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A Night With Mr.Lim

A Night With Mr.Lim




She had no choice but choose to have a night with a strange inorder to paid off her late father bills. Just becoming a delivery slut for a night to stinky rich secretly billionaire was all her wanted. Just a night she thought to herself. What could possibly goes bad? What happened when one night change her life forever.

She peeked around and had no sight of him, this is the only chance she had. A chance to run away from him, she can't stand his sight.

She takes a step silently toward the main door, hands placed on the doorknob.


The doorknob sounds

She bit on her lips, looked around if anyone heard the sound of the door but none. Still no sight of maids or butlers, it was very early in the morning that she decided to run off.

She sighed a relieved breath, and continued with her escape plan.

The door opened, she smirks firmly to herself.

"Where do you think you're going?!" His husky deep voice asked, she was frozen to death,

How did he know she was planning to run away, but he was fast asleep when she checked.

"Where do you think you're going? He asked again with a harsh tone in his voice, walking down the stairs. From the way it he sounds, she's in a big trouble she couldn't escape from

As his steps count closer the more her fear grows. She could feel her heart beating fast pouring out of her chest.

"I'm asking you a question!" He growled,

She looked frightened, too scared to speak out. She struggled with her words And turned to face the man.

"I just want to take a walk," she said frightening, eyes widened in horror


At the moment he was close.

He leans in, hands capturing her waist abruptly.

"Have you forgotten, you belong to me" he whispered.