they'd have trollies so people like me could push the luggage we bring to school everyday to our lockers. Wishful thinking. You must move that ass girl.

I hated my subconscious voice right now. I walked to my locker and placed the helmet there, shifting it to look like perfection.

"Hailey! Ohmygod, Hailey! Don't you move your ass from that spot!" I suddenly was very away that people walking and standing around the hallway were looking at me. I saw Mackenzie running towards me in a pair of white wedge heels and a short jumpsuit with leaves printed on. She just had to scream.

Mackenzie's dark brown curls bounced along with her and I swear I saw her caramel skin glowing. She slowed as she neared me, and gave an onlooker a smile.

"Mackenzie." I said and closed my locker. She looked down at my shoes.

"Cute shoes." She said and I smiled.