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Bestfriend Divorced Me When I Carried His Baby

Bestfriend Divorced Me When I Carried His Baby




Marrying her best friend was a dream come true for Kelly, but everything truly has a limitation. Pierce is Kelly’s first love, but as his best friend, she knew well there was always another woman deep in his heart. Lexi Gilbert. The woman Pierce could never forget even if he had already been arranged to marry Kelly. *** Kelly finally realized their happy marriage of the last three years was just a beautiful dream when Pierce asked for a divorce just because Lexi returned. She could only be his best friend even if she was carrying his baby. *** Since their friendship had become a cage, Kelly chose to set him free, as well as the miserable herself. But why then, it was Pierce who became the one who refused to move on? To make matters worse, her devil stepbrother also domineeringly stepped in at the same time, asking her to be his. *** Her Prince Charming vs. Her Devil Stepbrother? How could Kelly save her heart in this battle of love and hate?

Kelly's POV

Was it a blessing to marry your best friend?

I was not very sure what Pierce thought but marrying him was a dream come true for me. And now what was more exciting, we were going to welcome our first child.

“It’s a good thing you’re cautious. You could’ve lost your baby, Miss Monroe.” The GYN told me seriously as she could see the shock in my eyes.

I subconsciously touched my belly, and still couldn't believe a baby was lying there. Had I heard it right? I was pregnant? I was pregnant with a baby for Pierce! My best friend and my first crush!

On the way out of the hospital, I couldn’t wait to tell Pierce about our baby. I wondered what his reaction would be. Would he scream in happiness? Would he kiss me and all? God! I couldn’t contain my happiness.

I cupped my red face as I fantasized. But the moment I felt the cold from the simple ring on my finger, my wildly beating heart calmed down. I almost forgot that Pierce wasn't the type to be keen on having children, especially when our marriage was arranged by his family.

Pierce was a complete gentleman, both as a friend and a husband. Every time we had sex, he was considerate but cautious, saying there was no need to add extra shackles when we were not ready.

This baby, in a way, was out of plan.

My mind was becoming restless as I sat in my car. Would this be good news for him? What if Pierce was still not ready for the baby?

"Ma'am, is everything okay? Do you need to call the Boss?" My private driver Luke asked worriedly as he noticed my frown face. Luke was reliable like a family but if I chose to share, I still wanted Pierce to be the first to know this news. He's my baby's father.

"No," I shook my head, giving Luke a reassuring smile. "He's on the flight. I'll talk to him later myself." So that I could sense his answer directly from his raw expressions. I was always good at that.

I closed my eyes recalling the first day we met. His bright smile in the sunlight was so dazzling, he was a Prince. Long before we became best friends, I fell in love with him at first sight. But it was only an unrequited love, I knew it well.

I slid down the car window to get some fresh air but accidentally caught a glimpse of our old high school. That bitter feeling filled my chest once again. Pierce is my first love but I'm not his.

In high school, I was only a boring nerd in other's eyes while Pierce Anderson was the shining Quarterback. Everyone was surprised that we could be friends. Though enmity rose, I enjoyed being around him. I slowly realized that I didn't want just to be his friend.

However, right when I was about to confess my feelings to him, another girl came into his life.

I shook my head trying to get rid of those sad old memories. I gripped the cold wedding ring on my finger, telling myself the past was past. Pierce said they were over and I was his wife now. I was his wife who was carrying his baby now.

I wiped the tears from the corners of my eyes and opened the door to our house. My heart calmed down as I breathed in the scent of home. Our home. It wasn't as luxurious as his family's villa but cozy. Pierce and I decorated it together with our own hands. We enjoyed it. Yes, I must have been overthinking. That woman had been out of our lives for a long time and my marriage with Pierce was as beautiful as a fairy tale for the past three years.

I glanced at the clock on the wall. At this point, Pierce should have gotten off the plane. He was over a month of traveling for the sake of our family’s business. Pierce was the President of ADE, the leading fashion magazine company all over Asia, and I was actually the Vice President of the company. We were not only life partners but also good partners at work.

I really missed him. I dialed his number immediately. I really wanted to hear his voice now, to know when he would arrive home. I would prepare a good meal for him and he would prize me with a sweet kiss. And then we might have passionate sex like what he gave me the night before his business trip. Oops, I almost forgot I was pregnant now. I needed to tell him this first and then we could do something else instead.

I was happily envisioning our lovely reunion and my heart dropped when a woman's voice came over the line.


I snapped the phone as just one word came out. My phone fell to the floor and my body started shaking uncontrollably. NO! It couldn't be her! It couldn't be Lexi! She was already out of our life! I must have misheard.

I rushed to the fridge in an attempt to calm myself with the aid of some alcohol. But the moment I touched the wine bottle, I was reminded of the doctor's words and my baby. I needed to be cautious for my baby's sake. I turned to get a box of milk and walked toward the sofa.

I didn't know what made me recognize that as Lexi's voice at that moment. I meant Lexi and I were never close. Lexi Gilbert was a typical blonde beauty that men would go crazy for. She was the popular cheerleader in high school while Pierce was the star quarterback. Better match than he and a nerd like me, right? It wasn't surprising that he had fallen for her.

My pride couldn't stand watching the man I loved go crazy for another woman. So I had once tried to stay away from them silently but Pierce refused to quit from my life. Every time I drowned myself in a sea of books and studies to forget them, Pierce would appear at my doorway asking me out. I couldn't say no to his charming smile; I couldn't say no when he claimed it was his duty as my best friend to take me to enjoy the real world.

To not ruin our friendship, I could only hide my broken heart, silently playing the role of his best friend by his side and watching his happy face for another girl. I finally got up the courage to study abroad as I learned that Pierce was planning to propose to Lexi. However, I never expected Grams would call to beg me back.

I returned in a hurry only to see a lifeless Pierce. His heart was harmed badly, by Lexi. My beloved sunshine boy was nowhere to be seen, and my heart was bleeding. I started to hate Lexi from that moment. I gave up my cherished man to her, and how dared she harm him so badly! That witch!

Pierce didn't tell anyone what happened except he was over with Lexi. Grams arranged our marriage. I didn't understand why he agreed until the day I heard him say that marrying anyone but Lexi would be the same for him.

It was so fcking hurt but I still walked into this marriage without a second thought. My cherished boy was broken and I wanted to fix him, not caring if I would ruin myself in the process.

I fell asleep at home feeling so insecure and worried. I woke up in the middle of the night when I felt someone caressing my cheek.

Slowly, I opened my eyes and I realized I had fallen asleep in the living area.

Someone lifted me from the couch. I immediately recognized his scent and touch as I looked at him with heavy-lidded eyes.


“Hmm,” he hummed as he walked towards the stairs. “Why did you sleep on the couch?”

I stared at his face when he gently put me down on the bed. He caressed my hair and kissed my forehead. He was always so gentle and that was why I loved him so much. Even when making love, he was very considerate of my feelings. We'd been apart for over a month, my body missed him and my heart wanted him.

“Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for you,” I said as I caressed his cheek.

“Just met a friend. You said you were waiting for me, is it something urgent?"

Looking at his gentle face, suddenly I didn't want to ruin the moment. so I closed my parted lips and swallowed the truth back in my stomach once again. Tomorrow, maybe tomorrow, I will have the courage to face all the puzzles.

I shook my head and pouted, telling him that I was sleepy. He chuckled and carefully carried me to the bed. The moment he was about to leave me after giving me a goodnight kiss, I panicked for some reason. I then quickly grabbed him and kissed him with all my passion, trying to undress him, trying to make him touch me more and deeper. I missed him. I wanted him. I felt that the only way I could feel at ease was to let him put himself inside me again. To make sure he was still mine.

"Wait Kels," Yet he stopped me by pinning my crazy hands on the bed. "I thought you said you're sleepy and you need to rest."

"But I think I miss you more now." I looked at him with innocence and I could catch desire flashing in his eyes but I didn't know why it faded soon. He used to be happy when I became the initiative one.

As if noticing my confusion, he chuckled and playfully pinched my nose, “I’ll just take a shower. I smell alcohol.”

I just nodded and watched him as he walked toward the bathroom. But drowsiness struck again so I closed my eyes to take a nap. However, it was already morning when I opened my eyes again and Pierce was beside me, putting a tray of food on the bedside table.

“Hey!” I greeted and smiled when I realized what he’d done. He prepared breakfast for me. In bed. The sweetest.

He smiled and sat on the bed. “Good morning.”

I grinned as I sat on the bed. He carried the tray and put it beside me. I shot an eyebrow up and tilted my head as I stared at his handsome face. His eyes are deep brown. His eyebrows were thick and black, complimenting his beautiful eyes. His nose was proud and pointed and his lips were red and thin. He literally looks like a sexy bad boy. Even Damon Salvatore would be embarrassed to stand beside him. No one stands a chance against this man.

“What is this? Is this a bribe? You stood me up last night, bad boy.”

He didn’t laugh. He heaved a sigh and gently tucked my hair on my ears before he held my hand and stared into my eyes. “I have something to tell you.”

I felt my heart race. I thought about our baby in my womb. He’s got something to tell. I have something to tell him too.

“W-What is it?” I asked as I felt my voice tremble.

He took a deep sigh. “You know you’re important to me, right?”

I slowly nodded with parted lips. I couldn’t answer. I’m scared of what he’s about to say. I have a bad feeling about this.

“You were my best friend before we got married. You are one of the few people I treasure…”

I hid my balled fists under the sheet. I don’t know why he’s telling me all this but I felt tears pooling in the corner of my eyes already.

“Kelly…” he paused and squeezed his eyes closed before he looked at me again in the eyes. “I-I think it’s time for us to divorce.”

“P-Pierce…” I felt my heart clench.

He smiled. “I know you don’t have feelings for me either. You just married me because of my grandparents. You just did this because you love them. Now it’s time for our real happiness, Kelly.”

I shook my head, “W-What are you talking about, Pierce?”

“Lexi is back, Kelly. My first love is back.”