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The Fortune-Teller, His Sweet Wife

The Fortune-Teller, His Sweet Wife



Larissa Dillon was born with a special gift as a seer. Her Grannie had told her since she was still a little girl that her fate was strange. She must find a man with a pure "Yang" constitution to marry before she turned twenty. Otherwise, a bloody catastrophe would befall her. When she figured out which city her fated man was in, she rushed there to find him. Kit Kelvin was the one she wanted to hold onto! Afraid that he would dislike her, Larissa handed him all her money and proposed to him. "Money doesn't matter. Will you perform a wife's duty?" "Sure, I've learned the positions in this book. Try me!" And the book was entitled "Kamasutra - the Ultimate 64 Positions"...

"Can we get married now?!"

Inside a high-end, luxurious restaurant, Larissa Dillon was so thrilled.

The man sitting in front of her was perfect-looking with an excellent figure. The most important thing was that their birth dates matched perfectly - there wouldn't be a better match.

"Why are you in such a hurry?" Different from Larissa's enthusiasm, the man looked a little indifferent.

He was very good-looking with chiseled facial features that left no room for tension. But then, there was always a layer of aloof indifference on his face, as if to make people keep a good distance from him.

But Larissa was not afraid of him at all. She nodded frantically. "I'm in a hurry! Today is a good day, so suitable to get married! If we miss it, we need to wait twenty-one days more to have another good day!" 

She couldn't wait even a minute!

The man frowned, and there were questions in his eyes. "Do you check the horoscope calendar?"

Little girls who trusted the horoscope calendar were either a scammer or a lunatic.

"Yes! My Grannie was a famous necromancer. I learned how to do fortune telling with her since I was a child. I did calculate our birthdays. You're my destiny!" Larissa's eyes were shining excitedly, and she could not catch the shrewdness in the man's eyes at all.

She was born with a special gift as a seer. Her Grannie had told her since she was still a little girl that her fate was strange. She must find a man with a pure "Yang" constitution to marry before she turned twenty. Otherwise, a bloody catastrophe would befall her.

Half a month ago, before her Grannie passed away, she had helped her figure out that the man in her fate was in this city. After settling her Grannie's funeral, she immediately came here just to find him.

At this moment, the man in front of her, Kit Kelvin, was the one she wanted to hold onto.

She couldn't afford to let this big boss run away!

Afraid that Kit would dislike her, Larissa took out a passbook from her bag and handed it to him. "This is all my property. It's a total of eleven thousand three hundred and forty dollars. I got the money from doing fortune-telling. After we get married, the money will belong to you. And, I'll give you all the money I earn in the future. I'll support you financially!"

She never understood the relationship between a man and a woman. She just saw it on TV that she had to hand over all of her money after getting married.

Kit looked at the digits in the passbook. He didn't understand why this young lady had the gut to say that she would support him with so little money in her account.

It was interesting.

His interest was piqued, and an unknown smile appeared on his lips. "With this money? I'm afraid it's not enough."

"Then how much is enough?" Larissa was nervous. Her big eyes blinked as she looked at him. "Tell me how much you want. I can't give it to you now, but I can help clients check their houses' fengshui. I can make one hundred dollars per client. I can earn a lot soon!"

"Money or something doesn't matter." Kit pushed the passbook aside and looked at Larissa with a meaningful smile. "Do you know how it should be between a man and his wife?"

Larissa knew the answer!

She took out a small yellowed book from her bag and showed it to him. "I've learned the positions in this book. I'll cooperate with you in any position you may want! I'm sure you'll be satisfied!"

When Kit saw the title "Kamasutra - the Ultimate 64 Positions," his countenance almost collapsed. 

This girl looked innocent and lovely with big, bright eyes. She even showed two small dimples when she smiled sweetly, coupled with her weird way of talking and dressing like a country girl. However, her words were really shocking.

"Ahem..." Kit became a little speechless.

He really needed a wife now, but Larissa Dillon, this country bumpkin...

His silence gave Larissa a great sense of crisis.

Big boss didn't want her?

Did he think that he couldn't expect much from her? Did he think she was lying?

Thousands of dangerous ideas flashed across Larissa's mind, which scared her a lot. She couldn't live without Kit. Without him, she would die!

At the thought of this, Larissa gritted her teeth and stomped her feet. She then grabbed Kit's hand, urging, "Okay! Let's go to the hotel to do some inspection before we register our marriage! Don't worry! I will definitely meet your demand!"