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Returning home from abroad two years after graduating from MIT with two PHDs. Samantha Logan was excited to share the good news with her father only to be welcomed with a big shot which potentially changed her life. Coincidentally, the mafia boss her father owed was at her father's residence that day to request for his money, but the moment Samantha walked in, he changed his mind and requested for a different thing. She was given the option to become the slave of Lord Damian to cover the debt of her father. They say the sins of the father shall be bestowed upon the children.. Does she have a chance with a cold blooded Mafia boss who doesn't think twice before killing and would do anything and everything to stay alive?

Chapter ONE...

The man who was hiding under the mattress almost had a heart attack when the door of his apartment door was busted open from his hinges..

He covered his mouth and tried not to make a sound while praying he doesn't get caught by the people after him..

"Come out, come out wherever you're....." One of the men whispered in a horrifying manner but he was determined not to show himself else he was definitely gonna get killed.

They ain't gonna spare him and that was more reasons why he won't try to get caught..

"You can run forever, Logan..." The intruder spoke again but Logan didn't dare show himself..

He covered his mouth and prayed for them to leave and soon he heard footsteps leaving the room and he almost heaved a sigh of relief when the footsteps fade away but unfortunately it didn't take long before he was suddenly pulled out from his hiding spot by a bulky looking man and was thrown to the floor roughly making him groan in pain..

"The boss is almost here, we need to hold him up." One of the guards informed the huge looking man and he nodded..

They knew how cruel their boss was and wouldn't hesitate to finish off anyone who posed a threat to him and his business.

"Please, I'm sorry, let me go!" Logan Lee, a man who was dressed up in formal clothing like the rest of the bodyguards, was being held down by two bulky men..

"Shut up!" One of the guards growled angrily...

They were all waiting for their boss to come deal with the issue because he wanted to handle the bodyguard himself..

"Hello, Logan." A tall man walked inside the apartment unhurriedly with a smirk plastered on his face..

His hands were shoved into the pockets of his tuxedo..

He had the face of an angel and could actually pass for a Demi god with those perfectly chiseled jawlines of his..

His blue eyes shone brightly and they all couldn't help but shudder under his gaze.

They could get frostbite just from staring into his sea blue eyes which were looking down at the helpless man....

Mr Logan struggled free and scrawled towards his boss and held his shoes..

"Boss please! Don't do this to me! I can explain!" Logan held onto the boss's shoe as he desperately begged for mercy..

Of course he'd forgotten how the boss hated being touched..

“Hold him..” the boss calmly said and his subordinates immediately understood what he meant and immediately dragged the man closer to the coffee table and placed his left palm on it while holding it in place.

Logan's eyes widened In fear but before he could say something the boss stabbed him in the palm and this made him scream out in intense pain..

He groaned in pain as the dagger was still stuck in his palm and the boss had no intention of taking it out..

The boss smiled devilishly before pulling out the dagger and this earned another scream from the man.

His subordinates were rather scared of his smile because they knew he was up to no good especially when he smiles that way.

The moment the dagger was taken out, Logan began begging for mercy but the boss didn't seem to care as he carefully wiped the blood off the little Dagger with his handkerchief..

One of the boss's subordinates who'd been standing a few feet away from his boss spoke..

“ You not only owe Lord Damian, you also stole important documents from him and sold it to the enemies, hence your debts can only be paid off by using your daughter as payment..

"I......I....I... didn't mean...." Logan shuttered in fear while ignoring his bleeding palm as he begged for the boss to leave his beloved daughter alone..

He couldn't make up the right words as he trembled in fear...

He didn't mind his injury as he pleaded harder..

“I'm gonna work harder to pay off my debt please leave my daughter outta this.. she had nothing to do with any of this please!” He pleaded like his entire life depended on it because she was his only child and the thought of handing her only child to the man in front of him made him wanna pee his pants.

Unfortunately for Logan his daughter was on flight back to Luxembourg..

Logan knew he'd to stop his daughter from meeting this man ..

Logan began begging harder as he tried to stall some more as he kept stealing glances at the clock.

He remembered sending a text to his daughter to change her flight right before his phone was snatched away from him..

He silently prayed she saw his text and had listened to him.

Lord Damian sneered when he saw through his little tricks.

He raised the cellphone in his hand so he could see..

“ Our little guest is gonna arrive soon… Unfortunately for you she didn't receive your messages..” Lord Damian nonchalantly spoke and threw the phone on the floor right in front of Logan and stepped on it, smashing it into pieces.

Logan gasps in fear for what was about to happen..


“ Flight number 3677 London to Luxembourg ready for take off, all passengers are advised to fasten their seatbelts..” Samantha ignored the flight attendant’s words as she kept trying to get in touch with her father but unfortunately she couldn't get a hold of him..

She'd informed him the previous Night she was returning to the country but got no response from him..

She decided not to think of it and concluded he was busy..

She kept her cellphone aside and fastened her seatbelt and wore headphones to block out all other thoughts ….

It was a one hour flight and soon she was in LUX airport.. Samantha fished out her mobile phone and placed a call to her father but strangely she couldn't get hold of him..

“ I can't believe you prioritize your work over your daughter..” she mumbled to herself as she decided to home herself because it seems like her father was busy with his work and didn't have time to come pick her up…

Samantha walked outta the airport and flagged down a taxi..

After putting her luggage in the trunk, she hopped in the back seat and immediately gave the driver the address to her father's condominium.

Along the way she took out her laptop and began working a few gigs she learnt back in MIT.

Her fingers moved leisurely against the keyboard as a few green codes appeared on the screen and in no time she was done with what she was doing..

Samantha had gone to MIT after obtaining two PHDS and is currently working on her third..

She'd been away from home for a long time and was finally done with MIT..

She came rushing back to Luxembourg because she wanted to share the good news with her father..

Samantha did a few stretches as she stared at her laptop with a huge smile on her face..

Samantha was an excellent hacker who could move her way into any computer or network system she wanted..

She was practically one of the best but of course there was someone who is still better than her..

She couldn't help but wonder who that was and what the world's best hacker would look like.

Would he be a nerdy kid in highschool? Or in college?

Her smile brightened when the feeds of a casino Suddenly Began displaying on her screen.

Turns out she'd hacked a casino for a client who wanted to keep a close eye on all his customers.

She didn't care why he did that all she cared about was getting paid so she could open a cyber security agency..

She glanced over at her cell phone once again but nothing..

“We've arrived at your destination, Miss.” She snapped outta her thoughts when she heard the driver's voice..

She nodded and unhurriedly got outta the cab while the driver helped her get her stuff before collecting his fees and left immediately..

Once the driver was gone, Samantha picked up her luggage and walked towards the lobby without paying any attention to her environment as she got into the elevator and was greeted by a nice elevator hostess..

The elevator took her all the way to the 12th floor where her father's condo was and walked towards the door..

Samantha entered the password Just as she'd remembered and opened the door walking into the apartment with a happy face but froze as soon as she saw the mess inside the apartment..

“Run, Samantha! It's a tra-” Logan lunged forward to warn his daughter but he was immediately tackled by the bodyguards and also gagged so he's un able to say something.

“ Take your filthy hands off him right now!” Samantha snapped at the guards as she advanced closer to them in a defensive mode..

Samantha's calm and collected self even when faced with such a situation surprised Lord Damian and his subordinates..

She was the first woman who wasn't scared of the boss even for a second…

“ I won't ask again.” Samantha threatened them as he glared daggers at them..

“ Feisty..” Lord Damian smirked and Samantha turned towards his direction immediately to find a man clad in a black two piece Armani suit and a white undershirt.

Logan struggled and tried to get free as he kept making loud sounds but of course no one could understand what he was saying with a gag in his mouth..

He was seated on the couch with his legs crossed while holding a glass of whiskey..

“ May I know why my father is being treated like a criminal?” Samantha directed her question to the stranger with a cold expression as she moved closer to where he was seated…

“ Oh but he is, Darling..” Samantha cringed at what he'd addressed her with…

“ Is it money you want? Fine! I'll pay whatever cash he's owing you so let my father go..” Samantha said in between clenched teeth …

“760…” Damian simply said and Samantha immediately concluded it wasn't an outrageous amount little did she know she was about to get the shock of her life..

“760 dollars?” She asked while wondering what the man in a black suit was thinking when he did that to her father for 760 bucks…

“760 million dollars with an interest worth 70 millions dollars.” Damian casually said and Samantha almost coughed out blood.

“760 million what!? “ Samantha couldn't understand what she'd heard or how her father managed to owe that much..

“ That's absurd..” Samantha glared at the man who was acting all comfy in her father's home..

Logan struggled and when he ran away from them he crawled all the way to the boss and began begging really hard even though it came out muffled..

He knew what's gonna happen next but Damian didn't seem to care about him..

His subordinates pulled him backwards before Samantha could come any closer..

“ Take off his gag..” Lord Damian ordered and the gag was immediately taken outta his mouth so he could speak freely..

“ Please Lord Damian I beg you, leave my daughter outta this …” Logan was seriously begging as tears rolled down his cheeks..

Anything but his precious child..

Samantha felt her blood boil seeing her father begging like a peasant..

“ I'm gonna find a way to pay up everything he owns… I'm a very good hacker, I can work for you till the debt is paid off..” Samantha boldly said and Lord Damian chuckled coldly before dropping the glass in his hand..

“ Not enough..”

Knowing her father owed a huge debt, Samantha decided to convince them into letting her pay everything by using her hacking skills..

“ You've to trust me, please… I can show you how good I'm if you let me, please… “ Samantha found herself pleading but her expression was the opposite of what she was saying..

“ I want something else..”

“ What do you want?” Samantha immediately asked while thinking it's gonna be an easy request.

Lord Damian stared at Logan with a cold expression as he spoke..

“ You can only pay off his debts by being my slave.”