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Find Me Again

Find Me Again

Author:Ai Luan



Xie Yun writes a letter to his husband Xiao Yang for 7 days after which they will meet eachother again after a long separation. "Here I wait under the Peach blossom trees we first met hoping to catch a glimpse of the man in black robes once again in this lifetime"

  Sitting down on a chair with a small smile on his face was the emperor's brother 8th prince Xie Yun. He had long given up the palace life and moved into the north state. He now sat with a fresh bowl of peach next to him gazing upon the beautiful peach blossoms which are in full bloom at this time of the year. He quietly called for little ying who rushed to him quickly with the paper and ink he had requested. He gazed at the breathtaking view once again and began to write

  Dear Yang,

  It's spring once again in the north state our house is once again filled with the smell of peach blossoms ...the ones we planted together that day you still remember it? My memories are blurred these days but I remember that day very clearly.

  We had just moved into the household that day always knew exactly what I loved. In fact there has never been another who knew me better than you. This year spring came early and so the weather is unusually beautiful than normal. At times like this, I wish you'd be here with me so we can spend the day together. I'd make you peach blossom cakes that you loved. Oh how I Wanna hear you play the flute again.

  I wonder how are you these days have you been well? Do you eat well? Rest well? You have always overworked yourself please remember to save time for yourself my love just as I promised you, I have been taking care of myself but whatever happens beyond that is not under my capabilities. Older brother requested an audience with Me a few days back. He wanted to check how I've been and today he sent the imperial physician to check on me and send lots of medicine and herbs even though I told him I am well. Gege has always been like that, hasn't he? He never changed, always so protective sister-in-law is with a child now. I wonder if it's a little prince or princess. I should visit her more ...what do you think ya'er ? That's all for now I will write to you very soon I'll go back inside now and drink some peach blossom tea.

  with that, he put his signature and ended the letter.

  Little Ying who was waiting behind him watched as the prince stood up and began to walk but soon stumbled and almost fell, that is before ying caught him.

  "your highness are you alright?!" She panicked and called for the other servants who rushed to assist their prince but Xie Yun only gently brushed them away saying he can handle himself and that he isn't some sickly old man.

  Even so little ying carefully walked behind very close to him because regardless of what his Highness thought his health was very poor the prince has always had weak health, and these few years it has only worsened ...she could only hope for better days to come. when it comes to his highness ying is always worried she feels that she has a life of debt to repay them both of them had rescued her from a group of human traffickers at the age of 5 and raised her ever since showing nothing but kindness and compassion.

  But after being with them for so long she realized that life isn't fair. In fact it never has been you can do nothing but good all your life and yet suffer the most. old men always say you will get good in the afterlife I can only hope it's true,

  Moreover, I had promised the general I would take care of his highness while he is away, and for the sake of that promise, I am willing to do few things even if his highness disagrees with it.