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My Princessa

My Princessa




l have only seen love in movies or the neighbors but my parents have never loved me. To my father l was his illegitimate child and my mother saw me as l curse to her marriage. My life of abuse and constant insults is changed when l find out that l was exchanged at birth.Now l have the perfect father ,5 brothers who adore me but nothing lasts forever. Maybe happiness is not for people for me.

Rosabella's Pov

No one deserves pain but as for me it's all l've ever been given by my family, but what did l do that's so bad to the point that all they've ever done is insult and beat me everyday.

All l've done everything to try and impress them and l've done everything to show them that l am enough , everything to get them to like me but the truth is that l will always be a bastard child to them

"Bastard child".That's their favourite insult in order to show me that they will never love me and l will never be enough.

All l've ever wanted is to be acknowledged as my parents daughter but all they see is a disgraceful bastard child who has brought shame to their family.

l always ask myself what l could have possibly done to disgrace my family but l did'nt ask to be born.

I've always been different from my family especially my strikingly blue ocean eyes which are the biggest reason why my father hates me and part of me doesn't blame him because when me and my father are put together no one would ever believe that I am his daughter, in fact people have always asked my father if l am adopted, because of that he stopped taking me anywhere. According to him l embarrassed him but how is my fault.

As for my mother l am nothing like her either and she despices me because apparently l am the reason why her marriage is broken.

My sister hate me because people always said that compared to all the Rossi girls the adopted one is the most beautiful one and my spoit sisters couldn't tolerate that.

My father calls me a bastard child because according to him my mother cheated on him and l am the result to that.

According to my mother l am the reason her marriage broke but she has never agreed to having cheated on my father and of course my father never believed her quite frankly l don't believe her either ,l mean me and my father are to different to be related.

To my family am only their personal maid and punching bag and it hurts that l will never be enough for them that is why l have decided that if we get to Italy l am going to find my real father nomatter where he is.

I wish my mother could be honest and tell us where he is or who he is but she won't ,luckily since we are moving back to Italy today l am determined to find my biological father.

Despite being 13 years old l am pretty smart for someone my age if l say so myself.

My family and l are moving back to itaIy where l was born because my father got an amazing job from one of the biggest company in the world called the De Luca Group which has a chain of hotels , restaurants , casinos, clubs etc and before you ask l did alot of research about the company that hired my father and like a said before l am very intelligent.

My father is a successful lawyer born in italy in a small town called San Dionisio Milanese just outside Milan where my sisters were born but my mother and him moved to the city of Rome where l was born in a private hospital called Mater Dei.

I was brought from my thoughts by the pilot informing us that the plane is about to land and all my sisters were talking about was visiting all the clubs in Rome talk about spoilt and snobbish, my mother on the other hand was reading a fashion magazine because that's all she does along with those snobbish wives who think that they are better than everyone because they married rich husbands and they call themselves the rich society.

My father on the other hand was busy on his computer working probably working hard to impress his new boss.

And then there's me the unloved one staring at the window ready to start a new life in Italy , ready to find my father the one am not sure l'll be able to find but l will try my best but l don't even know where to start it's not like l could go to my mother and asl her who the hell she had an affair with.