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Avenging the Broken Heart

Avenging the Broken Heart

Author:Catherine Pratt


General Romance

It took her years to regain back her senses after her ex-boyfriend, Connor, crushed her world. Hadassah met the beefy man named Amadeus. Love lit up their hearts. And when Amadeus introduced her to his family, she smirked. Hadassah found out that Connor—his ex-boyfriend who caused so much pain to her, was Amadeus’s older brother. Time and destiny collided to make her plans succeed in avenging her broken heart. The scorching fire of hatred fuels Hadassah. And with that, she is determined to make her ex-boyfriend’s life a living hell. But what if Connor will make her fall in love again? Will love blind her? How would Amadeus feel if he will know about the past of her brother and his girlfriend? Would time heal Hadassah’s, broken heart? Moreover, let’s find out if Hadassah can successfully avenge her broken heart or will see herself sitting on the corner, crying and eating her words.

  Chapter 01

  “She will be here in a minute,” said Amadeus. The corners of his lips turned up from ear to ear. The excitement he felt is overflowing as Amadeus will be introducing his girlfriend to his family for the first time.

  “Aw. My little brother is now an adult!” Connor said teasingly as he messed his brother's hair.

  “Bloody, stop it, Connor!” Amadeus slapped his brother’s hands away.

  “Connor,” their Mom, Lorna, spoke. “Stop messing with your brother, would you?” with eyes squinting, she said.

  Connor raised his shoulders half as he gave them a half-shrug. “Well, that depends,” he murmured.

  Amadeus fixed his milky-white jacket. He had a fever and was not totally feeling well. Amadeus is supposed to pick up his girl, but his body is heavy and sore.

  However, he managed to call her and give the address to where he lives. His jacket suites him well. Amadeus had this bad boy type of aura, but his heart was pure and loyal. He had curly hair with brawny body as he loves going to the gym. Wolf, trees, and aesthetic images are tattooed on his left arm.

  Amadeus is a nature lover and sort of a nerd.

  He rolled his eyes at his brother, Connor, as he’s annoyed by him for the past hour from now. Connor was wearing a sleeveless shirt showing off his body that is comparable to his brother. They both are gym addicts.

  He had a silver necklace on his neck even though his Mom instructed him to wear proper attire. But Connor refuses as he’s much of a true to yourself type of person.

  Their Mom, Lorna, and her husband Mark sat casually on their dining chairs as they wait for the girl who captured their younger son's heart. Lorna and Mark are both at their golden years—forty years old, expecting an urgent grandchild.

  As a parent, they are glad to see Amadeus change positively since the boy had a girlfriend.

  It did not take long as they both hear the doorbell ringing. Amadeus is agitated, and he snapped his way quickly to open the door in spite of his fever and his body aching.

  “Baby!” Amadeus greeted her. His heart melted as soon as his eyes laid on her. He can’t help but place his hands on the hour-glass shape of his girlfriend’s waist.

  She was wearing a champagne-colored silk dress as she held an elegant purse. “Hello, love,” she greeted, batted her natural long lashes. She leaned forward, placing a soft kiss on his boyfriend’s chapped lips. “You seemed hot?” she asked, her eyes observinging his attributes.

  “Inborn,” Amadeus jokingly said, flexing his biceps.

  The girl shook her head in disapproval, followed by a facepalm.

  “Not that. I mean, your temperature is high. Are you okay?” she worriedly said.

  Yet behind those words she spill, she slipped a curious glance behind Amadeus. Her eyes flared triumphantly as she saw her target.

  “We’ll discuss about my fever later on, but for now, let’s eat dinner. My family has never been this excited to meet you,” Amadeus pulled the girl entering their house and closed the door. He held her right hand as they walked, heading to the dining area.

  “Faster Amadeus—” Connor choked on his tongue as he saw her. He was stunned. Moreover, he was voiceless as he saw the lady standing beside his brother.

  “Mom, Dad,” confidence and joy are audible in Amadeus’s voice. “And my annoying brother,” he murmured, rolling his eyes jokingly. A small titter escaped on his girlfriend. “I’d like to call myself as the luckiest man on earth since I have her,” Amadeus paused, winking at her girl.

  “My dear family, I want you to officially meet the woman of my life, Hadassah,” Amadeus introduced. The girl shows off her captivating smile, revealing her perfect set of porcelain teeth. “Baby, that is my Mom, Lorna, and My Dad, Mark,” Amadeus introduced his parents.

  “Nice to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Aguirre,” she said.

  Lorna and Mark stood up and welcomed the lovely girl with a fiery heart, a warm hug. “You’re so gorgeous, love,” Lorna complimented. “My son has a superb taste like me,” Mark said, winking at Hadassah.

  She laughed. “Oh, thank you so much,” Hadassah beamed a smile.

  “That’s my boy, Amadeus!” his Dad congratulated his son. Mark is so happy to see his son having such an elegant woman. He believed this strikingly beautiful girl was the best wife a man could get .

  “Thanks, Dad,”

  “Connor, stand up!” his Mom commanded. But unlike the rest, the color of his face drained. Connor lay his head down low.

  “Is he okay, Mrs. Aguirre?” Hadassah asked.

  “Yeah, he might be feeling something. Call me Mom now. You are part of the family,” Lorna declared with smiles. Little did she know that trouble is about to arise.

  “That’s so sweet of you, Mom,”

  As soon as Connor heard it, he lifted his chin as his hands squeezed into a fist. His sienna brown eyes are glaring sharply at her. ‘What the hell is she doing here!?’ Connor asked at the back of his mind.

  Amadeus saw her girl staring at his brother. “Ah, Baby!” he called.

  Hadassah turned her head facing Amadeus. “Yes, love?” she responded. ‘This night would be damn fine, I haven’t started, yet someone is already pissed. Well, I hope you’ll die in extreme anger,’ she said mentally.

  Amadeus pointed his brother, who’s currently grinding his jaw. “That’s my idiot brother, Connor,” as he introduced, it made his brother mad.

  “Nice to meet you, Connor,” with a smile, Hadassah said.

  Connor slammed his fist on the table. They all jerked. Connor did not know what to expect nor how to act in that instant. “What is your bloody problem, young man!” Mark scolded.

  “Excuse me,” Connor stood up without looking at them and fastened his way upstairs.

  The girl smiled victoriously. ‘Where are you going? My wrath hasn’t started yet.