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Zion Black

Zion Black



New Adult

"I will make your life a living hell." He said as his signature grin crawled on the attractive face. Zion Black Knight is the only child and a beneficiary of Knight endeavors. He is rich, handsome and have 150+ IQ. Hannah Park, 19 years old, a Korean high schooler. Her life was flipped around after the demise of her dad and the remarriage of her mom made her life hell. Hannah's step father pestered her every day, so her mom wedded her with the child of her companion to protect her even though she is under ager. Hannah relocated from Seoul to Manchester to proceed with the studies. However, Zion got admission in a similar college as her and bullied her every day. How will her life turn out to be after forced marriage?

~Soulmate? Soulmate!!

Organized by their moms, a domineer or menace and his casualty got captivated with one another's lives massively.

~Introduction to the Male lead~

Name: Zion Black Knight.

Age: 19 years.

Lives in: Manchester. A British national.

Height: 6.1ft, Fair skin, black eye.

He is a high schooler.

He is somebody that can't be restrained or tamed. The child of the world's best and richest businessman, Andrew Black Knight. The one who brought the renovation in the entire IT industry.

He is rich, handsome and intelligent with a photographic memory. Perfect in every way.

Because of the ceaseless spoiling and pampering the couple turned their son into a demon...Let me tell you the name of a demon. He is called Zion Black Knight. He discovers joy and immense pleasure while watching somebody enduring the pain. What to do? That's part of his nature.

Getting on the frail and making fun of them doesn't decide your power; however what will happen when she will come into his life? Will she bear him or will he change?

~Introduction to the Female lead~

Name: Hannah Park.

Age: 19 years old.

Lives in: Seoul, South Korea.

Height: 5.5ft.

She has very fair skin with black eyes and Hannah is also a high schooler.

She is cute, loveable and kind hearted. Even after confronting the cruelty of the world. After the demise of her dad, her mom, Anna Kim remarried. Her new spouse Daniel Kim , vowed to take care of the obligation left by Hannah's father yet on one condition.... Never separate from me. He even marked an agreement.

Since that day, he has bugged her every day. It has been 10 years since her torment. She was unable to try and converse with her mom with respect to this issue, expecting that it may demolish their relationship. The relationship which appears to be wonderful outwardly is an absolute silliness.

Hannah made an honest effort to avoid everything. She begins to work low maintenance at the age at which youngsters play and enjoy life with their companions.

Maturing sooner than the rest of the children made her solid. She has the solidarity to go up against anybody..... Except from her stepfather. The connection between the Bastard and mother limits her options.

Since she is 19 now, things have begun to get crazier. He would contact her in an awful way. Then, Hannah would feel sickened by her own body. In fact, she wants to tear apart that bit of tissue from her body.

Those unfallen tears will stain her pillow each night. "I have to get out of here". She sat up on the bed and wiped her face aggressively. "Just bear it for this year".

In Korea, a 20 years old is considered an adult. They can live alone, can drink and do all the stuff. But the question is that... How will she get past this year?

Even the thought of living a year in this house makes her disgusted.

An orchestrated marriage between a domineer and his casualty. Her bully was replaced by the stepfather to husband. Will the domineer love his casualty or menace her all through his life making her life hopeless?