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My Billion Dollar Worth Husband

My Billion Dollar Worth Husband



General Romance

Story about a young girl born in Poverty struggling to make both ends meet. Annoyed with the unfair life she embarks on an extraordinary journey to explore the world and to find the purpose of her life. Whilst on her journey she bumps into a young male Doctor who changes her life.

A cute dirty little girl walks into a candy shop and handed over some coins she had saved to a girl.

The girl was surprised, "Hello! How can I help You?"

The little girl blushed and confidently replied, "Miss I'd like to buy some candies for my little brother." She then gave the cutest brightest smile.

The girl patted her head and counted the coins.

"Hmm! Looks like you ran out of coins my dear. I can only give you two candies in exchange for these coins" replied the girl.

The little girl looked down in disappointment.

"However" she continued with the most beautiful smile on her face.

The girl looked up in curiosity.

"I'll give you extra 3 making it total 5" then she sat down and whispered to the little girl, "Do not say anything to my Master! Okay?"

The little girl replied, "Deal!"

Then the girl handed over the candies to the cute little girl whose age was around 6/7years. The little girl happily went home.

Realizing she had made a little girl happy and smile, she felt content and took out some money from her pocket and placed it along with the coins that the little girl paid in exchange for her candies.

This kind pretty young lady is Portcia Mitchell, aged 16, orphan since birth, currently living with her uncle and aunts, The Laupers who never loved her like their own. To them she was merely a useless asset left by their sister when she died giving birth.

She was brought up by her Grandmother and after she passed away she was taken in by her uncles and aunts just so they could set their foot on their maternal home again. When Portcia's Grandmother was alive, she broke ties with all her children and kicked them off her home after finding out about their greed for her small piece of land and the house she was living in.

But the untimely demise of Portcia's Grandmother left Portcia a minor with no guardian. Later her Aunts and Uncles fought for her custody and ended up staying together in the same house not wanting to give up on the property.

That was 3years ago.

Portcia is now 16years old and can differentiate between right and wrong. Even though life was unfair to her, she grew up to be a kind hearted and a humble young lady.

She was often bullied by her cousins. She was sent out of home at a tender age of 13 to keep the fires burning in the kitchen. While the children of her age were busy studying, she was sent out to feed her family. Ever since her Grandmother passed away her relatives has stopped her from going to school.

Her two uncles were the school Teachers with bad reputation. They had reputations for molesting their own students on the pretext of tuitions.

Her two Aunts would do nothing and gossip whole day and night. Their Husbands were voiceless in front of their wives. Even though they loved Portcia, they couldn't voice out their opinion regarding her Education because they'd be thrown out of their home and rendered homeless. Due to that, they shut their mouths.

Young Portcia would wake up early in the morning then make breakfast for everybody then go to Elle's Diner where she would work whole day till 6pm.

After reaching home she would shower and then head to kitchen to make dinner for her Family that despise her so much yet they had no choice but to tolerate her just because her Grandmother left the property in her name.

The next day, as usual Portcia left for work. While on her way to Elle's she unexpectedly saw her childhood friend Celine who was in a hurry to give her exam. On seeing Céline she quickly ran towards the Diner so that her friend won't notice her.

She hid and watched Céline disappear in the ally.

How wonderful it would've been if they still went to school together thought Portcia.

Mrs. Elle sighed stealing a glance at Portcia who was still staring at the empty ally that Céline went into a while back.

"You know it's never too late, right?" Said Mrs Elle

"If only I was lucky like them." Replied Portcia

"You know you're lucky right?"

"You think I'm lucky because I'm an orphan?"

"No young lady, you have us!"

Portcia stared at Mrs Elle for a while and ran towards her to give her a hug.

"Mrs. Elle I'm very lucky to have you in my life. If it weren't for you I wouldn't be what I am today. You have never made me feel like an orphan ever! You are my Fairy Godmother."

"Okay young lady enough emotional torture! Now Hurry up your exam starts in an hour. Get me a better result this year. Elle Diner needs a good party baby girl." Winked Mrs. Elle

Portcia quickly went into the extra room adjacent to the Diner and changed into her uniform and hurried to her school.

Mrs. Elle has been helping Portcia for 3 years. None of her family members knew that Portcia has been attending morning school with the help of Mrs. Elle.

Portcia was a very bright student. Her Teachers never wanted her to leave the school on the first place. But after her Grandmother passed away, her uncle and aunts held her captive in her own home restricting her movements. Mrs. Elle was Portcia's Mother Stella Cauper's best friend. Seeing that Portcia was suffering badly she decided to look after Portcia like her own.

She fooled the Laupers by misleading them that Portcia works on her Diner whole day. Portcia on the other hand attends the morning school from 7am to 12pm. Then she would work on the Diner from 1pm to 6pm. Sometimes Mrs. Elle would give her off so she could prepare for her tests and exams.

Mrs. Elle even made a room adjacent to the Diner so Portcia can comfortably study.

Portcia reminds Mrs. Elle of her mother Stella who ways helped Mrs. Elle during her bad days. She always wanted to pay her back but her untimely death separated the two close friends. After Elle found out about Portcia and her miserable unlucky life, she decided to help her.

For 3 straight years, Portcia has topped the class. She was intelligent and smart. The Teachers were confident that she would be successful in life. They always thought Portcia's Father might have been an intelligent person. To them Portcia was the epitome of Mother's exceptional beauty and her anonymous Father's intelligence. Nobody knew who her Father was not even her Uncles and Aunts. They only imagined her Father was just another poor and useless alcoholic who left Stella after finding out about her pregnancy.

Portcia's Grandmother knew about her Father but she never dared to tell her anything for the reasons best known to her. She always told her that she was a Mitchell not Lauper.

However, there was a Mitchell family in their village long ago but they were equally poor as they were. Portcia thought her Father might have been a descendant of that Family. So she never went out to look for him. They had a reputation for molesting young girls and selling them off for money.

Portcia didn't even want to relate herself with that kind of family so she thought it's better to stay away from that family which is even worse than her current family.

Whenever she would think about all these unfortunate events she would cry, "Why Me?"

Poor Portcia would cry every single night and then retire to bed with swollen eyes.