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His Saved Slave

His Saved Slave




Leila was doing a role-play drama on the stage. All the people there were mesmerized by her beauty and her acting but two dark eyes fixed on her was up to no good. Damien took out his phone. He dialed a number... "I want you to kidnap a girl. Her name is Leila. I will send you the address. Drop her there..."; He said with an evil smirk playing on his lips. Leila didn't know that her little mistake would make her life more miserable. She messed up with the wrong man. Damien was now sitting peacefully gawking at her like a hunter to his prey.

*Leila p.o.v

The hostel was chaotic. All the girls were running out of the corridors. The fire caught the whole place. My heart was racing at a fast pace. I didn't know how to run out of this room. I didn't even know if I will live today or burnt down with this building.

My head was pounding as the smoke was going in my nostrils. I covered my nose with my hands coughing badly. I can feel it the smoke was making it hard to breathe. My eyes were red, I didn't want to cry. I didn't want to lose my will power, I didn't want to give up. But I think my time has come... I will be dead here.

I shouted for help, I cried. I heard everyone leaving the building... The cries of girls, I did cry for help. But no one heard my plea. I can see the flames in the corridor. I can see my death in front of my eyes. AND, I gave up!!! Should I want to live?

There is nothing out there for me to live for... Only my soul. Does this life mean anything to anyone? No, I am alone in this world.

After my parents, no one cared. I will not lie, I have thought to end this life so many times... But didn't dare to do it. I was scared.

But now when I am seeing the death in front of my eyes. I am not frightened, I want to accept the fact that it's over.

My life is going to end here and I will find peace forever... I shrieked back in the corner. The flames of during were reaching up to me. I don't want to feel the pain of burning, I think this smoke will advocate me first!!! I cried and cried.

The pain that was buried in my heart, I let it out... I remember the death of my parents, I grieved on my loose. I remember my brother leaving me alone here, I remembered the betrayal of my best friend.

Does this happen to everyone? Do people conduct your emotions by backstabbing you? I don't know but I can feel my life is miserable enough!!! AND the event happened to me in the hostel, I have lost the last thing that was my self-respect. That man ruined everything. What he did took my self-confidence and self-respect from me, I become a culprit in everyone's eyes. I will never forgive him, I will never forget what he did with me' I hate that man so much...

There is a limit of pain and hurt, I have seen enough. No, I am not strong enough to fight for myself. I think it's better if I close my eyes accepting my fate.

I closed my eyes, I moved away from the hand from my nose. I was starting the flames and the smoke.

I closed my eyes when suddenly only I heard a loud bang.

"Damn it!!! There she is... Get her out." I heard someone shouting ordering people. The voice sounds familiar but I don't know if I can recognise it. I was unable to see anything, due to smoke and fire. My eyes were burning.

My head was being dizzy, I can feel the pain of losing breath. I was feeling it. I was feeling as someones were pulling out the soul from my body. It hurts so bad. But this pain is nothing compared to what I felt in the last few days.

I saw a blurred vision of two men rushing towards me. I think that's it. I am close to death. Finally, I will be free from all the agony. I sadly smiled when someone picked me up in their arms. I.claoed my eyes to engulf the peaceful sleep of death.

It was all dark but I was not at peace. I felt a little sting of pain in my arm and after that, I didn't remember anything...

*Third person p.o.v


"Leila, come out." Anna called her from her room. Leila was getting ready for her nineteenth birthday party. She saw herself in the mirror. A smile spread on her lips. She was wearing a pink floral print party dress, her face was shining brightly with a beautiful glow. Leila has applied some mascara on her long curled lashes, her white milky cheeks were tinted with a pink blush, her full plump lips glistened with lipgloss. The beautiful brownish-black hairs were falling freely on her back, she has straightened her hairs.

"Leila, come out. Tim is calling to wish you!" Anna said. Leila giggled then come out of the bathroom.

"Gimme the phone..." Leila snatched the phone from her best friend. There was excitement on her face. Timothy is her boyfriend but she is still not ready to introduce him to her family. Leila didn't know how they will react to it! So, she is waiting for the right time to introduce him.

Timothy is her classmate. They were together in grade school. Leila never felt that attracted to anyone before, her eyes caught this young boy with hazel eyes. Leila had a crush on him forever... But he was the one to approach her. Leila was so happy when he admitted his feelings. They were now together for two years, he is so loyal to her, she trusts him so much!!! Leila love and respect their beautiful relationship. It is for the first time in her life she ever let a boy come into her life, but she is happy with him.

If it has been possible maybe he will propose to her for the wedding. Leila feels a rush of adrenaline in her body thinking about the moment. No one knows about him other than Anna.

Leila has this little secret safe with her best friend Anna. She trusts Anna so much!!! They are neighbours and best friend since their childhood. Anna supports her and she cares for her so much. Leila knows Anna will never disappoint her or tell her secret to anyone...

"Hello, Tim. I wish you were here with me." She said with a sad smile.

"Leila, I wish that too... But don't be sad. It's your birthday! Oh, Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you..." He started singing the song for her, she laughed.

"Haha, it's enough! Tim, I am not a baby." She said laughing...

"Happy birthday to the most beautiful girl in the world. I love you, Leila." He said. Her face tinted with a blush.

"Thank you, Tim. I love you too." She said buying her lips. Anna poked her shoulder. She looks towards her in question...

"They are waiting for us downstairs. We have to go..." Anna said in a whispered manner. Leila nodded her head.

"Tim, we will meet tomorrow, I have to go now. Brother is waiting for me." She said to Timothy.

"Okay, Leila. Take care. Enjoy your day." He said then cut off the call. Leila smiled looking towards Anna.

"How do I look?" She asked. Anna hugged her' then said.

"You are looking like a doll. Happy birthday best friend." She said. Both of them then come out of Leila's room walking downstairs.

Leila saw her brother placing the cake on the table. She was so happy.

Sometimes, Leila thinks, how can someone be so lucky!!! Her life is so perfect, she has a loving family, a caring best friend and a loyal boyfriend.

"Leila, come on... Look how are the decorations?" Danny asked her, she went then hugged her brother.

"Thank you so much, big bro. It is so beautiful!" Leila looks at all the decorations in excitement. The theme of light pink and dark pink with fairy lights, balloons and candles. It is looking so creamy and girlish.

"Have you talked with mom and dad?" Leila asked him. He nodded her head.

"Yeah, Leila. They will be here in half an hour. After that, we will cut the cake. AND give you gifts!" Danny said. She laughed then nodded her head in excitement.

There were a few guests invited, it is a little party for only family and friends. Leila is now waiting for her parents to come home, she missed them so much!!!

It's been a week, her mother went to get her hometown along with Leila's father... She let them go and enjoy it.

Now, they are coming back home for her birthday party. Danny's wife, Cara was starting Leila happy face. There was a hater in her eyes. But she didn't say it.

Cara was jealous of her and she always prays for her downfall. Her evil eye always catches Leila in trouble. Danny knows about his wife jealousy but he always asks her not to think negative. Danny wanted peace in his family. He wanted all of them to live happily. He loves and protects his sister, he makes his wife understand that Leila loves her...

But Cara's jealousy was igniting day by day. She wanted Danny to think only about her future.

Leila was unaware of Cara's jealousy.