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The Villainess Wields A Sword

The Villainess Wields A Sword




Villainess Series 2. After going back in time, she learned how to treasure people around her, her family's reputation had improved a little and now, she was on her on the next step of achieving her goals. As she learns brandishing her sword, she would be able to get closer to her new found friends while her brothers were away but could they really be her friend? Or they might be a foe someday? Would it be okay for a Princess like her who was protected by everyone to wield a sword? She just wanted to protect everyone around her that she never did but learning to protect come with stakes that she never knew. What if learning how to wield a sword comes with consequences? Would she be able to conquer and thrive for more or would she give up and savor the moments of being the only living Princess in the Emprire while changing her fate on the side lanes? Maxineirah wanted to be useful. As she struggle more to live, she would encounter new people who would fill her world, be it an ally or an enemy. As she continue to change her future, the events would stir up the way she did not predicted.

Spring has come and the snow gathered and piled up on the ground was starting to melt. Bald trees were starting to grow out leaves and little buds from the tips of the branches were also starting to blossom.

The servants were carrying out several luggage from the house to the carriage. “Be careful on the Young Masters’ stuff. You pay what you destroy.” The Head Maid who was overseeing the work warned.

The servants who have stuff in their hands shivered. They could never pay a single thing if they were talking about their lords’ personal things. A single brooch would worth 5 years of their wage, thus, they were also afraid of stealing because once they were caught, they could be imprisoned for stealing from a noble and loose both of their arms.

Once all of the luggages were settled in, Maximus and his children mounted the carriage.

After taking their seats, they all eyed Maximillian with their confused eyes because he was just wearing his casual clothes while his three younger brothers were already wearing their school uniforms.

Maximillian Altrei Leicester Levyne Zachrono. The first and oldest son of one of the Dukes in Asthal Empire. The Heir and next Successor of House Zachrono. 12 years of age and currently in 6th grade.

He avoided their criticizing eyes and pretended not to notice the way they looked at him.

“Why are you not wearing your uniform, Brother?” Maximo asked with his scrutinizing eyes but Maximillian did not bat an eye and fixed his gaze outside the moving carriage.

Maximo Freiston Deene Levyne Zachrono. Second son of House Zachrono, 11 years of age and currently a fifth grader.

They were all waiting for him to answer but after seconds of waiting, they did not get any response from him. They all poker faced. Their stares were like arrows for Maximillian who was trying hard not to bothered by them.

“Maximillian?” the Duke called in a serious tone.

Maximus Blairgowrie Empingham Sahrent Zachrono. The current Duke of Zachrono House, one of the Heroes of the battlefield in the last great war. 37 years of age and the 3rd prominent man next to the Emperor of the Empire and Archduke.

Maximillian flinched. He could not help but to sigh and look at his family.

“I do not have plans to go in the academy.” Maximillian answered in a bored tone.

“WHAT?!” his siblings asked in surprised. He could tell that his younger brothers already have an idea as to why he did not want to go while Maxineirah had this question mark plastered on her innocent face.

“No way!” Maxwell crossed his arms as he leaned back and glared at his Brother Maximillian.

Maxwell Kalamos Zanetti Levyne Zachrono. The fifth and youngest son of House Zachrono. Aging 6 years young.

“Dad! If Brother Millian would not go, then I would also not go!” Maxillary threw his tantrum that made the Duke massage his temple and let out a sigh. Such troublesome sons. He was thankful to have at least one adorable daughter.

Maxillary Deanshanger Gresford Levyne Zachrono. Fourth son of house Zachrono. 8 years old and currently in 2nd grade.

Maximo could only shake his head in awe as something odd flashed in his smile from hearing that ridiculous statement from his older brother.

Maximo was thinking how unusual of his Brother Maximillian of him to say that crude words -at least for him- when Maximillian was the most determined man he knew that wanted to be always around the school’s vicinity that he almost would not want to go home.

If we were talking about Maximillian, no one would know him the best other than Maximo

and Maxineirah

in terms of his will to graduate not just with flying colors but with rainbows.

“And why would you not go?” the Duke asked in a serious face.

Their eyes locked when Maximillian did not bothered to look away from his father’s deep eyes.

“I do not need to go anymore, Father. I already know everything our teacher had and has not taught us and I am already in the top of our class.”

“Even if you are, I have not heard anything from your teachers about the notice.”

“Because they are quite slow with the process.”

“You should go until the notice comes.”


“Maxine does not want lazy brothers. Right, Maxine?” Maximus of course, already knew the real reason why his son did not want to go but he would not let his son get his way now that Maximus’ rivals for Maxineirah would now decrease.

Maximus found his way to persuade Maximillian in going to the academy and that mean was through no other than their youngest Maxineirah, of course. Maxineirah was their only weakness.

Maximillian stared at Maxineirah for a long time.

“Maxine, you do not want me to go, right? Just say it and I will stay by your side.” Maximillian said smugly that made their brothers and father snorted at his remark.

Maximillian growled at his brothers and the four fell on silence while their father silently smirked at him.

“Brother Millian.” Maxineirah started to call lovingly with a beautiful smile plastered on her face.

Maxineirah Shinoe Alde Levyne Zachrono. The first, only and youngest child of Zachrono in her 5 years of age. Came back 15 years from the future after her execution to make everything right.

An abandoned Crown Princess who died a miserable death with no one at her side.

After returning in her 5-year old body -that distorted the flow of life, she made slight changes and decided to do better, starting to her family.

To her family who hated her and at the same time, loved her in the past. She was to overcome the love-hate relationship her family had towards her and was able to soften their heart in just three months.

The love-hate relationship was over and able to prove herself to them.

“Yes?” Maximillian was hopeful.

“I want a hard working, kind and smart brother.” Those words were like a knife stabbed Maximillian and their brothers stopped their selves from laughing.

“Fine.” Maximillian sighed in defeat.

“Ehem.” Maximo cleared his throat and paid Maxlein his attention.

“Did you heard that, Lein? Maxine said, she want a ‘hard working, kind and smart brother’.”

“What are you trying to prove huh?!” asked Maxlein who was trying not to grab his brother in the collar. Maximo shrugged, grinning.

Maxlein Sydenham Chester Levyne Zachrono. The third son of House Zachrono and currently at 3rd grade.

“Brother Amo was saying that do not dare to cut classes and avoid fighting again.” Maxillary said straightforwardly that made Maxineirah astonished.

Maxlein suddenly want to zip his younger brother’s mouth.

“Really? Brother Lein was cutting classes and picking fights?” asked Maxineirah pretending to be confused to tease her brother when she already knew everything.

“Hey! It was not me who was starting the fight!” Maxlein defended.

“Then cutting your classes were true?” Maxillary asked sarcastically.

“Amp-“ Maxlein could not rebut because it was true and he could not dare lie when Maxine was making such a cute face.

“Brother Lein was guilty.” Maxwell cheekily whispered to Maxineirah and they both chuckled. Maxlein could not do anything but to be pissed off silently because his sister was smiling prettily even though it was because of Maxwell’s teasing.

They passed by the busy town until they reached the borders of the Zachrono walls. A plain land that was settled in the end of the Empire. Three teleportation platform that could mount 50 people each were placed in the plain land.

“Wear your masks now.” Maximus said before the carriage finally stopped.

The masks has different colors for the people who would go to the academy. Green for the people accompanying the students and blue for the students. Everyone that tagged along with the students would have to wear a mask so the background of the students would be discreet until their arrival to their dorms.

There was no life that could be seen in the barren land and the wind was whipping averagely, blowing the sands around.

After arriving there, they were not the only ones who were present there and preparing for departure. There were a lot of people gathering at every part, around the teleportational platform,from nobles to commoners who were bidding goodbyes with their loved ones.

Some people were not wearing a mask were magicians who would operate the teleportation platform and guide the students in transporting their luggages.

Paraché Academy. The only school that the world has. It had been the neutral zone of every empire since it was built in Year 101. Everyone was welcome to study but there were some requirements needed to be enrolled.

Paraché was located at the middle of the human world, surrounded by the Empires. It is a region surrounded by high mountains in the West, a vast sea in the North, a non-ending dessert in the South and Forest of wild animals and monsters in the East, protected by an illusion barrier from the outside that no one could get into without using teleportation provided by the self-operated nation of Paraché.

It is almost a Kingdom or Principality that do not belong to any Empire. It is a self-run country where scholars and geniuses emerge from, status inside the academy were hidden except for those who want to reveal their status.

The Paraché Academy offers different courses and subjects that students could self-pick. Not only that, different races were also welcome to study that makes students compete with each other.

“Son, please be careful. I will miss you.”

“You brat, do not dare make any troubles there or I will pull you back here!”

“Papa~! I do not wish to go!”

The chatters could be heard clearly, warning, bidding goodbyes, and giving advices to their children.

Maxlein suddenly grabbed his sister’s hands and looked at her with his eyes glittering from both excitement and sorrow.

“Princess, do not forget to write to me everyday, okay?” Maxlein asked so hopeful that his shining face was blinding Maxineirah.

Everyday? That was absurd! It takes a month for a letter to arrive from Asthal to Paraché since letters were being sort out first and sending private messages to Paraché would be costly.

Messengers could only be from Paraché Academy if the recipient is a student of the said academy, so private messages that could arrive within a day comes in a hefty price.

“Uhh. Brother, I can only send letter once a month.” Maxineirah said and their Dad, Maximus nodded in agreement albeit he has a lot of money to spare how ever costly is it. He just do not want them communicate at all because he wanted to take his daughter all to himself.

‘Why does Father look so glad? Or am I only imagining things?” was Maximus’ saplings’ thought after seeing his face.

“Thrice.” Brother Maxlein said and he made a puppy look that Maxineirah could not resist but,

“I can not~ it is too pricey.” Maxineirah complained.

“When did we problem money?” Ah. He was right. Their House is wealthy enough to build their own Kingdom with their fortune.

“But-“ Maxineirah was about to refuse when,

“Then, twice a month! “ Maxlein said boastfully and Maxineirah sighed in defeat. If she tried to refuse her brother more, the more Maxlein would increase his demand.

“Fine~ twice a month. No more than that.” She thought the dilemma was finished when Maxlein happily bid his sister goodbye with a kiss on the cheek and went to the other students wearing the same blue mask but her other three brothers gathered in front of her, demanding the same things.

Letters and a kiss of farewell before they all went to the platform.

Maxineirah could not do anything but to agree.

She waved her hand at them before they vanished in the thin air inside the platform.

They went home and ate their lunch in the training grounds. It was a little quieter now that her four brothers were now in the academy. Maxineirah noticed Maxwell who was being quiet eversince they arrived.