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His Tender Love

His Tender Love



Jian Mo's brother was a helpless gambler. He forced Jian Mo to sell her virginity, otherwise, he would ruin the whole family. However, when Jian Mo finished the deal with a stranger, her father fell from the building and her mother had a heart attack. She lost everything overnight. In desperation, she met Gu Beichen. Gu Beichen, the CEO of the Emperor Group, is hot and super-rich. He needed a wife to get the shares that his grandfather gave to his uncle. Jian Mo was his best choice. So Gu Beichen married Jian Mo secretly, not knowing she was the woman who sold her virginity to him years ago...

"Boom..." a thunder passed. Jian Mo found herself on the porch of her house.

She was drenched in the pouring rain, clothes half torn off, and one shoe missing.

She stared at the light coming out of her living room, absent-mindedly.

All of a sudden, the door was opened.


The one who came out was Wangma, the maid of the Jian family.

Upon the sight of Jian Mo, Wangma darted forward after a short period of daze.

"Miss, for the love of the Almighty Lord, where on earth have you been? And why you looked so...?

I've been trying to reach you all night long, but you wouldn't pick up your phone..."

It was not without apprehension that she spewed out these words, and with the same thick precipitation in her tone, she rejoined, "Something happened... during your absence."

Jian Mo's heart jolted, and she gently flapped her eyelids, feeling a little confused.

"Master fell off the building at the construction site... He is being treated in the hospital.

I couldn't get through to the young master either... Madam had a heart attack while waiting for the Master at the hospital..."

While talking, Wangma took Jian Mo's hand and walked to the car on the side of the road...

It was not until Jian Mo was stuffed into the car that her thoughts came back to her mind.

"Wangma... you, you..." Jian Mo's voice trembled. "What did you just say?"

Haishu, the chauffeur, looked at Jian Mo from the rearview mirror and carefully drove to the hospital with a heavy face.

Wangma's countenance became more serious.

"What I've gathered is that the Master fell off a building at the construction site and is now being operated on...

The Madam made it to the hospital but before she could, oh for Good Lord's sake, before she could seize a glance at her beloved man, she... she had a heart attack and the doctor said we are not to be too optimistic about it..."

Wangma didn't go on with her utterance, which was cut intermittent by her whimpering and sobbing, but it was enough for Jian Mo to be yet again mentally eradicated.

She knew perfectly well what such a circumstance meant for her cardiac-disease-afflicted mother.

When the car arrived at the hospital, her father Jian Zhanfeng and her mother Su Mo were being treated.

The empty corridor was particularly dreadful on the rainy night, as though rendering the passage to Hades by the impending death in various wards along it.

Jian Mo stood wetly at the door of the operating room, looking at the light signifying the operation was underway, not a tinge of expression on her pale face.

"Where's Jian Hang?" Jian Mo's eyes didn't move, and she just asked Haishu coldly.

Haishu sighed softly, and his face was full of helplessness and heaviness.

"The young master didn't come back... Neither could we get hold of him."

There was a sneer at the corner of Jian Mo's mouth, and her eyes were full of hatred.

On what grounds did she stoop so low and was so stupid to believe that Jian Hang would give her the money?

She clearly knew that there was no hope for a gambler to be saved...

But she still believed him, and that belief cost her the virginity... Her beloved brother drugged her and sent her to a stranger's bed!

The he broke his promise and went to nowhere!

Jian Mo clenched her fists more and more tightly.

It seemed that if she dared to slack for just one split of a second, her whole body would collapse.

Time never seemed to lapse so totteringly slowly, and Jian Mo just stood there, waiting... until the rain stopped outside, and the sky gradually became bright.

However, when it was bright that day, Jian Mo felt that... this world had completely abandoned her.

"Sorry, we've done everything we could..."

Jian Mo thought that she would collapse, but when the doctor said these words mechanically, she was unusually calm. "Doctor, where is my mother?"

"Mrs. Jian's illness is temporarily under control, but..." The doctor wanted to say something but stopped on second thought.

He looked at the poor girl in front of him.

"Just say it. I can take it." Jian Mo said quietly, but the tension in her eyes had betrayed her.

The doctor sighed melancholy and said, "Though we've managed to sedate her current situation, it remains unknown whether she can still wake up."

Jian Mo felt weak in her legs and feet, and she had no strength to support herself. Her vision went black and she almost fainted.

"Miss, Miss..." Haishu and Wangma hurriedly held on to Jian Mo from both sides, and their tired faces were full of worry.

After closing her eyes and then opening them, Jian Mo said in a raucous voice, "I'm fine..."

The bed was pushed out, and Jian Mo's trembling hands pulled open the white cloth... Looking at her father whose strong chest, once her safe haven, no longer heaved, she could no longer control herself and burst into tears.

"Why, Almighty Father, why such tragedies would befall a god-loving family..." Wangma was choked with sobs. "How could it be?"

The doctor looked at this scene and sighed. He took the death report and turned to leave... As many as such scenes he had to behold, his heart still felt like being clenched by a pair of tongs.

However, before the doctor could go too far, suddenly, a horrified voice resonated from behind him.

"Miss, Miss..."

When the doctor turned around, he saw that Jian Mo's whole body was paralyzed on the ground and she had fainted.


"No!" Jian Mo shouted from her nightmare.

She heaved heavely, eyes-wided.

Yes, she had that dream about the things two years ago again.

The night that changed her life...

She was not the carefree Jian Mo anymore, and she was now married to a man she could never thought about before...