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A Love Sparkle to Eternity

A Love Sparkle to Eternity



Renee has been married to Wesley for two years, but she could never win her husband's heart. Wesley thought Renee was just a gold-digger, so he treated her cruelly and he didn't love her at all. Feeling desperate, Renee decided to give up this relationship. On her husband's birthday, she sent him a divorce agreement as a gift, then disappeared from his world. Three years later, Renee came back with Wesley's adorable son, but she didn't expect that her cold-hearted husband didn't sign the divorce papers. As soon as Wesley saw his son, he regretted how he treated his wife years ago. Therefore, he made his way to win his wife and son back. "Honey, it was all my fault. Please forgive me!" "It's too late! I just want to divorce now!"

"Renee, your husband is sleeping with another woman. Why are you still in bed?" 

When Daisy Harris called, Renee Atkins was sleeping soundly in the master bedroom. 

She yawned nonchalantly, "So, which little lover did Wesley go looking for tonight?"

After being married for two years, Renne was often called to catch her cheating husband in the act.  

Unfortunately, she couldn't find any evidence against him every time. 

"I've sent the room number to your WhatsApp. Hurry up and drag him home!" 


Judging from her tone, it was obvious that she didn't care at all. 

Daisy sighed helplessly. "Silly child, this is the last time I'll help you. There's nothing I can do for you anymore."

Renee slowly got up from the bed and said, "Got it, Mom. I'll go now."

After an hour, Renee finally dragged herself to the hotel lobby. 

Holding the room card given by the manager, Renee couldn't help but admire Daisy's connection. She had even prepared this for her. 

"Number 888..." Renee muttered the room number and stopped in front of a door. 

Suddenly, her calm heart started to beat violently. 

For some reason, she felt agitated.

Renee took a deep breath and leaned against the door, hoping to hear some noise.

However, everything was silent. 

Renee quirked an eyebrow and swiped the room card. As soon as she opened the door, she was welcomed by a dark space. 

She was relieved and scared. 

It seemed that Wesley wasn't present this time. 

Just as Renne was about to leave, a hand suddenly grabbed her wrist and pulled her back into the room. 

She was shocked; at the same time, she smelled a familiar fragrance. 

When she was still in a daze, her captor forcefully slammed her into the wall.

Feeling the pain from her back, Renne groaned, "Wesley?"

With a snap, the dark space was lit up. 

Subconsciously, Renne narrowed her eyes and looked at the man in front of her.

Though Wesley Pugh had a charming face, his expression was grim and cold. 

His muscular body was wrapped in a black suit, which made him appear even serious. Yet, one couldn't help but want to approach him.

His arms supported against the wall, trapping Reenee's head in between. His face was unusually red and his breathing was heavy. 

"Think you're so smart now, huh? How dare you drug me, Renne." 

For a moment, Renee was stunned before retorting subconsciously, "No, I didn't!"

They hadn't seen each other for two months. She only came here tonight according to Daisy's instruction. There was no way she had the chance to drug him. 

Wesley sneered as he grabbed her chin with his burning fingers. "Do you think you can possess me with such a dirty trick?" 

"Or... are you thinking of controlling me with a child?" 

The mockery in his voice stabbed Renee's heart painfully.

Before she could say a word, Wesley suddenly picked her up and threw her onto the bed ruthlessly. With a cold face, he pressed down against Renne's struggling body and tore her clothes mercilessly. 

His kiss was fierce and vicious as if he was trying to tear her apart. 

"Ah..." Feeling the sharp pain, Reenee groaned as tears slipped from her eyes. 

She had never thought that their first night would be humiliating. 

"Is this what you want?" Wesley kept moving, but his voice was still cold and emotionless. "In your dreams!" 

After the passion, he gave a low growl and left heartlessly. 

Before he went, he took out two morning-after pills from his pocket and threw them at Renne. "Take them," he said coldly. 

He didn't even look at her as he spoke.

At this point, Renee's heart had sunk into the abyss.