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Love Age Different

Love Age Different



New Adult

Kevin is a 38 year old adult male. At a mature age, he has not found a mate. Until now no one has been able to make his heart feel in love with a woman. Until one day he accidentally met a young girl who was 18 years old. An annoying encounter for Kevin. The girl's name is Kayla, her profession as a cafe singer. That's where Kevin started to feel a strange flutter, which he had never felt before. And when Kayla started to fall in love with someone, her love was betrayed. Until it traumatized him to start a relationship. Will Kayla be able to fall in love with someone again?

Kevin is a 38 year old adult male. At an adult age he has not found his soul mate. All this time he was just playing with all the women. Only with the money he had all the women approached on their own. As he is currently doing his hot love in a relatively luxurious apartment of his. He always brought the woman he wanted to accompany him on long nights.

"How dear, are you satisfied?" asked the woman, hugging Kevin tightly without a single thread.

"Nothing has been able to make me satisfied. Only you are satisfied in love earlier" Kevin replied as he lay on his back on his soft mattress.

"Why? Are you bored with me?" asked the sexy woman named Miranda. He was disappointed with his lover's dissatisfaction.

"I don't know, I don't even know myself." Kevin answered confused, because he was really embarrassed this time. Not as usual, which is always passionate about matters of love. Kevin got out of bed and headed for the bathroom to clean himself up.

While Miranda picked up the clothes that were scattered earlier. He wanted to immediately go to meet his other lover. Kevin had given him quite a lot of money according to him. After smiling triumphantly, Miranda left Kevin's apartment without saying goodbye.

Not long after that Kevin came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. His gaze swept across the room looking for his lover's whereabouts. But no one was there. Shit, always been like that.

Basic matre girl after getting the money immediately left without saying goodbye. Kevin's mind was holding back emotions. Immediately he headed to the walk-in closet to put on clothes. He chose a navy collared shirt and gray jeans. Don't forget to wear white shoes.

Anyone who saw it would never have guessed that Kevin was already 38 years old. He immediately grabbed the car keys that were on the nightstand beside his bed. He drove his car fast, his goal this time was to go to his friend's cafe to just hang out and have coffee. He handed over his work to his trusted people. He is a boss selling electronic goods in a famous mall in his city.

But who would have thought, the speed of the car actually brought disaster for him. He almost hit a girl who was crossing the street. The girl fell down in shock, her body did not hit the car. Kevin, who was afraid that something might happen to the girl, immediately got out of his car. And look at the condition of the girl he almost hit.

"If you can't drive, don't speed, it can endanger people's lives, you know. You rich people, just because they have a car don't think about walking." The girl's emotions while grumbling. He had been careful when crossing but the car was still going fast.

"Then what do you want? ask for compensation?" Kevin replied no less emotionally. He took out the money that was in his wallet and immediately threw the money in the girl's face.

"Uncle, you don't know yourself, do you think money will solve the problem? You think I'm a mercenary?" said the girl, not accepting it. Feeling humiliated, even though she's poor, she's not the type of girl who pays money.

"Why? Not enough money?" asked Kevin as he pulled out more money from his wallet. The girl immediately snatched it from Kevin's hand and then she threw it in Kevin's face. Kevin, who was treated like that with a little girl, according to him, felt disapproved. He gripped the girl's hand tightly.

"How dare you be rude to me. Girls like you are the same everywhere. Like money to seduce rich men, don't be a hypocrite," said Kevin, spilling his emotions.

"I really like money, but it's from my hard work. I can't accept it from people I don't know, let alone begging. And you need to know that all women are not the same in this world," said the girl, pointing at Kevin's face.

Even he is not afraid of Kevin, who is known as a conqueror of women. But look at this time, he was even cursed by the girl. Kevin, who saw that the girl was not afraid of him, felt humiliated, because so far no one had dared to be angry with him. Any woman will be mesmerized by his good looks.

"You old, annoying uncles," said the girl while rubbing her elbow which was scratched by the asphalt because she fell earlier. Kevin, who heard that, glared sharply at the girl. Wanted to grab her hand and twist her back. But he lost fast, the girl instead ran while sticking her tongue at Kevin. Kevin was furious with the brave girl.

Sometimes he loses to the little girl. It's beautiful.. but if I find it, I'll reply. Kevin growled in a monologue. Now Kevin resumed the trip that was delayed due to the girl earlier.

This time he had arrived at the cafe owned by his best friend, Arka. Immediately he entered and sat at the bar. Asked the bartender at the Cafe to make his favorite Espresso Coffee. Arka, who was out of his room at that time, immediately saw Kevin sitting on a bar stool.

"Hey bro, why don't you come here at this time of the day. You don't sleep with Miranda anymore?" Arka mocked while frowning in disbelief if Kevin came out at a time like this.

"Already before, I wanted to find an atmosphere that didn't make me bored, but instead I met this crazy girl on the street.

Kevin replied, frowning in annoyance at the thought of the girl on the street. While occasionally sipping the finished coffee.

"I didn't hear wrong, you met a crazy girl? How come?" Arka asked, surprised. Now he is sitting side by side beside Kevin.

"How can you not be crazy, he was staring at me while pointing to his face, I don't know. So far, when a girl meets me, she always gives off charm, "said Kevin irritably.

"Yes, maybe your charm faded in the girl's eyes," replied the original Arka

"No way, I'm handsome, all the girls always like me," said Kevin proudly. Arka, who heard Kevin's speech, immediately laughed. His best friend can be confident after being insulted by a girl. Arka thought like that while shaking his head in disbelief. Arka enjoyed his coffee, reluctant to leave the Cafe. Looks like he's too lazy to contact Miranda. According to him, Miranda only needed the money. The proof is that after receiving money from Kevin Miranda did not contact him via cell phone.

After the coffee was finished, Kevin ordered another cup of coffee. Somehow today he is not in the mood to work. Could it be because of the demands of his parents who want him to get married soon? Kevin himself did not want to get married. According to him, all the women who are close to him only because of money. So Kevin wasn't sure about getting married, because Miranda never wanted to be asked to marry. He was afraid to marry young, he said.