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Middle Of The Dark

Middle Of The Dark



General Romance

Both are rooting to avenge their beloved parents. Love and hate will get together. She just sold her life to the demon in hell and he's the opposite of satan a gorgeous man like a greed God from Mount Olympus. Will love find there way?

Katara's POV

Flash back 18 years ago.…

‘ White ceiling, white curtains.. what the fuck? Am I in heaven?’ I asked myself.

I am thirsty. I want water. ‘ W-water!’ my hands were shaking trying to ask some help. I feel my throat waterless and like what the fuck didn’t I drink a water for a year?

I noticed a man with an intimidating aura. I am afraid but I need to be strong. I need to be strong for myself.

‘ Water.’ I heard a man’s cold voice.

‘ T-thank y-you…’

‘ Who are you? Why I am here?’ I asked the man with a cold aura.

I can see irritation in his face. " Lucifer came from hell.  Don't ask anything!"

‘ Fuck, am I in hell?’

I didn’t know that he heard what I said. We were alone in the room and all I can feel is fear.

‘ You’re not in hell but I can make your life like a living hell!’ he shouted.

I felt irritated with his high pitched tone. I don’t know why he’s mad.

‘ Why are you shouting? I didn’t have done wrong…’ I said full of irritation. I think it is a bad move because I can see madness on his eyes already. My throat becomes dry on the way he stare at me. I can also feel the fear that I already shed my tears. ‘ I will do everything… just don’t hurt me. I will be your slave or what and that is okay for me… just don’t make my life a living hell…’ I plead. ‘ I need to avenge my parents death.’

The man burst out laughing at me. ‘ Really? You’ll do everything?’ he said. ‘ Will you be my wife?’ he straight forwardly said. I don’t know if he’s just playing around me but it is just a sarcasm for me. Marriage? I didn’t think of it like a joke because it is sacred.

Katara got froze to her hospital bed. Her mind was being occupied. She can’t open her mouth to talk and she become an statue. She wanted to curse at the man in front of her but she can’t. Seconds later, it sink to her mind what was the guy offered to her.

‘ W-wife? W-why do y-you need a…wife? Don't you have girlfriend?’ my voice is shaky and I am surprised.

‘ Just do whatever I'm saying. Don't worry, I'll pay you big time.’ he paused, ‘ 200,000 pesos a month just do the acting.’ he continued.

‘ I… I’m in. I’ll take your offer,’

I am afraid to accept that offer but I will surely do it even though it cost my happiness. I will do everything to avenge my parents.

‘ That's good to hear, it settled then.’

And it is the start of having a cold blooded husband. It’s funny right? As much offer I can accept, why it is being a wife? Fuck! Yeah, I know he’s handsome but what the fuck? He’s scary and arrogant. Of all people why do I have to endure this kind of burden?

Flashback ends……..

I walked out on my room to cook breakfast. Even though their is a lot of maids or how rich my husband is, I mean husband on the paper. I won’t assume because I don’t want to risk my heart on him. So, that is, I am walking down the stair and its just five am in the morning and I need to cook breakfast because he is actually an early bird going to the office.

Nang makababa ako ay dumiretso ako sa kusina at naabutan ko naman si manang Nora na naghihiwa na ng mga kakailanganin sa pagluto nang almusal. I walked in the kitchen and I saw Nana Nora slicing some ingredients for our breakfast.

She’s already old. She’s here before I became the wife of Lucifer. She’s like a mother to him when his parents died. I was just wondering why they didn’t want to tell a story about them but I respect that. I didn’t asked that much about it.

" Good morning! You’re early Katara," she greeted. I just smiled at her.

Of course, I am early. It was actually my habit. “ Good morning too, Nana Nora. I was just early to prepare breakfast because I noticed that your boss is not actually eating here.” I said to her.

She laughed. “ Katara, if he heard you, he’ll freak out!” she laughed again. “ You’re so pretty, Katara. Lucifer is so lucky to have you.” she continued. I just smile for her compliment. He? Lucky for having me? But I don’t find it a luck because being a wife of that cold blooded man is just a nuisance.

Well, I am pretty. I don’t look like a maid, so he’s lucky for having me.

" I’ll do the cooking just guide me, Nana. " I volunteer.

Her face become serious. " No, Katara. I will cook just sit there. Lucifer will get mad at me.” she said.

" I’ll take of care it, Nana." I decided.

I cooked fried rice, hotdogs and bacon and at exactly six o’clock, the breakfast is already prepared. I clapped my hands and the old woman is happy too.

“ Oh! You’re already done, Katara!” she seemed excited.

“ Yes, Nana! I will do it every morning.” I said.

" Nice idea, Katara! Prepare yourself already and it seems your husband is coming."

Nag-ayos ako ng sarili ko sa kusina tinanggal ko ang apron sa akin at naghilamos pa konti.

I prepared myself on the kitchen, wash my face and comb my hair using my hands. I heard a footsteps of my husband and saw him with fierce expression but totally hot just like a God from Mount Olympus. He walked on the kitchen and sit down on the dining table.

I’m back in the reality when he talked. “ Stop staring at me,” he glance at me with his poker face look.

I composed myself in front of him. Calm down, Katara. I said in my mind.

" I'm not staring at you. I am just thinking something!" I said and roll my eyes on him.

He just smirked at me " Really? You did not stare? And why the hell are you drooling? Can you answer that?" he arrogantly said.

“ So arrogant, Lucifer. You really have that self-confidence, huh!” I murmured but fucking hell! He heard me and he’s like throwing a dagger look at me. Oh, I don’t care!

" I heard you. You better not talk to me like that or else, you don’t want to see my bad side, either" he coldly said to me.

Too arrogant!

He called Nana Nora just to make him a coffee. Such a bossy bastard!

“ He talked like someone is a slave, really a demon…” I murmured silently.

He stand and look at me. I eat my food quietly not looking at him. It’s good for him to go in the office because he’s making me lose my appetite. He talked to Nana Nora and I didn’t heard what he was saying to her

" Don't go out without my permission." he said full of irritation.

I didn’t mind what he said but he continued.

“ Oh? As if you can go out in here. Guards are everywhere.” I heard him then walked out.

When he already out I sighed deeply and tell my rants. “ I don’t care if he has a lot of gurads out there! I said then Nana Nora laugh.”

" Katara, don’t mind him," she said while still smiling.

“ I am done, Nana. I’ll just go upstairs, I want to rest . Please, don’t disturb me.” I said to her. “ Even that damn bastard, tell him not to disturb me…” I finally said and walked out of the dining table.

I didn’t go out all day instead I enjoyed myself on the tub and after that I walked out and change. I don’t care if that bastard call me or what I just want my body to rest.