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Mommy, My Daddy Is A Billionaire CEO

Mommy, My Daddy Is A Billionaire CEO

Author:Author Feathers



Debby Alessandro received a sudden text from her fiancee that he had anulled their engagement. Terribly heartbroken, she ran to her bestfriend's house to cry out her sorrow but she unexpectedly saw her fiancee and her bestfriend having s*x. She felt like her heart was being butchured by an heartless murderer. Having no where else to run to, she landed in a club where she angrily and recklessly drank herself to stupor. She unexpectedly woke up naked beside a strange man. She immediately parked her stuff and left the country. She came back five years later with her handsome boy. She didn't expect for her son to get her in trouble by deflating one of the tires of a Mercedes-Maybach. How will she deal with the fact that the owner of the Mercedes-Maybach was not only her CEO but that he also has a striking resemblance with her son?

Debby held a new wedding gown and was checking how beautiful it was in the tall mirror before her. This wedding gown was the one she planned on wearing on her wedding that will be holding in few days time.

While adoring how beautifully designed the wedding gown was, her phone chirped briefly. She hung the wedding gown and went to casually pick up her phone.

Seeing that the text message was from her fiancee, a lovely smile graced her lips and she opened it, however, the beginning words of the text message deflated her mood at once.

She squinted her eyes and continued reading the text. Her boyfriend of six years just annulled their engagement that was supposed to take place this night.

Her heart sunk immediately into a bommless abyss, her hand that was holding onto the phone shivered and tears streamed heavily down her face.

Is this a prank? She thought and immediately placed a call across to Arthur, her boyfriend of many years.

Once he Debby immediately spoke, "Arthur, did you... really sent that text?" She asked with an heavily palpitating heart.

"Don't call me after this cause I will be blocking your number. I meant every single word I said answered in the text," he said this and the call immediately came to an end.

The phone fell by itself from her hand, she bite her lips painfully, the excruciating pain she was feeling in her heart was too unbearable, she slumped to the wall and cried so hard but unlike other times when crying during her depressing time would help, her cries didn't help her throbbing heart at all.

She felt like dieing. She had anticipated so much for the engagement that was to take place this night, she had loved him for many years yet he betrayed her heartlessly at this hour.

She didn't know why suicidal thoughts filled her heart, in order not to harm herself, she immediately walked out swiftly out of the room and soon appeared beside her car. She stepped in and immediately started the ignition of the car, it was when her leg landed on the accelerator of the car that she realized that she wasn't wearing any footwear.

But does wearing footwear really matters now? Her world is literally collapsing right before her. She just wanted to go to her bestfriend's place and cry out her sorrow. Her bestfriend, Edna was the only person left that she trust the most in this world. She didn't only see her as a friend but as a family. She beleived that Edna would be able to comfort her and would stop her from acting stupid.

She eventually pulled over at her bestfriend's house and immediately stepped down. She cleaned the tears that had blurred her vision and ran inside, she opened the door and cried out loud," Edna, Edna... Harry broke up our engagement," she cried out loud even before seeing her. Her plan once she see Edna was to collapse on her embrace and cry on her shoulder but when she opened the door that leads to Edna's room, she saw her bestfriend giving a guy a 'cowride sex.'

She would have walked back but the figure of the guy looked familiar, she walked closer and saw that this guy that her bestfriend was having sex with was Arthur, the same person who has just annulled their engagement.

She screamed like someone who had gone entirely crazy. She felt dizzy and shouted, "Edna! Arthur!" These were the people she trusted the most in this world.

However, to her surprise, the two people bursted into a mocking laughter.

Edna stood from Arthur and even stroked his dick while Arthur sat upright, his emotionless gaze set on Debby, "You are just an orphan who can't benefit me in any way. My company is at the edge of bankruptcy and all you keep saying is 'sorry babe, it will be fine babe.' Will caring about my company stop it from going bankrupt?"

Arthur continued, "Edna on the other hand has a very powerful family behind her and her family had promised to help my company as long as I marry her... So?"

"Arthur, is this worth terminating our love of many years for?" Debby asked with an heavily throbbing heart. The sharp pains she was feeling in her heart was too much for her bear.

"Your love is nothing to me. Don't ruin my fun. Now fuck off," he shouted on her.

"I shouldn't ruin the sex you are having with my bestfriend?" She asked painfully, hot tears finding it's way down her cheek.

"You heard me." Arthur said, "Scram!" He shouted harshly at her.

Debby jerked back in fear, Arthur had never shouted at her this way, she looked at her bestfriend and cried even more.

Edna smirked and said, "he is still horny and I need to enjoy him more, leave quick, you poor orphan!"

Edna's words hurts Debby so much, it was as if a bee stinged her heart. She felt like the looser, she rushed out and slumped to her car. She hit the car with her head as if begging for death. She cried out loud like a baby in pain for so long then she got inside her car and drove crazily to the club.

Once she stepped inside the club, she immediately ordered for seven bottles of alcoholic drinks to be brought before her.

The waiter who served her the seven bottles of drinks asked her, "are you expecting someone, ma?"

"Fuck off!" She screamed at the innocent waiter and he immediately walked swiftly away.

The club was a lousy place so people didn't really notice that Debby shouted. She opened the drinks one after the other and began to drink it like her life depended on it.

The more she drank it was the more the pain in her heart held onto her heart tightly, no matter how much she drink, the pain wouldn't leave. It's like a curse, a stigma.

So she took a bottle of the forth drink that she had been drinking and staggered like a drunkard to where the rooms were.

She was praying for one of the predators that usually lurk around the club to catch her and fuck her mercilessly. Although, she's a virgin, she didn't care anymore at all. Her virginity meant nothing to her at this moment.

She suddenly sighted a man staggered inside a room. In her blurry state, she trailed after the man and pushed the door open.

However, the room was so dark but she knew the man was in here, "grab me and fuck me, idiot!" She said in her heavily drunk state and even drank more from the bottle before her.

The man in the room was already heavily tipsy, he found her in the dark, grabbed her and pushed her to the bed. He pounced on her like an angry lion and pulled off her skirt and pant quickly. Once he thrusted in, she bite her lips in pain, the pain was unbearable cause he wasn't gentle at all, but when the man eventually had his breakthrough, a weird feeling of pleasure overwhelmed her.

The man bite on her neck as he released all his sexual desires on her, at the end, he cummed mercilessly in her after which he fell to the bed and slept off. Debby had also lost so much strength that she lost consciousness in no time .

She woke up hours later in a clear state, she was no longer feeling drunk, the memories of what happened yesterday flooded her mind. She didn't even want to know whom the man that had sex with her was so she quickly found her pant and skirt then wore it.

She immediately walked swiftly out of the room.