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Remarriage: Married To Brother's Friend

Remarriage: Married To Brother's Friend



General Romance

  Her mother-in-law looked angrier and angrier every day, while her husband worked more and more overtime. Finally, one day, Bob brought back a woman who said she was having his baby ...... On the day of the divorce, Kitty's brother Calvin, who was abroad, asked his friend Wayne to come over and take care of her. Upon seeing the handsome man at the door, Kitty let out a deep sigh. Later Wayne proposed to her, Kitty was still a little unsure, "You really don't mind if I'm infertile?" Wayne clutched her hand and spoke in a flat tone, "I don't want children, I just want you." Not long after the wedding, Kitty found out she was pregnant. Soon after, she also heard that her former mother-in-law had taken her grandson for a paternity test ...... Kitty, "...... turns out it wasn't that I couldn't have one." Wayne wrapped his arms around her, his eyes full of laughter, "How can you have a baby without me?"

It was a very hot day in June.

In the kitchen, Kitty wiped the sweat off her forehead and turned the steak in the pan with the other hand.

The three-year-old girl, who was sitting next to her playing with her doll, ran over.

"Auntie, Ivy wants to eat steak."

"Okay, Ivy waits a little longer, it will be ready soon."

Kitty raised her hand to turn off the fire, turned her head, and saw the little girl's expectant eyes, could not help but curl her lips.

Cut off a piece, fanned the heat with his hand, and passed it to her mouth.


Ivy opened her mouth and took a bite, her eyes narrowed in satisfaction.

Kitty was amused by her and was about to feed her again when she suddenly heard her sister-in-law Cara's voice.

"Mom, Mom, Duke has pooped."

After waiting for a while without a response, Cara volume a little louder, "Mom, Mom ......"

"Hey ...... Kitty, go ahead and change the baby's diaper."

Hearing her mother-in-law's voice, Kitty responded, she cut a few steaks for Ivy, her tone gentle, "Ivy you eat here first, auntie goes help your brother change his diaper."

Kitty smiled and got up to walk out of the kitchen.

In the living room, her own mother-in-law, Frances, and her sister-in-law, Vicky, were sitting on the sofa talking.

Seeing Kitty come out, Vicky, who was facing this direction, stopped talking and then winked at Frances in front of her.

Frances did not seem to see, so Kitty walked through the living room, the words "who knows whether to have children or not" will fall into Kitty's ears.

The fan was still on in the living room, and Kitty didn't hear the rest of the words.

The sound of a baby crying came from inside the house, a messy bed, Cara half leaned over to soothe her son who was crying very hard.

Seeing her, Cara frowned, "What took you so long, Duke has been crying for half a day."

Kitty did not answer, went to the bedside, and carefully lifted the baby's blanket ...... she picked up the wet wipes, gently cleaned up the little baby, changed the soiled diaper, and took a new one to help him change.

Cara looked slightly relieved and asked, "Sister-in-law, where is my mother-in-law?"

"She's outside talking to Mom."

Kitty rewrapped the baby's blanket, Cara had just given birth to Ivy at that time and lived in her mother's house for two months, at that time she was still working in the police command center, night shifts during the day at home, gradually ...... also learned how to take care of the little baby.

Just a few days after the birth of the baby's eyes is not quite open, the smallmouth rolled up like a circle, Kitty looked at him, a moment a little lost in thought.

"After going to the doctor for so long, is it still useless?"

Kitty heard Cara's words, lowering her eyes to cover up the loss in Duke's eyes through the action of finishing the quilt.

"At my brother's age, children can run all over the place, right?" Cara sighs.

Kitty carried the wrapped baby to her side and didn't answer in the end.

"Take your time." Cara looked down at the baby in her arms and smiled helplessly, "Actually, having children is quite tiring, look at me now with these two, I can't even sleep well."

Kitty curled her lips, "How many people can't envy having two children."

This speaks to her heart, and the corner of Cara's mouth curled up, "only his family prefers sons to daughters, boys and girls are their own children, there is nothing to pick."

Kitty silently withdrew her eyes.

Yes, regardless of gender, she just needs to have a good.

Unfortunately, after four years of marriage to Bob, she was never able to conceive.

Cara asked nervously, "What's wrong with Ivy?"

"I'll go check."

Kitty had already walked out as she spoke.

In the kitchen, Vicky was holding Ivy, who had a broken gash on her hand, in a hurry, "My sweetheart, how can you play with a knife, you're really scaring Grandma."

Ivy just huffed and puffed and cried, "Cut, cut the steak."

Frances' gaze gave a beat and looked at her daughter-in-law who had just come in, her tone couldn't help but bring a hint of reproach.


"Why don't you make such a big piece of steak and give it to her in smaller pieces? She has only a few teeth. She's only a child with a few teeth, and she's still trying to cut it with a knife. It's really scary."

Kitty was stunned for a moment, "...... I was not paying attention."

Looking at the granddaughter who was crying, Frances' heart ached.

"Poor my little sweetheart, bleeding so much, ...... women who have never had children just can't bring up children, they don't know such things ......"

Kitty bit her lower lip, her face was a little hot.

"It's okay, kids always get hurt."

Vicky came out to round up, "Kitty came over to help most of the day this morning also tired, and she is inexperienced, were to understand these."

Kitty can help me to get iodine and band-aids, they are in the medicine box under the TV cabinet."

Kitty looked at her mother-in-law, answered, and went out.

Watching her figure disappear in the doorway, Vicky pulled Frances' shirt.

"There are some things we can say behind our backs, why say them in front of them, it should be unhappy to hear it."

Frances hugged Ivy, sniffed, and gave a cold hum.

"She is not comfortable? I'm not uncomfortable. The same is married, you are three years to have two children, and our family? ...... four years, do you think I am anxious? What's the use of looking pretty?"

Vicky sighed, "After seeing so many doctors, how come there is still no effect ......"

"Hell knows, she sees a doctor every day and takes medication, and spends so much money ......" Frances said in a bad mood.

Vicky looked at her hesitantly and hesitantly said, "Maybe ...... should we ask Bob to look at it too ...... he sits in the office every day ...... "

"What? It's not him."

Frances interrupted her with a sulky face, "can't have children are women's problems, where off men what matters. bob does not smoke nor drink, how can there be problems ......"


After a pause, and bristled, "Besides, the doctor also said that her body is difficult to conceive, it is not obvious that it is her problem ...... then also spent so much money to marry back, what is the use ...... "

Vicky smiled, out of the corner of his eye saw Kitty come in, and hurriedly pulled the topic back to Ivy's wounds.