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Hey! I'm Your Final Bride

Hey! I'm Your Final Bride



Eleanor Beasley hosted a blind-date show, in which the richest billionaire Efrain Morgan was the main character. He had divorced six wives, and the award for his seventh wife was ten million dollars! Every girl in marriageable age competed for Efrain's attention. But actually Efrain wasn't interested in marriage. During the show, he recognized that Eleanor was a girl he used to bump into, so he gave her an opportunity to be the candidate. Eleanor turned to refuse it, but when she found out her cheating ex-bf was going to marry her step-sis, she decided to marry Efrain, the richest guy. After she saw Efrain, he told her that...

Eleanor read the detailed information about her guest—Efrain, the one who called the shots in the Morgan Group, the family that ruled the whole City K.

Just two months ago, he divorced his sixth wife.

In just three years, all his marriages ended in terrible ways, which made Brenda Morgan, his mother, so anxious that she spent tons of money hiring so-called wizards, fortune tellers in hope that these people could break the curse on Efrain's marriage.

However, on the day of the ritual, rain poured down and the ritual had to be called off.

The fortune-teller shook his head, indicating that he couldn't do anything to the curse.

Brenda had no way out and decided to send her son to the well-known blind date show of the City's channel.

If Efrain were to pick any of the girls, she would receive a reward of ten million dollars.

As soon as the news spread, it caused a sensation in the whole city.

So many women signed up for the show that the show's crew spent four whole days to filter out those that didn't qualify at first glance.

After reading the information, Eleanor pressed her temples. It was true that money made the world go round. After divorcing six times and being a notorious demon, the ten-million reward still drove out the desires in all the women.

In fact, it was not only them, but also her father, who was in trouble with his business, who implied that she should make good use of her position and "get to know" the man, who was powerful enough to help her family through the predicament.

If she could get the ten million reward and marry such a powerful man, all it took was a nod from Efrain to revive the Beasley family business!

But for such a big shot like him, Eleanor didn't even know if he would waste a second on her.

At this time, the director pushed the door and came in, urging, "Get ready. Mr. Morgan has already arrived."

Because today's recording was very special, Eleanor couldn't help but feel a little nervous. However, she forced herself to be in her best state.


Before the golden door on the No. 7 Stage was pushed open, the noise and cheering out there could already be heard.

"You guys might as well quit now. All it's gonna take is one look from him and he will fall for me. You can forget about the money and leave now. And do you know who my daddy is?"

"Tsk! Why don't you take a look in the mirror? You might be pretty, but do you know who's also pretty? His second wife, who was divorced by him all the same!"

"Your daddy? You probably forgot that Efrain's fifth wife was the daughter of the mayor!"

"You won't stand a chance against us, you stupid fool!"

Eleanor glanced around indifferently. In front of her was a group of gold-diggers who might look all charming and elegant, but beneath their skin was nothing but silicon boob-jobs and wicked desire for wealth and status.

Without exception, they all had a good family background, high education, and beauty.

At first glance, these women looked like delicate flowers in full bloom, and no man around the world could resist the temptation of them.

All of a sudden, the walkie-talkie rang. Efrain had arrived!

All of a sudden, the audience quieted down, and Eleanor immediately braced herself up.

As early as three days ago, Eleanor had been asked to repeatedly practice the ceremony of greeting Efrain. There were specific standards from the make-up to the smile on her face, so strict that they were beyond her imagination.

In the rehearsal before, the chief operator of the channel came over in person. He pointed out that Eleanor's expression was not charming enough, and her tone was not gentle enough. He told her she would either find a way to make herself perfect without a flaw or hit the road after the show.

At this time, on the big screen in the middle of the stage, a team of cars led by a silver-gray Bugatti Veyron appeared, followed by six Bentleys.

After a while, the Bugatti Veyron steadily came to a halt.

Four mercenary' bodyguards jumped out of the car first, standing on the left and right side of the door of the Bugatti Veyron.

One of the bodyguards bowed respectfully and opened the door gently.

A pair of shiny leather shoes came out of the car, and then a pair of slender legs.

All the women on the stage held their breath to behold the appearance of Efrain, the Prince of the City.