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A Night With Mr.Lim

A Night With Mr.Lim




She had no choice but choose to have a night with a strange inorder to paid off her late father bills. Just becoming a delivery slut for a night to stinky rich secretly billionaire was all her wanted. Just a night she thought to herself. What could possibly goes bad? What happened when one night change her life forever.


Hello lovelies,

How are you guys doing? Hope you're doing great!

I want to inform you that, there have been a change of some of the main characters names, so don't be surprised. This book is under editing. I want to make it sweet and readable for all readers, that's the reason there are changes of words and some characters. It has been a while since I last updated. But believe me, I'm deeply sorry for that. Lot of things came up last year. But...!

I'll be updating everyday for now until this book ends. So, stay tuned!

* * * * * *

She peered around and had no sight of him—this is the only chance she had. A chance to run away far from him, she can't stand him anymore. She can’t stand looking at him, giving orders like he owned the world and no one can terminate him from his power.

She inaudibly creeped through the living room and handled the door. Mildly to evade making a sound, she turns the doorknob. It made a ticking sound, making her to grimace at the sound. It sounded as though the whole world could hear that precise sound. And she wouldn’t want to risk getting caught.

She bit on her lips as she scanned the room, making sure no one heard her. The room was silent. No sign of the maids or butler, just not yet. It was still dawn. The sun hadn’t shown yet—it was dark and hazy.

She heaved a sigh of relief went ahead to open the door. A smile of pleasure escapes on her face as her eyes sparkled with bliss. She couldn’t remember the last time she was that happy. Maybe when she was much younger—when she didn’t have a care in the world, when the world wasn’t after her or her happiness and peace of mind.

"Where do you think you're going?” She heard the familiar booming voice that makes her shiver with fright. She froze to her spot as her heart drop to the floor. Her stomach churn with dread and her hands quiver.

Why was he up that early? What was he doing in the living room? Did he find out about her secret plan to run away?

The questions kept rushing in Roses mind. But it wasn’t of any help. It was too late. She has been caught and dashing out wasn’t going to be of any use. He’d catch up with her or pull the alarm, making his men to capture her. She was already in enough trouble.

"I said where do you think you're going, Rose?” He repeated. This time, his voice was harsher and gaudier. He descends the stair and ambled across the hefty well-decorated living room to approach her. By the way he sounded so pissed—she was going to pay for what she had done.

The further his paces arose nearer and brasher, the more her trepidation grew higher. Her heart beats fast as though it was going to escape from its position in her chest. Her whole body trembled with implausible fear. She still hadn’t turned to look at him. She was afraid. How could she possibly face the man that torments her life?

"You answer me right now, young lady,” he bellowed indignantly as he yanked her to face him. She looks frightened, too terrified to speak out. Too terrified to even open her eyes and look at him.

He gripped her arm to harshly that she yelped in pain. She finally opens her mouth to speak. Her eyes were still shut close. "I… I was feeling a little…sore, so I decided to take a swift walk down the block and return home," she stuttered, finally having the courage to open her eyes to look at him. He looked so furiously that his brow drew together and his eyes were dark. She feared that.

"Oh,” he mouthed, loosening up the grip on her arm. He leans in, hands capture her waist abruptly. Draws her closer to himself. He shoves his face in her neck and sniffed it. She smelt so good; it makes him feel aroused. "Have you forgotten; you belong to me," he whispered as he brushed his lips across her neck. His words; it sends shivers down her spine. It makes her heart rate rush. It makes her frail and helpless.

She wanted to be out of his hold so badly but she was weak. She’s always weak when it comes to him. His cologne didn’t help matters. Her eyes shut close as she gives up from freeing herself from his hold.

"Why go out for a walk when you can ride me?" 

Her eyes bulged out with fear as her entire body tense up. What does he mean by that? He was planning on doing something to her? He wasn’t satisfied with the rounds they had last night? Or he wanted her dead?

How could someone be so arrogant, so ego yet obsessed with having sex—not just with any woman, just her.

“Let’s head to my room and you could ride on me.” His words fell on her ears, breaking her from her thoughts.