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Innocent Smile

Innocent Smile



General Romance

We met We lost We found We fell Life never been easy with me. Poor, miserable to rich and successful. Love is a waist emotion for me. But I feel one day what is love when I fell in love with daughter and then it's nothing. Empty I forget again there's a word named love. But again someone reminds me and it's Nina. She's mentally ill girl when I found her. She's like a burden for me. She fucked my mind with her little wild moments. Her cuteness overload on my anger and she won my love. Then she gone. She came back With truths With memories With love The truth about our past The memories of our first She know me already. She's always around me. She's the one who broke me years ago and now she break me again. In love In lust In need But what about her memory?






That's my life

Every second I lived in hard rain of emotions. Every second I broken into pieces. Life fucking shit happy for me. It's dark and broken. Step by step counting my thoughts I lost in my moment. Pounding rain running emotions with an empty heart and full of mind.


In dream life I have everything but in reality, I’m an empty Loser. Being the number one businessman was hard for me. No background no life. No parents and never fucking love. Living in poor conditions was hard for me. Poor, begging, and bullying. Shit happens from childhood when my parents left me. Thinking I’m not good for them. It's a mistake for me to enter in life.

I lived poorly on roads. My hands empty and begging for food. Hunger gave me the strength to struggle hard. Hard work and strength that's it and now I’m here. Billionaire businessman. In the past few years, my company world the most famous. Building a place for me in business like finding love in the whole world. But wait business is easier than love. Money, profit, and overtaking that's it. No promise, no marriage, and no restrictions.


This is the power that binding couples together. It's never loving and never. People are scared of broken and burning in love. Love is like a waste of time.

No trust

But in business, we never trust each other that's why business is easier. Why I’m thinking about love? Because I lost my race in love. I lost my fucking seven years. It's the most beautiful and memorable moment for me when I thought it's time for settling. I met my wife Henley in the Paris meeting. She's beautiful and gorgeous. First, we like fuck but when time passed it's going regular and then we make a decision for marriage. We both going date regularly and I spend most of my money on her. She like control and I gave her. But then I find out she had a problem. I don't know what was?


She wants attention that’s it. She used to play with me. The slowly our trust is broken the slowly our life is broken. She thinks I fuck someone behind her back. She's coming into my office and fucking creating drama. First, I thought I’m handling her with divorce. But then I find out she's pregnant with my baby.

A girl

Then my life changed. Thinking about my child broke me. I never want my child to spend bad living like me so Henley starts living with me. My mind starts dreaming about my cute baby girl. My heart starts beating again for my girl. Her clothes, rooms, and everything I shopped by myself, and when she came into my life my whole world goes upside down.


Being a father and feel like a father is different. Her tiny voice, hands, and cuteness blowing my mind with happiness. But my wife starts shitting on me because she's jealous of our daughter. She hates it when I loved my child. She's being careless. She never holds my daughter and ignoring her completely. No caring no loves. She creates some shit for attention and I gave her because she's my daughter's mother.

She betrayed my daughter and It's hard for me to take care of her alone and then everything is gone. My world is Gone on the dark path where just me and my girl memory.