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Living With A Delinquent

Living With A Delinquent




Megumi Tachibana is known as the most honorable student council president of the Academy she attends, because of this she is respected by every student. One day, she received a message from her mother saying: they had moved her belongings to the apartment of school delinquent Louis Arlond and there she also found out that this would be her fiance. It treated her coldly but she did not give up to get the heart of her fiancé. She was willing to do anything to make it treat him differently. There is a reason why she loves him so much but the young man she loves was imprisoned in the dark of the past and that was the reason why he is afraid to trust her. Will she be able to save him and achieve the love she desires?

  Louis' Point of view

  "Louis follow me to the Student Council office" Ema, the Vice President of the Student council, called me.

  "What do you need?" I would stop eating and I looked at her without emotion, she was a nuisance when I ate lunch.

  “You just follow,” Its really arrogant. "I don't want Megumi to be angry with me." He added, tsss ... Megumi is also scared.

  I got up from my seat and said goodbye to my companions. I followed her to their Office. I hate Megumi but at the same time I find her as a cool lady.

  Megumi Tachibana, President of Student Council, Feared throughout the Academy. Even my companions and I were afraid of colliding with her. For some reason Megumi has a scary aura thay can scare anyone. Moments later, we arrived at the Office where Megumi was. "President he's here," Ema ushered me inside and Megumi left us.

  Megumi's Point of View

  "President, we're done with lunch and we're going to patrol the whole school," Frankie said goodbye to the Treasurer of the student council.

  "All right, I'll follow." Ema was about to leave when I stopped her. “Ema." I call her. She immediately turned to me and smiled.

  "What's that President?" She approached me and stood in front of me.

  “Can you do me a favor?” I said. "Can you call Louis Arlond and bring him to me?" She smiled and immediately nodded then left the room. Ema loves spying Louis and his gang, she said that where they are Louis there is trouble, she loves seeing people fighting ... weird ... I took a deep breath ...and read the text that my Mom send to me earlier ... 'It's time to you to spent some time with Louis, We send your things to his apartment, Luv lots Honey' I thought at first they were just joking but it turned out to be true ... I'm going to live at the same roof with Louis Arlond, one of the most dangerous student in our academy, Louis and his gang called the Delinquent.

  "President he's here already." When Louis came in, I signaled to Ema to leave us, which she immediately obeyed.

  "What do you want?" I look at him, he look pissed at me. I can't help to secretly smile. He was so cute when he pissed off like that. "Louis?" I calmly call him.

  "What?" Hahaha ... Cute. "What time will you go home?" His eyes narrowed at what I said.

  "Why do you care?" He switches me on, I'm getting mad too. He really had this attitude that I hated.

  "Just answer me." I said Coldly, I see how he was shock.

  "9 pm." He stammered.

  "That late?" I raised an eyebrow at him. "So?" He arc his eyebrow too, It's really annoying being a philosopher. "Haist ... Fine you can leave now." I turned around and looked out the window.

  "THATS ALL !? THATS WHAT YOU WANT? TSS ... How stupid?" I didn't see his reaction but based on his tone and when he closed the door, He is mad at me ... Hahahah ... He's really cute ... I left the room to patrol ... Its our duty as a student council. I flash a smile, it looks like I'll have a hard time with Louis


  Louis' Point Of View "What do you want?" She look at me with a happy eyes, whats the matter with this girl?

  "Louis?" He asked calmly. "What?" She look so different. "What time will you go home?" What the ?? Why did she ask?

  "Why do you care?" I blocked him, the smile on his face disappeared, his aura was a bit scary. This is the real her.

  "Just answer me." she said Coldly, I seemed to grow cold in her eyes. "9 pm." I couldn't help but stutter while looking into her eyes, she suddenly changed her mood again, what a bipolar ...

  "That late?" He raised an eyebrow at me, what does he care what time I go home?

  "So?" I copy her, I won't let her down.

  "Haist ... Fine you can leave now" He turned around then looked out the window, What ?? That's it ?? This girl is really pissing me off !!!

  "THATS ALL !? THATS WHAT YOU WANT? TSS ... How stupid ..." I stormed out and slam the door. What's wrong with that woman? I will be called and then just asked a useless question. I was so annoyed that I pushed the man I met. I went back to our hut at the back of the school and then sat in my seat earlier.

  "Are you still going to eat that?" Krim, one of my companions, asked, I looked at my launch box and it was less than half reduced, I had no appetite.

  "You can eat that ." Krim happily took my launch box which he and Macro shared.

  "You look like that youre in a bad mood?" Mark asked while chewing Eggroll.

  "I don't want to talk about it, she's just pissing me off." I get my long weapon and Polish it .. The Guidance councilor allow us to bring a weapon as a self-defense, only the 5 of us: Me, Mark, JL, Krim and Macro. The 5 of us are a victim of intense bullying that almost kill us. No one dare to talk who are the one who did the bullying to us because they are afraid to be the next victim. So we decide to make a solution by ourselves, we make our selves dangerous by bringing weapons so no one can touch us again.

  The time goes by, I'm on my way home ... We went through the training hall where we can practice self defense. When I arrived in front of my unit the lights were on. It looked like someone had entered my unit, I pulled out my weapon and slowly opened the door.

  "Welcome home!" Greetings from a woman in an afron, I looked at her carefully. "Megumi? What are you doing in my house?" I look at her one more time she look sexy with her afron. "Is that how you should greet your wife?" She said worriedly.

  "A-wife? What do you mean?" Suddenly my cellphone rang, Papa texted and everyone answered, I sighed and then calmed down. "You're the one that papa says that will be my wife?" I passed her when I entered the house.

  "Have you eaten yet? Before I moved here, Mommy sent me the cooked adobo." I look at her once again, Is this really Megumi, I just shook my head and then went straight to the bathroom to soak in the bathtub. I can't believe this, of all the women, why is she still there? I closed my eyes to rest my eyes. Megumi's image flash on my mind, she look really sexy. I smile, it looks like I enjoy it too. I finished taking a shower and went straight to my room.

  "Where did that woman go?" When I sat on the bed I felt something move, when I took off the blanket I saw Megumi wearing only a loose shirt and panties. "What are you doing in my room?" He rubbed his eyes then got up. "Aren't the couple sleeping next to each other?" Maybe when I hit you I might not be able to stop. "What are you talking about?" I stood up and walked away from him. She sit down and look around my room.

  "It's just nice to sleep here in your room, what's here?" She crawled on the bed and then searched for something. I close my eyes to avoid looking at her. The sticky made me sweat. Why is she wearing that? "W-what's this?" I was wide -eyed then she looked at me, he was holding the p*rn magazine that JL lent me.

  "It's mine, don't mess with my belongings, go to sleep there, I'll be there on the sofa" I was about to leave when she took my left hand and kissed it.

  "They said that on the left hand they wear the ring as a symbol of loving someone, there is no ring yet so my kiss first is the symbol of my love for you" I was shocked by what she did, my whole body was hot, it looked like I couldn't stop it.

  "As a sign of my love let me suck your left b ** b." I smile evilly, he blushed and then nodded, thats unexpected. I push her in my bed, because her clothes are loose and it's easy to tear them apart. I suck her left breast like a hungry baby. I hear her soft moan, I grab her right breast, the softness ... the taste ... it feels like in ---

  *ringggg ~ Ughhh !! Badtrip who is this? I grab my phone and answer the call. "Hello?"

  "Papa ?, our first night? Just call for that? Yes papa, All right all right, bye." Hayss ..I turned off the call and took a deep sigh. "Megu ---" When I looked at her, she was already sleeping peacefully, tired maybe. I'll just sleep on the sofa, maybe I can't really control myself anymore ... .