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Author:Antonette Liebermann


General Romance

She is just a good girl trying to impress her parents. He is a bad boy who only joined this website so he could get a couple of bucks. He has tattoos, a bad attitude, smokes, has no care in the world and has a horrible past back in England. He can't stand her because she is a little spoiled brat who listens to everything her parents tell her. She can't stand him because of his mockery and stupid sarcastic comments. It's hard to hate someone who has a panty dropping smile, someone who awakes all your sexual desires, someone who changes you into the best version of yourself. Live your life like everyday is the last and one day you will be right. Previously Known as Rent a Christian boyfriend.


"Please read the code of conduct for Wattpad Community. I strongly advise this as I will no longer be taking the crap from people who sit around all day, preying on the next book/author that they're going to trash. I have zero tolerance for cyber bullies." ~ Stanlight.


Too chubby...

Too short...

Too skinny...

"His smile is just creepy." I said to my best friend who gave me a smile of disbelief. How did I end up on this site looking for a potential rental boyfriend as if I'm about to rent a car? Well, being twenty-five and single doesn't help when your parents believe..

"You should be married by now and this is the perfect age to have kids darling, you aren't getting any younger." My dear mother would always say every time, every given moment. My father would simply nod, it didn't help that I happened to be the only child. The only girl, I was your definition of a spoiled brat but it didn't bother me. My parents were well off, very well off... if I may say. My father is a well known surgeon around Los Angeles, my mother; she made a good house wife. They were practically the perfect couple, of course I wanted exactly what they had with someone one day, hopefully. They hated every single boyfriend, I had ever brought over. The Winters were very picky and pretty much perfectionists, our house practically looked like a Barbie doll house, all too perfect. My father went for golf with his posh friends; let's just say they were very very outgoing.

One thing, they never ever forgot to do was to go to church. Every Sunday and yes they loved matching outfits. Everyone at church respected them, they came for marriage advise, relationship advise, any other advise there is. After I graduated from college, I never turned back. I was tired of them controlling me, yes I was a nurse and no my father didn't convince me to follow the health department footsteps. It's just something, I'd always wanted and saw myself doing as a little girl. I loved helping people. It made me feel really good. Watching my father, help all those people and the way they thanked him over and over after every successful surgery. It made me fee really good. It was something I wanted to do, be able to help people.

I attended the best health scholarship in England, thanks to my father and his connections. He was just immensely proud and so was my mother. She told me to do better than her, I knew she loved being a housewife but she just wanted me to do better for myself.

If you think my parents weren't strict then this is where you let out an exaggerated sigh. I attended all girls schools from elementary school till high school. It was a boarding school, my father thought it would be great because I became somewhat independent. I saw them on some weekends and holidays, it didn't bother me.. as long as I was far away from their controlling ways.

I'm guessing you're waiting for the part of the story where I tell you, one day I stood up for myself and decided; I'm a big girl and I won't let them control me any longer.

Nope! I never did that's why I'm on this website, trying to find someone suitable.

"He looks good!" My bestfriend, Laura said pointing at the guy on the last column. Laura Johnston had been my bestfriend since my boarding school days. She was an elementary school teacher. Her father was our local pastor whom was best mates with my father. It was inevitable that we would end up friends from Sunday school till this day.

I stared at the picture of the man with warm hazel brown eyes, jet black hair, he had what looked like a lip ring-

"This website says Christian boyfriend but they have candidates with lip rings!" I said in an annoyed tone.

"There is just something about him, he is good looking." Laura said biting her tongue.

"You can hire him." I rolled my eyes.

"Leona, I'm not the one in search of a boyfriend here.." She said giving me a full look before looking back at the screen. "Eric Michelson." She whispered.

"Let's just give him a try, look it says he is British! Your parents will love that then you can say you met him in College back in Manchester."

I didn't want to admit that she was right. We could get him to wear a suit, there was no harm in that besides he was handsome.

"Eric Michelson.." I said biting my lip. "Okay!" I said clicking the hire button.

My only thought was, Lord knows please I hope I won't regret this.