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Indulging in My Ugly Wifey's Love

Indulging in My Ugly Wifey's Love



His first fiancée hung herself in her room. His second fiancée died tragically on the street. His third fiancée committed suicide by poisoning herself. So, no one dared to marry Colton Fowler though his handsome appearance could make all women swoon and his wealth could rival a country. However, Annie Moran was forced by her father to marry the legendary Colton, whom she hadn't even met yet. She even had to spend the night with Colton, who had been drugged...

On the edge of Filand Side, an ancient castle stood in the middle of the forest. It was grand yet mysterious.

Annie Moran knocked on the heavy and ancient gate.

A subtle and strange current spread from her fingertips through her whole body. She suddenly remembered all those horrible rumours, and she inexplicably shivered.

Once she entered this mysterious and ancient castle, she did not know if she would be able to come out alive. Or maybe she would suffer a horrible death as well?

Tonight, Annie would be spending the night with the owner of the castle, Colton Fowler.

This man was the most legendary, handsome, but also frightening man in the whole of Filand Side.

The heavy door creaked open, and an old man who looked like a butler appeared in front of Annie.

He looked up and down at her.

Annie had fair skin, big eyes, a pointed nose, and tempting lips.

Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blew past and it swept away the long hair that was covering the right side of Annie's face. A sizeable black birthmark on her face was instantly exposed in front of the butler.

A look of astonishment flashed across the butler's eyes.

Annie bit her lip.

She was used to such a reaction.

People were always surprised and shocked by her ugliness.

She didn't know how the legendary Colton, the heir of the Fowler family, would react when he saw her.

A handsome man like him would probably throw up at the sight of her.

"Ms. Moran?" The experienced butler quickly regained his composure.

"Yes, Mr. Butler." Annie whispered.

"Please come in with me."

Annie followed the butler into the Imperialis Castle. As she walked along the castle, she was shocked by the opulence and grandeur of it all.

After going up the black marble stairs, Annie followed the butler into the hall. As she walked on the thick white carpet, she was dazzled by all kinds of expensive oil paintings inside the maze-like rooms and corridors.

Finally, the butler stopped in front of a bedroom.

"Ms. Moran, this is Young Master's room. Young Master has been drugged by the Old Master," the butler said.

Annie looked at the butler in surprise. There was a hint of incredulous in her eyes.

"He was drugged? What the hell?" She thought.

The butler looked a little embarrassed. "Young Master doesn't like the idea of an arranged marriage."

Annie was speechless.

All kinds of emotions and doubts appeared on her face.

To be honest, she was very uncertain about this marriage.

First of all, she was forced by the man whom she called her father to marry Colton. Then, she had to spend the night with him without even having a wedding ceremony. She hadn't even met Colton in person yet.

And now, she was informed that the young master of the Fowler family had been drugged...

Looking at the expression on Annie's face, the butler misunderstood.

He cleared his throat and said, "Ms. Moran, the Old Master drugged the Young Master not because he was worried that he wouldn't touch you because of your appearance. Actually, Young Master's previous three fiancees were all beautiful young ladies, but he had never touched them either. That's why Old Master had no choice but to come up with this idea."

Annie didn't know how to react.

A trace of sadness flashed across her eyes.

Colton's previous three fiancees...

Rumours had it that Colton's handsome appearance could make all women swoon. It made all the beauty in the world pale in comparison.

It was said that he had great power and his wealth could rival a country.

Rumours also had it that he was incomparably cold-hearted and determined.

However, no one dared to marry him.

Because his first fiancée hung herself in her room.

The second fiancée died tragically on the street.

The third fiancée committed suicide by poisoning herself.

There was a rumour that an outstanding man like Colton was not to be touched by any woman, so any woman who wanted to marry him would die a tragic death!

"I got it." After a while, Annie whispered, "Mr. Butler, I'll go in now."

After that, Annie pushed open the bedroom door, but the man in front of her shocked her to her core!