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The Heiress Mage

The Heiress Mage




"The Heiress Mage" is a story of a young woman who falls into a stream and is stranded in a Magical World. She became a great sorceress/mage. Everything changed when she founds out that she was not the child of those who raised her as they just adopted her. Let's explore the myth of her adventurous world from here.

"I know, after 50 years the new Mage of our family will be born and raise as the perfect Mage for this kingdom." The king said as he stood upon his throne.

"But...King Leo, how can you be so sure that this 'Future Mage' will be the perfect Mage for this kingdom?" Sir George questioned King Leo.

"Because...I will guide the future Mage." The king answered with a simple smile draw on his lips.

"G-Guide!? What do you mean Your Majesty!?" a surprised ask of Sir Bush.

"My soul will lead him or her in his right path." The king said with a serious look on his face.

"F-Father!" Prince Hendry

"I know you're worried about the future between Lunaria and Dominaria, My son... But I want you to take over this kingdom before the new Heiress or Heirs come." King Leo's said and tap the shoulder of his son.

"B-But father... Don't say that you making me more worried about you." Prince Hendry said with sadness in his eyes.

"Son... Please I want you to be strong as I am, Lead our kingdom to the victory." He said again and smiled.

The 18 years old Prince Hendry sighed before answering his father. "As you wish father."

46 years later

King Hendry Cavin of Lunaria the son of the former King Leo Hord III of Lunaria is now 64 years old with a daughter named Princess Felicia Leigh of Lunaria.

"Felicia!" her mother called out of nowhere.

"Yes, mother?" her calm responded.

"Be ready 'cause your fiancé will coming." her mother's said

"Yes, mother." she replied and do what she should do.

King Hendry Cavin is married to Queen Victoria Lei of Dominaria. They have 2 children named Felicia Leigh and Prince Andreas Troy.

Felicia is the older one, she is the next queen this year and soon to be the wife of Prince Ashton Leroi of Ersatz.

"Sis!" A cheerful called of Andreas.

"Andreas! What are you doing here?" she asks while fixing her own hair.

"Just checking yah..." Andreas answered while leaning in his sister's door.


"It's Prince Ashton, is it? That mother said that will be your husband right?"

"I don't know... Mother didn't tell me about it."

"Do you know who is this Prince Ashton?"

"Nope, but some of the other girls at the academy said that this Prince Ashton is a good person, a good leader, and... handsome." she said while staring at herself in the mirror.

"Handsome huh?" Andreas said while smirking.

"Jeez, cut it off Andreas, I'm just telling the truth that Prince Ashton is just that okay?" Felicia's defensively said.

"If you say so..." Andreas said while laughing and walking out of her room.

Felicia rose on her chair and see herself once more in her mirror before going out of her room as well.

"Presenting the Prince of Ersatz, Prince Ashton Leroi of Ersatz." said the royal guard.

Felicia got surprised to see the man that her parents wanted to marry her.

"Alas, I saw the woman... Of... M-my..." Ashton becomes speechless to see Felicia.

"Your Highness." Felicia's said calmly and did a curtsy.

"F-Felicia..." Ashton's mumbled silently enough so Felicia can hear him.

Felicia didn't respond.

"Let's go everyone." King Hendry's suggested and go to the dining hall.

It was easy for them to be close to each other... Until the day of their wedding. They were also happy to be together when suddenly a deluge appeared in the void.

It was Felicia's day of giving birth to their eldest daughter. When the 3 wicked witches invaded the Lunaria castle. They also wanted to take Ashton and Felicia's eldest child, and also they wanted to destroy the Lunaria kingdom. When Felicia gave birth to the princess, she immediately handed it to her husband.

"The princess needs to be hidden." Ashton orders Felicia's brother Andreas.

"But ... Where else?" Andreas asked.

"In the world of people." Andreas's wife Matilda replied while carrying their daughter Stheno.

"What ?! We can't!" Andreas objected.

"We can't do anything if we can't hide the princess in the far... Those 3 witches will take and take her!" Matilda explained.

Queen Felicia just listened quietly. While staring at her baby.

"Felicia ..." her husband called to her.

"Y-yes my king?" Felicia stammered.

"Is what Tillie thought okay with you?" Ashton asked holding her hand and the baby.

Felicia looked down and wonders if they will keep the child in the world of people or it'll stay with them.

'If she will stay here with us the three witches would take her... I don't want to lose my daughter but the only good reason I think of for her is to hide her in the world of people. In the other dimension' She thought in herself as she looked down and held on tightly to the bedsheets.

She sighed and smiled bitterly.

"I want my daughter to be fine, I don't want her to be separated from me and my husband... But I also don't want those three witches to take her..." her tears started to flow but she still tried to smile for her daughter and her king. "... But if that's the only good way to keep the princess hidden... I won't mind." and the queen finally sobbed and the king immediately approached her while carrying their little angel.

"Then I will start opening the portal from the other dimension." Matilda said seriously as she handed Stheno to her husband.

Felicia, on the other hand, carried the child in her arms and held her daughter's hand.

"My daughter, you are the only heiress of me and your father, I hope you take care of yourself in the other dimension ..." She was surprised when her daughter's right palm glowed in yellowish light and the left one glowed in a reddish light.

"Dear ... Her right and left hands!" her husband whispered.

"That's the seal of the next heiress!" said Andreas as he was carrying her daughter Stheno.

Matilda was silent as she opened the portal from the other dimension.

"Tillie ..." her husband called her.

"I'm done." Matilda replied immediately.

Felicia immediately stood up while carrying the child. She kissed her daughter's forehead and her husband Ashton put a necklace with a round pendant and a golden dragon design that emits fire to their daughter.

"We only have five minutes before the portal closes." said Andreas.

"Give me the princess." Matilda's said.

Felicia immediately handed the child to Matilda. while crying and she said.

"... your father and I love you dearly, my dear Astoria Flare."

And Matilda entered the portal while carrying the princess in her arms.

When Matilda arrived in the world of people, she immediately looked for a beautiful place where the princess could be hidden, it was raining in that dimension and they were in the forest brought by the portal... the sky was very dark and empty Matilda made a shield from the rain because she did not expect it to rain in that dimension. She wanted to shout but she couldn't because she was holding a baby sleeping quietly.

"Dear princess ..." Matilda whispered while staring at it.

She ran to a tree, she slowly laid the child on the grass that was not very wet and she started to cast a spell so that the princess would not get wet in the rain she also put a sheet on the place that she would leave to her niece and put leaves at the side of the child.

They are the only sorcerers who can see the seal of their peers so she just smiled that the heiress arrived but at an unexpected time and day. Then she kissed the child's hand and at the same time kissed it's the forehead.

"Your grandfather will guide you, my dear niece, be careful ..." Tillie immediately stood up and called the animals. "... Watch out for the princess, don't let her go to the bad people. " Matilda commands the birds and squirrels who heard her call.

Matilda immediately ran to the portal and without hesitation and left the princess.

-The Heiress Mage