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Flames Of Heart

Flames Of Heart




Sinister Vin Crimson was an ordinary adventurer. In her 120th years of living, she have never encounter such a tragic way of death, she has a sudden vision about her marriage. In her dreams, she was married to a Tyrant Emperor who's hands were already stained with blood. She was killed by his own hands. To avoid that sinister way of death, she must avoid that marriage—no... she will never get married with that Tyrant in the first place. She's just planning avoid him... but why does the destiny keeps on messing with her? ‘How come that I ended up spending my night with the Tyrant who will be the death of me?! Should I just be the one to kill him to avoid my death?’


SINISTER woke up by the tweets of the birds. She looked at her surroundings to see if there's a lake nearby. She stand at the tree trunk which she just used to sleep. She's an adventurer so she just sleep whenever she felt safe to sleep with, just like how she slept in the tree trunk.

She doesn't need to bring any clothes with her since she could use magic, a magic that could create clothes. She's part of a Crimson but she's only a half-blooded Crimson, so her magic is limited that's why she enhance her skills and strength since not all times that she could rely on magic especially that she could use limited magic.

Only a pure blooded Crimson could use limitless magic, just like her half sister named Tiana ‘Eerie’ Crimson who's a pure blood Crimson, but due to some incident that happened 4 years ago, she was cursed by a person who has an obsession with her.

A curse that covers half of her face and her body, the name of the curse is ‘thou shalt die’ in other words, she would die at the age of 123 and she's only 119, that's why Sinister left her village and became an adventurer to find cure to her sister's curse. She couldn't bear to see her sweet and bubbly sister who's suffering from the curse and the bullies of the people who would saw her face to the point that Tiana's golden eyes became lifeless.

Sinister has been travelling to any other part of the Kingdom just to find any ways how to lift the curse. Even her stepmother couldn't even lift the curse of her own child because the curse that she has is very rare and the one who has that kind of curse always end up dying without being cured. That's why as an older sister, Sinister has decided to became an adventurer.

She expertly jumped at the tree which she was standing, ofcourse she had a perfect landing as she went down since she find a lake nearby, she needs to catch a fish at the same to take a bath.

As she was walking, she saw a werewolf. The werewolves approach her.

“Who are you? Why do you have the same vibe of Princess Tiana?”The werewolves asked.

Oh right, she is at the Asmodeus Forest, a forest that has a lot of magical beasts, they are extremely dangerous especially at night.

Sinister coldly look at the werewolves making him whimpers,“Who are you? Why do you know Tiana? Are you an ally to the Crown Prince of the Echetheir? Nice timing, I really want to kill someone who dares to mess with my beloved sister.”

The werewolves flinched when they could feel the air feel heavier as they could feel bloodlust from her.

“W-We're not ally of the Crown Prince, besides our only master is Princess Tiana and no one else.”One of the werewolf said as he stammered.

Sinister used her ability to see wether they are lying or not, but she couldn't see any faults that they were lying. She let a sigh as her blue eyes turned back to normal, when she use her ability that so called ‘Eyes of Truth’ her eyes will change to grey, the same color of her hair color, but her normal eye color is blue.

Sinister looked at them with a smile on her lips, “Sorry for my rudeness, I just can't let my guard down since there's a lot of enemies that are watching every of my move.”

The wolves transform to their human form then they used some spell to put a clothes on.

“Are you the sister of Princess Tiana? May we ask where she is? For those four years that we are waiting for her return, she never return to visit us. Is she okay? What happened to her?”They ask with worries visible on their faces.

Sinister couldn't help but to smiled at their gestures towards to her sister to the point that she couldn't help but to test them, “Aren't you afraid that she might forget you and abandoned all of you?”

One of the wolf tsk-ed, “Even if Tiana is a sassy brat with a moody attitude, we know that she won't do that unless someone threatened her life or something happened to her. Besides, we know her since she's still a kid, we've watched her grow that's why we're positive that she won't just abandoned us without any valid reason.”

What they say makes Sinister happy, she clapped her hands and smiled at them,“Tiana is lucky to have all of you. Anyways, Tiana has been cursed and the Crown Prince Xhyr sealed her memories, thinking that if Tiana would forgot her memories, she'll fall for him. He even nearly killed Ian who's Tiana's lover and broke his golden core. Now Tiana is in the Royal Palace where the Crown Prince was living, he was thinking that if he acts like Ian towards to her, Tiana would love her as much as she loves Ian.”Her smiley face became cold.

The wolves gasped and growl in anger,“Should we just kill the Crown Prince?”

Sinister face darkened, “The Crown Prince is strong, you'll be killed if you do. Even Ian, who's strong was nearly killed by him so don't approach him recklessly and when you saw Tiana, don't ever mention about her memories because you'll be killed.”

All of their brows wrinkled as they tilted their head while looking at Sinister, “Why?”

She sighed,“Because if you do, you will be cursed and the curse will wrapped in your heart and slowly, it would kill you so be careful.”

All of them cursed, “Just what the hell is that Crown Prince? Why does he have to go lengths to make Tiana his?!”

Sinister clenched her fist, ”Because he is a psycho. He's a two faced jerk. Also, he even chained Tiana.”

“What do you mean by that?!”All of them were furious.

Sinister make a spell that could let them saw her memories about what happened to Tiana. They were now sleeping as they dream about what really happened 4 years ago.

Sinister left them and went to the lake which she saw while she was on top of the tree. As soon as she finally arrived at where the lake is, she immediately soak herself to the lake as she made a spell that could make the cold water to hot and at the same time, she just wave her hands with a spell on it to get the fish out of the water.

As soon as she finished bathing herself, she went out of the lake and used magic to dry herself and put some clothes on.

Since she could also use fire, she just used her magic and cook the fish that she caught. She only eat 3 fried fish then she immediately evacuate from that place.

“Where are you going?”

Sinister looked at the bird—no a crow who was the one who talk to her.

“What do you mean by that?”She coldly asked the crow who was on the tree trunk while watching her.

“Exactly what I mean,”he said as he flew towards to her direction and landed on her shoulder.

Sinister tsk-ed, “What do you need?”

“I was listening to your conversation with the werewolves earlier about what happened to Tiana,”he said

“Ah, okay.”She nonchalantly said as she start walking out of the Asmodeus Forest while the crow was still on her left shoulder.

“Anyways, I gather some information about the curse that Tiana has,”he said making Sinister stop from walking.

“Are you sure about that? If you lie about it, I'm gonna roast and eat you,”Sinister said.

The crow chuckled as he start telling her all the information that he have heard,“Don't worry, I'm not lying, besides Tiana is also my master. Anyways, based from the rumors that I heard, the Kingdom of Spares knows a lot of curses especially the Emperor. He is highly skilled and know a lot of curses since he, himself would also use the curse to kill someone... anyways, you would also find it hard to gather information from him since he is really a tyrannical Emperor that would kill someone without showing any mercy. I heard that he even killed his own father, which is the previous Emperor to steal the throne.”

She sighed and nodded her head, “Wow, what a ruler, it seems that I can't gather some information from him, so I'm just gonna sneak in and find some information to the curse which Tiana has.”

“If you do that, you'll gonna get yourself killed,”he said.

Sinister smirked, “Don't worry about that, I'm not that useless and stupid to let myself get killed easily. Anyways, I'm gonna go to the Spares and see wether your information is true or not.”

“Okay, see you. I'm gonna stay here and wait for Tiana to appear,”he said.

“What do you mean by that?”Sinister asked as her fave frowned.

“I heard that there is a hunt competition that would happened next week and all the servants of the Royal Palace are invited so I'm sure that Tiana will also come.”

Sinister let a loud sighed, “Yeah, if it's Tiana that we are talking about, even if her memories were sealed, she will participate the Hunt Competition at all cost, that's how stubborn she is. Anyways, protect her and kindly watch her for me.”

The crow nodded his head, “I will. By the way, my name is Gel.”

Sinister nodded her head and answered, “Nice to meet 'ya, my name is Sinister. I'm gonna go now,”she said before she teleport to the town of the Spares.

Oh yeah, they can't use magic to duplicate the gold coins since the vendor could see wether it is made from mana to duplicate the gold coins or not and if they caught you using fake gold coins, you're gonna be locked in the prison or worse die. That's how strick the world is.

Anyways, one gold coins could feed the commoner for a week, while the bronze and silver has a lesser value than the gold.

Since Sinister has a thousand of gold coins that her step mother gave her, she wouldn't have to worry about the money. Her stepmother is kind and loving, that's why she loves her stepmother so much.

Sinister went to the Bar to drink beers.

“Sorry but we can't let a minor come to our bar.”The owner of the bar said as he looked at Sinister from head to toe.

While the drunk people who also heard about what the manager said, laughed at her.

Sinister couldn't help but to feel pissed. Well, she's already 120 years old but her face looks like she's in 19 years old. All of the Crimson Family won't age, they're looks always remain 19 years old, that's why when Sinister know about that what they would look at the 19 will be their look for the rest of their lives, that's why she always trained hard to gain some coca cola body and abs. She always drink milk thinking that she would grow taller but she's only 174 cm.

Sinister let a sighed as she looked at the manager with a pissed look as she raised her middle finger, “I'm already 120 years old, 'ya fools!”She angrily said before she went out of the bar leaving those drunkards and the manager with wide eyes open as their jaw dropped.

“I should first find a room to stay in for temporary.”She mumbles as she went to the other store to rent a room to stay in for night.

She went inside of the room which she rent, close the door then she put a barrier around her room before she lay on her bed and sleep.