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The Playboy Meets His Coach

The Playboy Meets His Coach




Have you ever thought of teaching someone a lesson by helping them on how to be a good person? Just like coaching a playboy on how to respect girls and stop playing with their feelings? Have you ever thought of helping someone and also helping yourself at the same time? By overcoming your fears together with that person. Do you think it will work if you did that with the people you love?

Jassy Trillana's POV

I am having a blast in the arcade when a man hit me with something hard.

"Ouch!" I moaned in pain.

I looked at the man who hit me with something hard and he is just standing at my back.

"Can you get that for me?" he asked smiling while pointing at the big dice he had hit me with.

Ha! He didn't even say sorry?

I take the dice from the floor and look at it before I bring back my gaze at him.

"This?" I asked him.

"Yeah. That." he replied.

"Okay." I said sarcastically before I threw the dice in the air and catch it using my right hand.

I opened my hand and I saw one dot. He's lucky.

I look back at him before giving him a smile.

"Catch." I said before I threw the dice at him.

But it's not for him to catch it using his hands. It's for him to catch it with using his face.

Bull's eye!

"Aww!" he moaned in pain.

"Elijah!" a man rushed at him and checked his condition.

It is just a dice. It won't kill him. He should be thankful that the dice rolled at one because if not, that dice will go in his private part.

I leave the arcade after that and go back to our house because it's already late. I have to sleep now because my mom will scold me again if she catch me still awake at this hour saying that I don't have blood in my body anymore.

I was walking in a dark place that I don't even know where. I don't know what kind of place this is and I don't know why I am here.

"Jassy . . ." a voice of a man whispered. A familiar voice of a man.

I look at my back to see if he's there but he is not.

"Jassy . . ." he whispered again and now I know who he is.

For the second time that I heard his voice, I now know who's the owner of it.

"Stay away from me!" I shouted in nowhere because I still don't know where he is.

It's so dark in this place and I don't know where to find him.

"Jassy, honey! Wake up!" I woke up from my nightmare when I heard my mom's voice outside of my room.

Oh, God! That scares me to death!

I thought he's back again to destroy me and everyone around me. I hope he will never find us again.

My mom knocked on the door three times before shouting my name again.

"Sweetheart, wake up! You need to get up from your bed right now, Jassy Trillana!" she shouted again.

Even though I dreamt about that nightmare of mine, I still feel sleepy and I want to sleep more.

It's still early and I don't want to get up yet. Just five more minutes. I didn't listen to my mom and go back to sleep.

I will get up from my bed later. Let me just take a nap.

"Honey! Wake up!" my mom shouted again.

I covered my ears using my pillow so that I will hear my mother's voice with less volume and I tried to sleep again.

"Jassy Trillana! It's already seven am in the morning and you'll be late for school!" my mom said that makes me get up from my bed in an instant.

"Oh my goodness!" I babbled.

I looked at the clock on my wall and it's really seven am in the morning! I am damn late for school!

The hell! What did I forget that I am going to school today?


Today is the first day of class and I fucking forget it. I am late, darn it!

"Jassy!" my mom shouted my name again for the nth time just this morning.

"I'm coming, mom!" I shouted back at her.

Don't get me wrong, okay? I didn't shout back at her to disrespect her. I shouted back at her for her to hear me.

Because my bed is too far away from my door and if I don't shout, she won't be able to hear me.

I immediately get up from my bed and go to my walk in closet to get my uniform for school and a towel before going in to my bathroom in my room.

I don't have time to go down just to take a shower so I will be using my own bathroom. All rooms in our house have a bathroom inside but I barely used mine because I'm just scared.

That's why I always used the bathroom downstairs because I feel safe there because my mom is outside of the bathroom to make me feel safe.

Why the hell did I forget that today is my first day in my new school? Arghhhh! You're so stupid, Jassy! You're an idiot! You're stupidness attacked you again!

Why the hell did this side of me needs to attack me now? Ughh! This is so frustrating!

In all the things that I have to forget is my first day in class? Why? Can someone tell me why?

I just showered for just like five minutes and get out of the bathroom afterwards. I just wet my body and I just shampoo my hair and rinse it thoroughly to avoid having a dandruff before I come out of my bathroom.

I don't have time to have a proper shower because I am late. I put on my uniform and just brushed my hair to make it look neat.

I didn't put anything in my face because I don't feel like it today. I didn't put even a powder in my face and a lip tint on my lips. I just don't really feel like doing it so I just sprayed perfume in my whole body and I almost sprayed the whole bottle on me.

I want to smell good today and I don't want them to smell me like something that's not good. I didn't put soap on my body that's why I know that will definitely stink later.

I am a hygienic person and I always put make - up because I want to look more presentable but I don't have time for that thing now.

When I go down, my sister's death glare greeted me. Oh my goodness! My sister will kill me!

Her scolding will be my breakfast again in this morning. Why the hell did I forget this damn day?! ARGHHHHH!

I give her an awkward smile before I walk past her. She's in the living room and our living room will be the first place we will be after we go down and the next is the kitchen.

She just gave me a smile that looks like she's insulted or something like mad. I understand why because she hates being late at school especially in every first day of school.

"Do you know what time it is and you still doesn't want to get up from bed? We're late for school!" she shouted at me and that makes me like dodge her.

Her voice is not good for ears. It will hurt your ears if you hear her voice because it's not pretty. Her voice sounds ugly especially when she shouted.

"I am just tired, sis. Calm down. It's also a bit cold today and that makes me feel so lazy to get up from bed." I reasoned.

Why do we have to go to school early? Can't they move our first class to ten am or eleven am so that the students won't be late at school?

"You're just tired and it's cold so you feel lazy to get up?" my sister asked sarcastically. "Just tell me that you sleep late last night!"

"That's one of my reason too." I answered and I scratch my head awkwardly.

Well, I really sleep late last night so that's maybe the reason why I don't want to get up from bed so early in the morning.

I forget last night that today is our first day for my new school.

"That's where you are good at, Jassy. Then you can't even wake up early?" she said with a tone of annoyance.

"That's enough. Let her eat first because you'll be late more if you continue on scolding her." my mom interrupted in our conversation while she's preparing food for me.

"Then scold her mom. She's always sleeping late at night even if she's not talking or chatting to someone." my sister said before she sat down again in our sofa that makes my eyes big.

"That hurts, sis." I said and I hole my chest as if I'm really hurt.

She have gone too far. She even involved my social media life in our conversation. And you know what's more insulting than what she