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Her Secret Identity

Her Secret Identity




The billionaire's daughter ran away from their home because she found out the truth that she's not his biological daughter. Due to its disappearances, Mr. Hermes ordered the Mafia's Son to find his daughter. Is he going to find her or not?

Cold breeze blows on my skin at these times. Even wearing a hoodie I still feel cold. I glanced at my watch for a moment. It's already 2 am. I didn’t even realize it. 

Looks like I need to leave before anyone sees me. I was about to step away when someone called to me from behind. Its voice was familiar, so I never looked back.

"Hey, Miss Arian!"

"When are you coming back?" someone asked. Even if I don't look back at those people, I feel that they are increasing.

I need to escape as soon as possible.

I stopped walking when it spoke again.  "You still have a lot arrears on us, have you forgotten?"  Copper said, who was our gang leader before.  I just ignored what he said.

"Did you know that when you escaped here, you are lucky?" 

I  see the corner of my eyes his grinning face which gave nervous.

“Don't expect me to come back in our gang. You‘re just wasting your time now. Tss. ” after I said those words. I wasted no more time.  I ran fast to escape them.


I heard Cooper shouting so I ran even faster. It was dark around so I didn’t know where I was right now. All I can think about now is escaping them.  I am not yet ready to face their group.

As I approached the highway, I saw a car in the distance.  Since they look expensive, I'm sure it's not cooper's.  I didn't know there was still a taxi at this time.

I had no choice but to enter that vehicle. It's okay to be embarrassed, just don't lose my life.

I hurried to that black car and without saying a word entered it. I also quickly closed the door so that no one would notice me. I dug into my pocket and took a money. I also immediately handed it to the driver.

"In the mabuhay street."  I said to the driver. I just noticed now that the interior of this car looks beautiful. I haven’t even heard that taxis have been upgraded. This is the first time I have seen something like this. If it wasn’t a taxi, I would actually think it was owned by a syndicate. 

My right hand is almost tired and he's still not taking my pay.  What else is he waiting for?  I quickly turned my gaze to it to hopefully ask why we haven’t left yet. But as soon as we stared at each other my eyes widened.

“W-Who are you?!”  he exclaimed that minute. Its eyes are also red with anger.

But wait.

Is he stupid? What right does he have to shout at me?