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The Son Of The CEO

The Son Of The CEO



General Romance

Diana Fallon's boss wants her to become a mentor for his son. Show him the ways of the business world. The only problem is that Diana knows how much of a two-faced the CEO's son can be. In the eyes of the world, he's modernly conservative. But when she's in the room, it's like trying to steer an uncontrollable vehicle. Join Diana as she tries to follow through with her boss' request while at the same time, handle Azriel Lennox who can't seem to stay away from her orbit even when she's not at work.

It's silent.

As I stare with wide eyes, the old man's words play in repeat inside my head. The door's right over there. I could leave. But just as I'm about to say something, my boss beats me to it as he shows me a little grin, making the wrinkles beside his eyes more prominent.

"I think it's about time my son learn how we do things here. "His raspy voice chastised. "And who better person to train him than my own secretary?"

I don't know whether or not I should take that as a compliment, or the beginning of my demise.

He's not wrong though. I know how the company works like the back of my hand, but getting my boss' son on the train would probably be one of the hardest tasks to handle. But it's not like I can say no either. This is coming from my own boss' mouth after all. The guy who's in charge of my salary. I fix my posture, swallowing the urge to break professionalism. The back of my head's kinda itchy.

"Um.."I start off only to trail off as I feel my tongue twist into a knot. I can't complain even If I wanted to. Clearing the lump in my throat I figured there isn't much of a reasonable protest to be said. Eventually, sometime in the future, his son would have to take his father's place as CEO.

And that was something inevitable after the eldest of the Lennox family declined the spot.

Azriel Lennox: The heir to the most successful company in the country. He's the second child in the family and oftentimes seen as the mature one. When it comes to appearance, people rate him a ten out of ten. You can find his face in every hottest magazine there is. And as hard as it is to believe, the boy made it as one of the top ten most handsome faces to exist in this century. In other words, there's no one in this country that hasn't seen or heard of him.

"Yes, sir." I rigidly say. But deep inside, I want to take it back.

As if the demons didn't just make my life anymore harder, my boss tells me this. "Great. Then I guess it's settled. You can start tomorrow. I'll have the driver send him straight here after his session. "

Wait what?

Did my ears just play a trick on me or did I just hear him say tomorrow?

"T-tomorrow? T-that fast?" I wasn't expecting that at all.

A little extra time before the real thing would have been great since I still need to gather some pointers for the newbie. Then again, it's not like I can exteriorize my inner turmoil right now.

As I cast those thoughts aside, my boss rasps out a chuckle."The sooner the better Ms. Fallon. And besides, I'd want to enjoy my grandchildren after I retire. I'm not getting any younger here. "

At the sound of that, I can't help but let out a little smile.

Last week, the whole company had celebrated his fortieth birthday. It was also during that time I got to see his wife, Mrs. Lennox and Azriel after so many years.

At that very same party, did I come to realize how much of a jerk Azriel's become. And this is surprising since he wasn't like that all before.

The building's reception's mildly busy with the remaining staff checking their stations. They walk past me with a bow and I do the same.

Over in the waiting lounge sat my brother, Josh, sandwiched between two large cushions. Dressed for the weather, he had on that oversized hoodie I bought for him two weeks ago.

He looked so little sitting alone on the big couch, reminding me of the cute three year old he once was. I can't help but fish for my phone and take a picture.

He's too occupied with his phone to even notice me sneaking up on him from behind.

"Boo!" I whisper beside his ear.

" You're here. About time." He murmurs instead, unaffected.

Scrunching my nose, I grab the base of his hoody and mercilessly yank it down to his face and earn myself a disoriented grunt from the boy. Colorful strings of complaints follow afterward.

Serves him right. That's no way to speak to his older sister.

"Did you wait long?"

He shakes his head. "No. I just got here."

I scavenge for my car keys before gesturing for him to follow me outside. Grabbing his bag, Josh trails behind like a puppy as I exit the ginormous building.

The day pretty much ends after that. I reach home, take a shower, change into comfortable clothes and doze off at exactly midnight after concluding my last report for work.

The last thought in my mind before sleep claimed me whole, would be me figuring out how to side-step Azriel's tactics before I become a victim.

I cover my eyes with my arm, grinding my teeth together.

It's final. I'm screwed.