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Rise Of The Loser Son-In-Law

Rise Of The Loser Son-In-Law

Author:Mine Writes



Isaac Shelley is a loser with a lot of debts on his neck, The love of his life, Amy abandoned him for a richer man and to add salt to injury his mom is in the hospital because of am accident fighting for her life. Isaac has lost all hope and is desperate, A female CEO who he once saved, is willing to help him only if he agrees to marry her.

It was a bright morning and Isaac was asleep in his small downtown apartment sleeping, his phone rang out loudly and he jolted up, opening his eyes and grabbing his phone. 

A small smile appeared on his face when he saw the caller. It was Olivia Kudrow, his future mother-in-law. 

"Mother-in-law" He answered the call as he wiped off the drool that he had on the side of his lips. 

"I think it's time we start planning for your marriage with my daughter. What do you think."

"I agree, I agree." He was extremely happy, he was going to marry the woman of his dreams. The person he would give everything in the world for. 

"Good. I'll see you at my house." She ended the call. 

Isaac dressed up in one of the few pairs of clothes he had in his closet after taking a shower and headed out to see his mother-in-law


Walking into his mother-in-law's house, Liam saw Amy, his girlfriend sitting on a couch looking anxious and worried. 

He walked up to her squatting on the floor and holding both of her hands. 

"Amy, Are you okay?" He asked and she nodded her head negatively trying her best to avoid his eyes.

"What's wrong?" He asked. 

"It's Roy, his girlfriend refuses to marry him unless he buys an apartment. She demands he buy an apartment but we are $20,000 short. You need to help me."

"But.., I don't have the money." Isaac didn't even have a quarter of the amount that she asked for. If he did, he would have given it to her as quickly as possible."

"What do you mean? Do you want to marry me or not?" Her sad anxious face turned into a frown as she stood up from the couch. 

"Of course, I want to marry you." He wanted nothing more than to do that. If he didn't want to marry her, he wouldn't have given her his bone marrow and also pay all her medical expenses when she had leukemia. 

"If you can't make the money Isaac, then let's break up."

Isaac was shocked. 

She promised him, did she forget her promise so soon?

"You said if I saved your life you would marry me." He reminded her. 

Amy scoffed and rolled her eyes. 

"You helping save my life was something you did voluntarily, you don't have to rub it in my face and make it seem like I forced you to do it." She yelled at him. " If you can't help my brother, I won't marry you."

Isaac's eyes watered and he tried to hold his tears back. Every word that came out of Amy's mouth was like an arrow aimed right at his heart. 

"You can't say that to me, I Love you. I'm willing to give my life to you. " Liam pleaded. 

"You aren't deserving of my daughter. If you can't help her out with something as little as this. I wonder how she's going to suffer when she has babies with you." Oliver mocked as she walked into the living room. 

"I love Amy. I'll give everything to Amy. I'll give all my bone marrow, My kidney, anything." Isaac was slowly breaking down and his tears poured out of his eyes slowly while Amy stared at him with a mocking look. 

You are a lover, you have no job, you have nothing. Even if you give your life for my daughter it still won't be enough. She's educated and beautiful and has a lot of rich suitors coming in and out of this house offering her everything. What can you offer my daughter, what do you have to give? You are worthless. " Olivia yelled at Isaac while Amy laughed at the poor man. 

Isaac went on his knees and saw this as his only resort. 

"Please, I love you. Do not do this to me." His heart clenched and he could feel his sanity slipping away. Isaac was going to lose his mind. 

This morning he was so happy that he was getting married. He was excited and he ran here like a small puppy only to get heartbroken. 

"Amy, listen to me. I love you." He crawled on his knees closer to her but she pushed him off. 

"I gave you everything you ever asked for, I gave you my bone marrow. I saved your life. I'm in debt because of you. I'm trying my best to pay all my debts but I still walk around with a smile on my face because I know my reward is you. You can't push me aside like used garbage, without you I am going to die." He tried to grab her hands again, but she pushed him off and slapped his face. 

"My daughter's new boyfriend Evan will come to pick her up in his expensive Porsche car, he will take her out and get her all those things that you can never give her, $20,000, a house and a life." 

"New boyfriend?." Isaac stared at Amy with desperation in his eyes. He wanted her to say that she didn't have a new rich boyfriend, that was all he needed to hear but he didn't get that. 

"What?. What did you expect me to do? Do you think all of this luxury?" She pointed at herself, "It's cheap." She rolled her eyes.

Liam accepted all her insults but her cheating on him while he spent his life working just to make her happy. 

"How could you do that to me?" He got off his knees and faced her."

"I love you with my life and this is how you repay me. Remember how desperate you were begging me to help with my bone marrow because I was the only compatible pair, remember when you begged me to help pay your hospital bills, did you forget all that so soon."

"Rub it all in my face, remind me everyday that I owe you my life. I may owe my life to you but I refuse to be stuck with someone as worthless as you my whole life."

"Worthless?. You were worthless and hopeless when I helped you with everything. I loved you everyday of my life and showed you care. You don't love anyone, you only love yourself. You are a selfish gold digger." He yelled at her. 

Olivia ran out of her house and screamed for help. 

The neighborhood security guards heard her loud cries and ran in the direction of her voice. 

"What's happening?"

"A man is harassing my daughter." The three muscled men ran into the house to see Isaac yelling at Amy while in tears. They ran up to him and lifted him off the ground leading him outside. He tried fighting them off but it seemed the more he fought to get out of their hold the more punches he would get. 

He was thrown outside the house of the love of his life and the door was slammed in his face. 

He stared at the door clenching his fists and swore to himself that Amy was going to pay for the pain and disgrace she was causing him.