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Impersonating The Alpha's Mate

Impersonating The Alpha's Mate

Author:Hannah Uzzy



Deception, indecision,envy, love take the order of the day as Davina Othis, a human girl who is hated and not wanted by her family gets transported to an alternate universe by a witch. In this universe, she finds out that human beings are given abilities to shape shift into wolves and more importantly, herself in alternate universe,is Alexis, the alpha, Calvin Sanchez's mate and Alexis is missing. Frail hearted and desperate to stay alive in a world of animals, she plays the part of Alexis, the Alpha's real mate with the help of the alpha's aide and trusted friend Dante. Dante protects her from the werewolves and teaches her how to act like Alexis and they both deceive Calvin, the Alpha. But what will happen when the conspiracy between Raymond Sanchez, Calvin's elder brother and the Beta wolf and Amber the Luna wolf is revealed and Alexis is actually dead not missing. Will Dante be able to protect Davina as Raymond and Amber try to kill her? What will happen when Calvin, finds out that his mate is not only an impostor but also a human being unable to shape shift into a wolf? And what will unfold as Dante begins to fall deeply in love with Davina, the alpha's mate. Will he go against the alpha? And also, what will happen to Calvin, the Alpha as his elder brother Raymond, the beta leads a pack of rogue wolves and tries to become the alpha? Read Impersonating the Alpha's mate to find out.

Davina inhaled and exhaled severally before she reluctantly got into the house. She met her Mother, Maxine and her siblings, Claire and Pete seated infront of the TV. They watched so intensely that they failed to notice her entrance.

She laughed without humour, she just came back from Mrs Ames's store where she went to buy groceries and she'd finished going on different errands for Maxine in a space of three hours. Seeing Pete and Claire seated comfortably while she worked her ass off, doing Maxine's errands and her two part time jobs made her blood boil in indignation.

Well, she was meant to be used to this way of life. That was just her life. Maxine never treated her like a daughter and her siblings despised her.

She felt something hit her and it made her jolt from her thoughts.

It was Pete who threw her a shoe.

"Are you just going to stand there like a zombie" he mocked.

"I'm back, Maxine. I got the groceries and I also had Mrs Smith's tea delivered to her and I ....." she gushed nervously

"go take out the trash" Maxine cut her off

"I did that this evening" she said

"Well, trash gets filled up every now and then"

"But Pete and Claire have been....."

"NOW!" Maxine yelled

She wordlessly went and took the trash out.

She didn't know how she felt while taking out the trash. This was all unfair. They were her family. Why'd they treat her that way.

She hadn't met her Father and she wasn't given an answer whenever she asked about him.

Sometimes she just wanted to run far away from them and their shitty personalities.

Her stomach suddenly rumbled, she was famished. She headed straight to the kitchen after she disposed the trash.

To her utter dismay, there was no food left for her.

"Maxine did you keep any food for me?"

she asked her mother

"keep it down dimwit, you shouldn't make noise because of a few chores " Claire said to her

resisting the urge to snap back at Claire, she faced Maxine

"What does it look like Davina?" Maxine, uttered remorselessly, "you came back with groceries, make your meal and when you're done, do the dishes we left in the sink "

Her eyes stung as she let out a scornful laugh.

"I worked my ass off doing your stupid errands, and this is what I get? starvation?"

"Don't be dramatic, Davina, go make your meal and eat it!" replied Maxine

"dramatic?" she scoffed. This was more than she could handle. She shouldn't have to put up with their shenanigans anymore. She couldn't.

"You know what Maxine, Screw you!!"

"what?" Maxine exclaimed. At this point, she had the undivided attention of Clare and Pete.

"You haven't exactly been the mother of the year! Was I adopted? Or did you pick me up from somewhere? Just say it!"

"You're pissing me off, Davina. Head to the kitchen and do the dishes, then I'll forget this ever happened " said Maxine

"You think I want that?"

Tears flowed down her eyes as she let out pent up emotion towards her Mom and siblings

"You're the biggest bitch I've ever laid my eyes on. Even if you're my mom, like you claim to be, I hate you with every fibre of my being " she yelled at Maxine

"and you both," she pointed to Pete and Claire "Man-whore and lady whore. Don't you dare think your hatred isn't mutual"

"Screw you all! I'm leaving and I'll never return" Davina said and stormed off before they had the chance to reply.