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Comprare L’amore

Comprare L’amore



General Romance

Her father married her with one of the most dangerous mafia bosses in the busines. Did she wanted this? No, it was all made for power. And now she lives with a man she doesn't know, she lives with a monster just like her father. She is supposed to be his wife now. To love him.... How can an innocent soul fall for a monster? The most wanted bachelor of the moment, the biggest Casanova and the worst enemy you could ever cross paths with. In a blink he finds himself married with a woman he wasn't used to deal with. So soft, fragile and innocent... She intrigues, angers and gives him a feeling he has never experienced before. Could it be lust or love? How can you buy a feeling like that? Aurora Piemonti and Dario Ret invite us to a new journey in the world of mafia and crime. The third book of the L'amore series. Enjoy!

Author's note:This is the first chapter of Comprare l'amore. The book starts right after the wedding of Aurora and Dario. I hope you enjoy the book. Here we go..

Lot's of love


Aurora POV

Living my life is a nightmare.. or better this nightmare is my life. I was born in a mafia family with my father being the most ruthless man in the business. The business that was more important than family to him. So important that he didn't care if we got hurt or sad, the only thing that mattered was power.

To keep this power he sold me to another monster in the business. A selling disguised as a wedding. A wedding that was supposed to unite territories, the wedding that was tearing me apart.

Now I was on my way to the monster's cave, his house. The wedding was completed and now I was being delivered to the buyers house like a Fendi bag.

I was holding onto myself, I guess my tears have dried from crying everyday for a whole month. I still remember the look on my mothers face when I was begging her for help, begging her to help me from that marriage, but she couldn't do anything, she could never cross my father and I knew that he wouldn't care about the fact that she was his wife, in his eyes that didn't matter. Just like it didn't matter that he had two daughters. When I told him I didn't wanna marry he slapped me and called me a whore. If I didn't do what I did he would make sure I was having hell, and my mother and sister too. So I did. I married someone I don't love, or know... just for the sake of my family.

My friend Dianora also wanted to help. I saw the pain and sadness in her eyes when she saw me in my bride's dress. But she couldn't do anything, this was family business.

"Ma'am we are here."-the driver says.

The gates open and I look at the estate. It was sunset, but everything seemed blue. It seems nice, the perfect facade.

From one hell to another.-I think to myself as the car goes inside.

I get out of the Rolls Royce and take a deep breath. Now I was going to live with a person I had seen twice in my life, including the wedding.

I wanted to stay for a little bit with my family so The monster left before me. I guess now he is waiting for me at home.

Now I was walking inside, the ionic columns looked like guardians protecting the gates of hell and making sure I would stay there, paying for my crime, sacrifice in the name of family.

But I don't regret it..

I walk inside the house and the cold environment made me shiver. This place is so cold, so strange, so lonely... It's like no one lives in this place.

When I enter the hall I see some people gathered. They were servants and people that I supposed worked for the monster.

"Hello ma'am, welcome! We are glad that you are here and we want to tell you that we will be at your service anytime."-the eldest woman says. She seemed nice.

I give them a weak smile and thank them.

"I am going to get a glass of water."-I say.

"It's okay we can get it for you."-the woman says stopping me.

I let them take it and sit on the red velvet couch. After a minute I hear them coming:

"I thought he was with her?"-someone says.

"I guess he is out with those women he usually hangs out with. She seems so nice and beautiful, I feel bad for her."-I hear them say.

Than the woman walks in and gives me the glass of water. I drink it and ask them to show me my room.

We walk through the stairs and get to the room at the end of the hall.

"Everything is set. If you need anything tell us."-the old woman says.

"I will."-I say and open the door.

I walk inside and look at the luxurious room. Golden curtains, crystal chandelier and a deep red velvet bed were the first things that came into my sight.

I lay down in bed and let out all the anger and sadness I had. I guess the tears hadn't dried after all. I was mad. At my family and at myself for not being able to stand up for myself. But I couldn't do anything, I was weak. I didn't had power or control. All I could do now was cry myself to sleep...


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