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His Possession

His Possession




Nyssa provided massage services in a posh hotel. She did, however, unintentionally cross paths with Vik, the hotel's owner, and the world's wealthiest and sexiest billionaire. When Nyssa and Vik first met, Nyssa became horny, and Vik immediately recognized Nyssa's potential as a masochist. Then Vik demanded Nyssa's resignation and her servitude as his sex slave. Will Vik become Nyssa's master over her body, and she over his mind?

Another day at work, a private session with another female client and I am busy trying to give her a massage‚ while being tortured in the worst way possible. A love egg, literally is stuffed inside me and it won’t stop vibrating.

I tried pressing my legs together, hell even tried to stand with them a little wider, but it just won't stop. My pussy is throbbing and it's soaking, craving for more and wanting to feel more but all I am allowed to do is to keep standing here and take every second of eduring this torture. I just want I all to end. I want HIM.

Pretty soon the lady looks up at me, giving me a scowl. “Uhg! What are you doing!?”

I look at her and then realise I have been standing like this for about ten seconds, not giving the massage she is actually paying me for. Women like her are usually Karens. All they do is whine, complain, look down on people below their class and think they are the queens of this world. Having to give a person like her a massage wells a bit degrading and all she ever does here is cry about her boyfriend and some chick trying to seduce. I am only allowed to nod and agree with her and if she wants my opinion, I need to make sure that whatever I say, meets her so called standards and morals. I never get what it is with the rich, believing everyone should worship the ground they set their feet on. One of the things I hate about this job is that I always have to do what other people want me to do. Well aside from the love egg inside me, where do I even begin telling that story?

I continue my work and finally finish. Letting her get dressed in her bathrobe and go on with her day, before I catch my breath and take a moment to sit down. I want to tug on this love egg and stuff it in and out of me, but at the same time I fucking like it. I am enjoying the torture.

But this is making my panties messy and pretty soon my uniform will get messy too. I don't want that to happen. I need to change and I need to get this thing out!

And so I sneak into one of the guest rooms, one only I am truly familiar with. Of course I also had the access card to it, I mean this was my client afterall but this was not just any client. Fuck if he even finds me in here‚ I'll he in trouble. Somehow I do like the thought of that simply because I may face dire consequences but at the same time I still feel nervous as fuck. But I need to clean myself up‚ I'm sure he won’t mind, right?

I still have a certain uncertainty in me‚ yet find myself walking through the room to the bathroom. This being the VIP room‚ filled with all kinds of fancy stuff. Like the massive king sized bed, fancy sheets and curtains. I’m sure those curtains cost more than my monthly salary‚ but that’s not all. The smell of his cologne is still fresh in the air. It’s like he literally just left from here even though it’s been a day since I’ve seen him.

I reach the door and feel another shiver run down my spine. I want to cum and so I just cannot stop myself from entering the bathroom and getting naked already. Taking my top off, with my pants before sliding my bra and panty off too.

I tie my brown curls into a bun before I step inside the shower and turn the faucet on. Finally feeling the warm water running and the droplets bouncing off my skin. Leaning back against the wall from how weak the love egg is making me and then slowly reaching down between my legs.

And suddenly comes the sound of a door slamming shut. My eyes widening at the realisation of who it might be and then the man finally storms inside the bathroom.

At first he’s taken aback by appearance, even looked like he was in the process of taking his shirt off, but he stopped. His crystalline blue eyes narrowing before he slowly steps closer. A smile creeping up on his face and then he laughs. “Ehem...who told you, you could come in here?”

I swallow hard‚ he should be angry but he’s laughing. I didn't think he would mind and now all the memories of him came flooding back.

He carefully walked to me and even while still dressed in his shirt and pants‚ he got in the shower. The water droplets sprinkling over his shirt, soon wettening it and so I can see all those sculptured muscles under his shirt as soon as the white fabrics stick to his skin.

“What are you even doing in here?” He asks me and narrows his eyes, taking his hand away from my cunt.

I nearly shiver at his touch only to feel his hand cup my pussy. His finger swirling around my folds and then it slips in, feeling and checking if the egg is still in there–not that I was planning on removing it or anything!

“Such a good girl.”

This man right here is my master. I met him yesterday, his real name is Vik Knight. The most handsome man I ever met and man I still so desperately want to share his bed with him. One wouldn’t believe I just met the guy yesterday.

I was asked by Esther to step in for Flora as his masseuse, because he requested it. I did feel pretty weird about it, how some stranger would want me specifically to massage him...I felt creeped out about it. But Esther was pretty insistent about me doing the job, because he’s a very important client.

That was all she told me and so I didn't exactly know who he was, until later that day.

I got ready for the session and made sure my hands were clean, my nails were cut short and that my hair was neatly done aswell. Already feeling Esther's pressure while she wasn't around me yet, I knew my appearance would be the first thing she would look at and nitpick about. This job was all I had and losing it was certainly not an option.

So when I was done readying myself, I went to meet with the man. I stood outside the VIP room, before lightly knocking. Esther called me in and the I walked inside and it was there when my life was about to entirely change.

I walked in and shyly looked at Esther first‚ before I looked at the man. My eyes nearly jumping out of their sockets when I saw him. It was like staring at a Greek god and I could’ve sworn my nose was nearly about to bleed‚ gladly it didn’t come to that. I wouldn’t hear the end of it if I embarrassed Esther like that in anyway. She also seemed very nice all of a sudden.

“Mr Knight‚ meet Miss Harbor. She is one of our best.” Esther went and bragged about me‚ trying her best to impress me.

The famous Mr Knight‚ was keeping his eyes on me. Looking at me with that intense gaze‚ as if I was the only other person in the room‚ not even giving Esther any of his attention.

He was tall on his frame. Had dark hair, neatly combed and trimmed around the side and of course a handsome curl popping from his forehead. I could see his sculptured body even through the clothes he had on. His eyes were the first thing I noticed about him‚ but now I was taking it all in.

“I...shall leave you to it!” Esther turned on her heels. Her high heels clicking on the tile floor as she walked pass me‚ patting me on my shoulder‚ before she left.

And then it was just me and him.