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New Old Love

New Old Love

Author:Edna Turner EN



Avery and Tom are childhood friends that grew apart to the point to be like strangers. So they can't believe it when their families publicly announce their engagement. Avery just wants to pursue her acting career, and Tom wants to get married to Helen, the evil woman that he fell in love with. But will they keep hating each other, when the sudden engagement pushes everyone around them to be their real selves?

Avery woke up that morning feeling a little sick in a way she couldn’t explain why. Maybe it was a headache coming, or perhaps it was «that» time of the month. However, she decided to brush it off and start her day. She had work at ten and was very proud to say that she was never late. Not even in her worst days.

She got out of bed and slowly walked to the bathroom, thinking that a cold shower might help.

Letting her long hair out of the messy bun she slept in, got under the shower and couldn’t help but shiver under the freezing water. Thankfully, it seemed to have worked because she found herself immediately opening her eyes and feeling energized.

After washing her hair, got out of the shower wrapped in two white towels and walked to her closed. Debating whether she should pick up a cute outfit, Avery laid out the pros and cons in her head.

«Cons: I’ll have to change as soon as I get to work; I’ll spend the whole day in my work clothes. »

«Pros: The whole team will still see me arrive in my own clothes, and I know how they like to talk…»

Keeping the second in mind, she ended up picking some cute but simple clothes: Black jeans and a white tank top. The outfit almost looked like an off-duty model look. Needless to say, it was very flattering for her tall figure. The tank top fabric hugged her waist and made her chest seem more prominent. And the skinny jeans made her look even taller. Paired with some black stilettos, she was ready to go.

Her mother was already eating when Avery walked downstairs, and looked at her when she heard the steps.

“Avery, good morning. ¿Join me for breakfast?” she offered.

“Sure, I think I have a few minutes”, said Avery while sitting down in one of the chairs at the side of the table.

“She’ll have a coffee, black with no sugar”, said Amelia to the maid standing behind her. Then, she looked at her daughter: “Don’t look at me like that. I know you have to film today. ¿Is it a sin to want you to look your best?”

“Mom, I won’t look overweight because I eat one piece of bread at breakfast”, Avery rolled her eyes.

“But you will”, joked Amelia.

Avery was used to the way her mom was, always in a struggle to not mess up, look bad, make a mistake…

She couldn’t blame her, they lived in a tough and judgy world, and her dad wasn’t there to protect them anymore.

Amelia meet Aston when she was only nineteen years old. Aston not only was the heir of the Black empire, but was already taking important roles in his family’s multiple companies.

His parents didn’t arrange a marriage for him, like the prominent families used to do in country A. But of course, they expected him to marry a young lady from the high society as well. One that could match his powerful background.

When he was twenty-two years old, the Black family sent him to Country I to seal a crucial deal with a company from there.

During his private flight, he requested a cup of black coffee and was surprised when he didn’t see Elliot, the flight attendant who has been working in the family’s aircrew for the longest time. Instead, he was speechless when he saw a beautiful young lady in a modest but flattering flight attendant uniform.

“You are not Elliot”, Aston couldn’t help but note.

“I’m not, I'm sorry, sir. Mr. Elliot has a very strong flu and is unable to join you for this flight”, informed Amelia, her voice trembled a little bit. It was her first trip out of her career training, and tried to remember all the manuals and classes on how to act with the passengers. However, she never imagined that her first flight wouldn’t be in a commercial, regular plane; but in a private one, with just one passenger that she couldn’t afford to offend.

When her mentor, Mr. Elliot called her and ask her if she was available to cover him, she was bursting with excitement, and said yes so fast that didn’t stop to ask for details. Later that day, when he sent her the information, she thought that she should have rejected; thinking that one small mistake could end her recently started career.

After losing herself in her thoughts for a few seconds, she remembered to smile to her only passenger. And what Aston saw was a very obviously nervous but beautiful lady, smiling brightly at him.

“Do you know who I am?” he asked.

“I’m sorry sir”, she apologized, again. “I just know you are a very important person. But I’m not sure who you are”.

And that was enough to make Aston smile, like he hasn’t been smiling in a long time.

He not only succeeded in making the needed arrangements for the business partnership, but also succeeded in falling in love at first sight. His feelings were so intense that when he got home two days later, he called Mr. Elliot. He felt that it wasn’t fair replacing him, and he also knew that his parents were used to being attender by him. So, he asked him to hire a new person for the aircrew: The lady who was in his flight.

Amelia was ecstatic to receive the job offer, and it was going to be a lie to say that she didn’t think that he was extremely attractive. However, she knew it was out of her league. She limited herself to small interactions, so she wouldn’t fall in love.

Over years of flying together all over the world, and silently loving each other from the distance, he finally confessed his feelings.

Amelia felt on cloud nine, and was quickly to confess hers as well. Without knowing that the Black family was going to make her life hell, until proven herself to be good enough for their son.

She worked as hard as she could and did everything in her power to be appealing to her in-laws, but being an orphan without a big last name was all they needed to hate her. And only when Aston, the only heir of the Black family, stood up and told his family that he was willing to leave their business to be with Amelia, they accepted her.

Amelia and Aston lived happily, and she gave birth to Avery, a beautiful little girl, and heir of the Black empire. However, they were wrong to think that they could grow old together and watch Avery become the new head of the family because Aston passed in a tragic accident in Country F when she was only ten years old.

Since then, Amelia had to put together all the knowledge she acquired on years of watching her husband manage the companies, and step up to be the new boos. All that while trying to look up for Avery, so she would never have to go through the humiliations she went thought when she was younger.

Avery was aware of everything her mom when trough, and understood why she was so uptight.

She quickly nodded and said: “I’ll be fine, mom. Is my last week of filming anyway.”

“I just want you to be the star you want to be as soon as possible, so you can retire and finally step up as the new CEO of the Black Company”, grumbled Amelia. Of course, being the only heir, she was expected to take on the role her dad left.

“Yes. And I just want to remind you that is not going to happen”, rejected Avery.

“It Is very early, and I would rather not have this conversation”, ended her mom.

“Mom… We can always sell…”, Avery started.

“Isn’t late for work? I thought you only had a few minutes”; Amelia interrupted her.

“Yes”, sighed Avery. “I’ll see you for dinner”; said before taking her car keys from the bowl on the entryway and leaving the house.