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To Love and Be Loved

To Love and Be Loved



My brother was framed into jail. He was innocent. The only way to save him was to please Derrick Morgan, the young leader of the Morgan Family. I was willing to do everything I could, even if I had to give him my virginity in a car. Derrick was satisfied with my performance. My brother was safe. Things seemed to go on the right cracks until I found I was pregnant. I decided to tell my baby's father, only to find he would marry another woman in three days. I shouldn't disturb his happiness. But how could I give up my own baby? Moreover, I also had a crush on this rich, domineering guy. So, on his wedding day, I wore the bridal veil, waiting for him to choose between his fiancee and me...

Inside the detention center.

"Sister, please save me! I'm innocent. I didn't do anything!”

Standing across a narrow table, Carmen Hardy felt as if her heart was slowly being ripped in half as she heard her brother, Nicholas’s helpless and hoarse cries for help.

Tears welled up in her eyes. She tried her best to hold them back and to stop herself from crying.

It had been three days since her brother was caught.

She had done everything she could to get the opportunity to visit the prison, going to the police station and the detention center several times. She finally was able to do so with the help of a lawyer.

Her brother was bright and handsome, a sophomore with good academic performance. He was friendly and respectful to everyone. She thought that he was the pride and hope of their family.

But this disaster had crushed him completely.

In mere three days, his face had become haggard and he had lost a lot of weight, his usual energetic spirit had completely disappeared.

Carmen's heart ached. She held her brother's hands tightly. "I believe in you! I know you would never commit such a crime!"

"Miss Hardy, visiting hours are over. Let's go outside and talk about this." Sean Conner, their lawyer, who was waiting quietly on the side, reminded her softly.

Carmen nodded. She blinked her tears away and comforted her brother once more, "Don't worry, I will get you out of here! I will no matter what!"

She reluctantly allowed herself to be led out of the room, her gaze never leaving her brother. 

As soon as she emerged, her mother, Lisa West, rushed up to grab Carmen's hand. Her body trembled with tears. "How is Nicholas? How is my son? Oh God, your brother never went through something like this before. He is such a good boy, he would never hurt a fly. You have to save him."

Watching her mother cry, Carmen’s desperately held back tears came rushing back. 

She hugged her. "Mom, don't worry.” She comforted her, rubbing her back soothingly. “We've found a lawyer. Sean will have a way to save him."

"Sean!" Lisa took the lawyer's hand and pleaded, "You have to save Nicholas. He has always been good and obedient ever since he was a child. Every teacher in the school praised him, they even said that we should send him to study abroad in the future. He still has a good future in front of him. He would never commit a crime.”

Sean saw that Lisa was losing control of her emotions, so he tried to ease her worries. "Ma'am, since you've asked me to be responsible for this case, I will do everything I can to ensure that he will be free soon,” he assured her. “I've been studying the case in close detail for the past two days, and I see that there is no evidence, there is nothing to prove that your son assaulted this woman. That means that we can fight the charge.” He paused for a moment before continuing. “But this case is strange, it is proceeding so quickly. Under normal circumstances, if someone was detained, there must be some evidence to prove that he is connected to the crime. In the case of your son, there is nothing, so he shouldn't be locked up.” 

Carmen and Lisa were both stunned by his words.

Both of them knew nothing about the law, and they were in an utter state of chaos ever since Nicholas was imprisoned.

"What can we do?" Lisa asked. They were at a complete loss.

Sean quickly appeased them. "Don't worry, I'll ask around for more information, and we will definitely figure out what to do."

After they were done talking, he went to the side and took a phone call.

Ten minutes later, Sean put down the phone. 

Carmen noticed that he had a grave expression on his pale face. 

Her heart jumped and started to beat rapidly. She hurried over to ask, "What happened?" 

Sean sighed and shook his head. "Terrible news. I don't think we can use the normal judicial procedures to resolve your brother's case. That's because the victim seems to be connected with the Morgan family."

Carmen was stunned. "The Morgan family? Which one? Do you mean... that well-known Morgan family?"

"Yes, that family. Not only that, but the person pursuing the case is Derrick Morgan, the head of the Morgan family!"

Sean sighed again. "So... I'm sorry. I'm afraid I can't interfere in this matter.” He looked down, too ashamed to look her in the eye. “Your only solution is... Well, I'm afraid that you need to confront President Morgan yourself to resolve this. No lawyer will want to take your case for fear of losing their job."

Carmen was stunned, her mind buzzing with alarm.

She had never expected that this matter would be connected to the Morgan family!

They were one of the wealthiest families in the country, and they were extremely powerful. Derrick had a reputation for being cold and ruthless.

How could her brother win against a family like that?

Lisa was unable to withstand such news. Her trembling body took a step back before she fell to the ground and fainted.

Carmen quickly sent her mother to the hospital while still in a state of utter shock.

An hour passed.

Carmen left the hospital and sent a message to her best friend, Cynthia Jones, who was a reporter at the local newspaper office. “Cynthia,” she typed. “Could you help me and check Derrick Morgan's schedule?”

Although Carmen knew that Derrick's very existence was one that she could never dream of getting close to, she still wouldn’t give up.

As long as she had a chance to save her brother, she was willing to do anything!

“He's in a banquet hall on the third floor of the Emperor Hotel,” Cynthia quickly messaged her back. “There is a business banquet tonight. I heard that Derrick will be attending, but the rumor may not be true.”

After replying, Cynthia suddenly realized what her friend had asked, and quickly followed up with, "Wait... Why do you want to know about Derrick's schedule? Do you know him?”

Carmen didn't reply. She didn’t have time for this. Her brother was in prison and her mother was in the hospital. She immediately took a taxi to the Emperor Hotel.

The Emperor Hotel was a six-star hotel in North City, with strict security, the best that money could buy. It was a popular gathering place for wealthy and powerful families, and it was said that they spent tens of thousands of dollars there every night.

Carmen squatted out of sight in the underground parking lot and waited in silence.

Hours passed.

When the clock struck midnight a tall figure appeared, flanked by four bodyguards in black.

The man was wearing a custom-made black suit with well-cut lines, outlining his slim and lean waist. His legs were enclosed in black trousers, which made him look dignified and slender.

From where Carmen was squatting, she could only see his well-defined face.

The corners of his eyes were slightly tilted with thick eyebrows. The bridge of his nose was tall and straight, and his thin lips were tightly pressed together. He exuded an air of indifference and arrogance.

Anyone would feel daunted in his presence. 

Carmen recognized him immediately. It was Derrick Morgan.

She quickly stood up and was about to rush over to him when she unexpectedly lost her balance and fell. She had been squatting on the ground for so long that her legs had become numb.

At that same moment, the man was escorted by his bodyguards into the car. 

The car had started to move. Seeing that it was about to leave, she ran out to meet it.

She ran as fast as lightning, and didn’t stop until she reached the center of the exit and confronted the approaching car head-on.

"Stop the car!"

Carmen waved her arms out frantically, standing in front of the car.

The black Maybach suddenly came to a stop less than a meter away from where she was standing.

"What's going on?" From the backseat of the car, Derrick, who seemed drunk, demanded, his tone cold and displeased.

The driver answered him in fear, "I'm sorry, Mr. Morgan, someone is blocking the way."

Derrick narrowed his eyes and looked coldly at Carmen who stood in front of the car. "Get off and have a look."

"Yes, sir."

The bodyguards got off the car quickly to confront Carmen. One of the bodyguards scolded her loudly, "Who are you? Why are you stopping the car?"

Carmen looked up at the tall and strong bodyguards as fear struck her heart. However, she said stubbornly, "I want to see President Morgan. I need to talk to him about something. Please inform him of my request and ask him to speak to me."

The bodyguards were used to seeing those kinds of tricks. Women who wanted to get close to Derrick often used that trick, and the bodyguards had long since become accustomed to issues like these. "Our president does not meet with strangers.” One of them said flat out. “Please get out of the way."

Carmen shook her head. "I have important business with him. It won't take much time. Just give me five minutes."

“What’s taking you so long?” Derrick was getting rather impatient. 

He had spent the night entertaining guests and had drunk a lot of wine. Right now, he was extremely uncomfortable and all he wanted to do was to go home and rest.

After being stuck there for so long, he was about to lose his temper. 

Seeing that his boss's temper was beginning to flare, Ronald Lawson, Derrick's assistant, hurriedly got out of the car to resolve the situation. 

As soon as he approached her, he heard Carmen say, "I'm here to speak about my brother's case. Please tell him that I need to talk to him."

The moment Ronald heard the word 'case', he assumed that she was here to talk about business. "Miss, if you want to talk about business, you can go to Morgan Corporations to make an appointment,” he said kindly. “Please don't block the way."

Carmen recalled her brother’s haggard expression and her mother’s despair. She shook her head, still unwilling to move. 

Two bodyguards shrugged. Seeing that there was nothing else to be done, they forcibly lifted her out of the way. 

Carmen struggled "Let me go!” She screamed.

The man inside the car, whose indifference had turned to impatience and annoyance, ordered, "Drive."

The car started moving again and was about to pass by Carmen.

Carmen fell into a rage.

Her younger brother was innocent, but he was charged with a fabricated crime because of Derrick.

At first, she wanted to discuss things with him because she knew all about his respected position, but now it seemed impossible.

"You b*stard!" Carmen cursed angrily. With a sudden burst of inexplicable strength, she threw off the two bodyguards' grips.

Then she quickly took out a bottle of water from her bag and splashed it into the open window without hesitation.

Her aim was accurate and impeccable. It hit Derrick square on the head and splashed all over his face.

In an instant, the air in the car seemed to freeze.

The other bodyguards stared, terrified from what had just happened. The driver stepped on the brake in a hurry.

Ronald turned around nervously and tentatively asked his boss, "Mr. Morgan, are you all right?"

He looked into Derrick's dark eyes, whose gaze was now as sharp as blades.

There was a dark furrow between his eyebrows. His expression was tense, and he gritted his teeth. "Seize that d*mn woman!"