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The Dhampir King System Knows No Bounds

The Dhampir King System Knows No Bounds

Author:Anoneemos Tify



What would you do if you woke up and found out that you were a dhampir........... Crazy right????. This is the same way our protagonist feels when he wakes up and finds a system screen before his eyes. Now,he must accept the fact that he is now a dhampir and that the world he has been drawn into is a bloody one. **************************** A/N: I am not copying another story or series. If you think it resembles another series , Forget it.................It is a mere coincidence. The book cover is not mine. If it belongs to you feel free to ask me to bring it down.

Opening my eyes to this throbbing pain, I cursed hard under my breath. My surroundings were hazy like I was in a daze. My whole body was numb making me struggle to get myself up. But nothing worked.

Damnit!. Now I'm paralyzed.

Just what did those cunts do to me to make me feel this way. Goddamn them. I didn't deserve all this. Those bastards.

I blinked my eyes trying to move my body once more but it was just impossible. It felt like my body didn't belong to me anymore.

Common body... You pussy!!!... Move before I lose it.

My eye started flicking as I looked around me.

I was in my room. But how?. How did I get here?. I remembered falling on that alleyway late last night.

Was my mind playing tricks on me again??. Ha. I'm going crazy now.

Just then something caught my eyes.

[ Syncing System....30% ].

What the fuck was this?. It was like a notification screen from a video game. And it was appearing before my eyes.

' Yea bruh.... I got hit in the head by an anchor and now I'm swimming in circles '. I thought. That was the only conclusion. I was running mad.

I looked to see if the screen was still there and funny enough, it was.

[ Syncing System... 58% ].

[ Host is now able to move the body a bit ].

What was this syncing system supposed to mean?. Just as the system had said I could move my body a little.

I looked around. I was laying on the bed. I tried to get up but it felt as if something was resting on me.

I looked down to see the head of a person on my chest sleeping soundly. A female. How the hell did she get in here?.

What was Victoria doing in my room??.

Another notification screen appeared before my face.

[ Syncing System.....88% ].

[ Host is now able to use the new body ].

What new body?. And why was a friggin game notification screen appearing before my eyes.

I'm I dead?. Did I get reincarnated into the game world?.

Wait. No don't be silly. If you are in a game world why is Victoria Sepet sleeping on my chest?.

Victoria Sepet. My one day old girl friend.

I scrambled and got out of bed waking her up in the process.

She opened her eyes, sat up and yawned sleepingly.

" You are awake already hun," She said smiling.

Damn!. She was naked. l looked at my body too. I was naked too.

Did we do........? Shit!! . It's too much to take in. Am I really not a virgin anymore?.

Oh God of the great virginity. I plead your forgiveness. I have lost it. The sacred treasure you asked me to keep.

" We had a good time yesternight ", She said smiling and licking her lips. This bitch !. She took away my chastity without my knowledge. If you are going to do it, at least let me see it .

[ Syncing Complete ].

Another notification popped.

[ Welcome to the Dhampir system, host ].

Dhampir King system?. What the heck was a Dhampir King system and why the fuck did I have it?.

Was my life becoming a blessing or a misery?!!!.