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I'm Lucy. i have never got a chance to stay with my parents. My mom and dad are famous models so, since i was young i would be left with a nanny and by the age of seven, i was sent to a boarding school.

Lucy's POV

After a long day at school, i found myself sitting alone in mine and my roommate's room. Normally i would be surrounded by a lots of poeple at this time but not today. Today's is my birthday and i expected my mom and dad to pick me up to go and celebrate. All i got was a text from my dad saying "happy 16th birthday".

Yeah sometimes i think i was a punishment to my parents because they had never cared about me ever since i was born. Sadly for me i have no grandparents, the only family i have is my mom, dad and my nanny Mrs Davison. Mrs Davison had always played a big role in my life because even during holidays i don't see my parents much so i always visit her.

A warm tear fell from my face just thinking of another horrible birthday. I tried to call my mom but her secretary picked up saying she is busy i should make an appointment for speaking with her. Both my parents are models and they both have good looks. My dad is every women's crush, he has blue ocean eyes, tall with brown hair and well built body.

Whilst my mom is blonde with green eyes. She is really beautiful everything about her is perfect. I sometimes envy her because i look more like my dad. I'm a tall slim girl with blue eyes, a fair skin and blonde hair that the only thing i took after my mother but I'm still the beauty queen of my school.

I have tried to live up to their expectations, won a few beauty pageant, but my mom did not like that i was stealing the spot light from her. I had to quite modeling and shift my focus. Ever since i got to my high school i started cheerleading and made myself famous to the whole school. Every guy wanted to date me but i wasn't really interested.

"Lucy !!!" My friend KC banged on the door calling my name.

"What!!!" I screamed at her and went to open the door. She got in with a couple of guys from the football team. They started to sing the "happy birthday song" and gave some presents. Eric the most famous guy in the whole school gave me a gold necklace with a heart shape. I have been crushing on him for a while now, he is handsome, muscular body and with his brown hair and eyes. My hearts screams everytime i see him, i wanted to snatch him from his girlfriend 'Rebecca Harris'.

That girl hated me from junior high until now. Her parents are filthy rich and she is also beautiful and talented, she is basically a perfect type. A brunette with curly hair and big brownish eyes. Not to mention her flawless body. A good competition for me i geuss. I just hated that Eric Holland is loyal to her.

After the guys left KC begged me to go out with her and some of our other friends Mitchell, Lindsey and Alex my roommate. I agreed that i will be ready to go out by 08:00 pm, luckily our boalding school is not that strict we could go out anytime.

I took a long lavender scented bath thinking of what I'm going to wear. After i was done bathing, i took out a gucci black leather dress but it just didn't fit the occasion. I ended up dressed in a pair of white stiched jeans, a black crop top and some black heals.

I fixed my hair in a loose curl ponytail. Decided to wear my new necklace. At 08:00 sharp KC was here to get me saying we will meet up with girls when we arrive. We got to this club called Kisses. It was pack and the was a long line outside.

"This place is packed. Are we gonna wait on the line?" I asked KC and she smirked at me. "Baby girl today is your birthday so we going to do things the easy way. Come on." She said. We got out of the taxi and went to the front of the line. KC said something to the bouncers and they just let us in. Just like that we where inside the club on the VIP section where our friends where.

We greeted each other and they wished me a happy birthday. We had a some drinks and danced the night away. It was fun and i enjoyed it a lot. As the night passed by Alex's boyfriend Max took her, they both left and we continued to drink. One by one my friends started to disappear with their boyfriends and then only me and KC where left.

KC's boyfriend and some of his friends joined our table and the fun continued. I went to the bathroom and when i came back i was approached by this guy. He is tall dark skin and has short black hair. He looks matured i could tell he is much older than me. I stared into his brown gorgeous eyes and i was lost for a moment.

"Miss can i buy you a drink?" He asked I'm guessing he was saying that for the second time. I just nodded my head and followed him as he led the way to a bar.