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Idol's Sweetheart

Idol's Sweetheart

Author:Lia luo


General Romance

Vian and Karin meet in unlucky situation. They are fall in love. It was in the beginning. Everything change when they are fall in love. Meet again and again, they become friend with love hidden in their heart. They are arranged to married for Vian's mother,but the hate from many people make Karin runaway when she is pregnant. Vian lost his memory and he not remember her, but if mind not remember,heart still remember his love to Karin.

"Vian, oppa, wo ai ni, Saranhae!" The shouts sounded quite loud from the girls who were huddled in the wide and open courtyard. However, not only there. In a house, in front of the television screen, a girl also shouted the same words.

"Vian oppa, Saranhae, Saranghamida. Vian oppa, my honey, bunny, sweety, love you very much...!"

BUGH! A large pillow floated and hit the girl's face.

"It's so noisy!" another girl who sat not far from the girl complained.

"Stupid, just look at the people on the screen screaming. It's better if you can hear it over there, if you're here, he won't hear it, unless he have super hearing."

"PARK KARIN!" snarled the girl who had been shouting earlier while staring intently at the girl who had just reprimanded.

"You're very jealous, really. Why? You don't like Vian oppa? You're the haters, aren't you?"

"Ugh, don't you know, why are you being the haters? What I don't like is that you make noise, jump until my seat cushion collapses, not to mention I can't work because I hear your loud screams, Miss Silvi," said Karin.

Silvi chuckled and immediately wrapped her arms around Karin's neck and then hugged her tightly.

"I'm sorry, my BFF, I don't know about that."

"Now you know about that. So, now let go of my neck. You've made it hard for me to breathe," Karin said in a choked voice and slapped her best friend's hand.

"Oh, oh, mianhae, my best friend," said Silvi as she immediately let go of her hand.

Karin just shook her head as she went back to her work. Working on the design of a cafeteria with a computer. She then refocused. However, it did not last long, because a few moments later Silvi again cheered while jumping up and down. The words of oppa and saranghae slid back from her best friend's lips.


Karin was pedaling her bicycle at a moderate speed. In fact, she was still a little sleepy. Because Silvi was screaming for her favorite idol, she couldn't focus and had to postpone work. The work was finally able to do when the day was late and the early morning just finished.

Karin was about to increase her speed, but a metallic black sports car suddenly slid in front of her. Karin who braked suddenly couldn't maintain her balance and fell on the asphalt. The black car stopped and the owner got out of the back of the car. He glanced at his still smooth car.

"You're lucky that my favorite car wasn't scratched. Otherwise you have to pay compensation," he said to Karin who was still sitting on the asphalt. Karin was stunned. For some reason, she felt she knew the man's face.

The man then turned and hurried away. Karin was furious. She did not accept being treated like that. It was obvious the car was at fault, She was the one who fell and was injured, but why was she the one to blame?

Karin immediately stood up. With a limp step, chasing the man.

"Hey, you!" She shouted as she lunged and tugged at the man's shirt. He prepared to throw a raw hit, but who would have thought the man's shirt was torn and exposed his broad chest. The surprised Karin lost her balance and immediately landed a kiss on the smooth white chest. She and the man fell as she was on top of the man and her lips remained on his chest.

Karin's eyes widened with the sound of camera shots. She then immediately got up and wiped her lips with the back of her hand. Meanwhile, the car driver immediately got down and helped the man who had fallen with her to stand up. The man was still glaring at Karin angrily, but quickly left when several people carrying cameras approached. Karin also rushed away from there.


'Secret Dating Famous Idol caught on camera'

The large print and photo of the newspaper appeared on the front page. Vian slammed the newspaper furiously. He was sure the girl who fell with him had planned it all. That girl must be a big fan who is too crazy about him. It had been a long time since he heard that fans were so crazy they would do whatever it took to get close to their idols, but that had never happened to him before. This is the first time and his name has immediately become the subject of rumors in the mass media.

Vian's cell phone rang a few moments later.

"Where are you? Come to my room now!" the person on the other end ordered when Vian received the phone call.

Vivian immediately rushed over. The call was from the head of his agency.

"Mr. Han, I'm sorry. It was all an accident. I promise this kind of thing will not happen again," said Vian while in the leadership's room.

"Vian, I know romance is a personal thing, but you are a star. You have to be able to maintain an attitude. Now if you are in a relationship

with a girl, then your career will be at stake."

"Sir, that girl is not my lover. I don't even know her. I think she did this on purpose."

Mr. Han was silent for a moment. His gaze remained fixed on the figure of Vian in front of him.

"Okay, you can go, but don't go anywhere for the time being. You have to shut yourself up. Don't see anyone, especially journalists. We'll take care of this matter."

Vivian just nodded. He was powerless to refuse the order.

"Oh yes, your projects will also be temporarily suspended. Your drama and film roles will be transferred to other artists."

"What? But...."

Mr. Han raised his hand to stop Vian's words. He then invited Vian to leave the room. Vivian's hand gripped tightly. Emotions welled up in his chest. This kind of treatment should not be accepted. All the misfortunes happened because of the girl who bumped into him.


"Hi, Vian," said a man while waving his hand in front of Vian's face. There was a mocking smile on his handsome face.

Vian tried to ignore and kept walking away.

"Vian," the man called from behind.

"Did you know all your drama projects were shifted to an artist named Matthew Lee aka me?"

Vian just kept walking without caring. Matthew smiled a little and called back to Vian,

"Thank you, Vian, it turns out that you are so kind."


Karin sat alone in the cafeteria. As it fell, the design she was carrying fell into a ditch and was badly damaged. There is nothing left. The work she did all ended in vain. Edwin must be furious with her too. Edwin is Karin's colleague and boss. Despite his young age, Edwin has become a successful building designer. He also guides Karin in doing her job. Karin sighed and leaned her head on the table in front of her.

"What are you doing here?" asked Edwin with a smile and leaned his head beside Karin.