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Damian Admit You Love Me

Damian Admit You Love Me




Damian, a young boy known for his cold nature, hardly see him with females apart from his close male friend called Xavier, who is the opposite of him in character. Most girls run after him in school, they call him demi greek god, his too handsome to be human never did they know his not rich like the other kids. His someone that never admits his feelings; Nora falls stupidly in love with him after an event but got oppose by Ellie. What happens when his mother got sick and needed a lot of funds, he saw a job that pays so well as a gardener, and it turned out to be the house of Nora. Let's find out what resulted in his cold nature? Who is the girl he's indeed in love with, and will he admit it?


We were sitting down in an empty class, wondering what is taking Xavier so long to get the snacks while we do some reading.

I concluded maybe he's flirty with the girls cause he's handsome as well, so I just decided to start reading, when he comes he joins me, sometimes I wonder how come I ended up with a friend that's so opposite of me.

I took out my jotter note to jot out some points from the textbook.

The classroom door opened, finally, Xavier is here, " Xavier, what took you so long?" turning around, I got disappointed seeing a girl smiling stupidly at me.

" Hi Damian, sorry to disturb your reading, Xavier had to attend to some things, but I can keep you company till he comes."

I frowned at her; I know Xavier planned this all; this explains why he's not here yet.

" I appreciate your concern, but I need to leave now," I said to her.

She stopped me saying, "I am sorry, please can you teach me a topic in maths? Xavier said, you good at the subject; I am finding it difficult to assimilate it" I hate it when girls try to flirt with me, mostly lying to get me.

I got close to her; I saw her face turns red, already blushing; maybe she thinks I want to kiss her, " Miss, you are pretty, but the truth is you are not my spec."

This made her almost tears, " Xavier is good at maths. Maybe he can be the one to teach you."

I took my books and my cross bag and walked out of the classroom, leaving her alone to rethink the word. I just told her maybe with that; she can give up.

I looked around and saw Xavier with girls laughing; I walked to him and started hitting him with my bag," you such an asshole."

Other girls left, " shh, that hurts."

" You deserve it; I want to hit you again."

He laughed and tapped my shoulder, saying," I forgive you now, jerk, so tell me, how did it go."

" I told you I am not interested in girls, can't you get it."

" Don't tell me you pissed her off; gosh, what planet are you from, by the way? Do you want the girls to start thinking you are gay?"

I looked at him with a disgusting look," now I know you are out of your mind."

" Then let me hook you up, just imagine, we are always seen together, or are you gay?"

I can't believe he could think that" well is not bad, you should be lucky to have someone like me, won't you kiss me?"

" Get lost; you disgust me now with your looks" he pushed my forehead with one of his fingers.

" Let go to the library; I can't go back to that empty classroom".

" Sure," we left.




At the library, I took a Shakespeare book to read titled "Romeo and Juliet" while Xavier busy with some physics book.

I noticed the place we sat, some girls started sitting with us, they took a book as if they were reading, they murmured and giggled amongst themselves as they stared at me, once I look at them, they use the book to cover up.

"Mmm, why are they so desperate to have me."

One of the girls stood up and missed her step, almost landing on the floor when I held her by the waist," always be careful when walking; I might not be here next time to catch you from falling."

Other girls said," wow, he's indeed a demi greek god."

" So romantic, she is so lucky, what if I missed the step and I get opportune for him to hold me like that and feel him".

I notice she tried resting on me when I let go of her and informed Xavier for us to leave immediately.



After school, time for me to go home; I bid goodbye to Xavier; I never let him drive me home with his ride.

My name is Damian Owen, the only child of the Owen's; I don't want to talk about my family in detail. Maybe another day, I greeted mom and entered my tiny room, took off my uniform, and went to the bathroom to have my bath.

I just took the fruit and rested on the floor after spreading some clothes on the floor in my room since I have no bed; I let mom sleep on the bed I got for her with the part-time jobs I do after school, today, I need to rest.


I put on the latest outfit I bought from the shopping mall; I walked to one of our guards at home to take a picture of me to upload on Instagram.

" Hey, take me some pictures."

" Yes, ma"

I did different styles while he snaps.

After snapping, I took my phone from him, and due to what I noticed, his eyes were full of lust, " how dare a guard lust after a gold-like me? I am sure to fire him if he's not careful enough.

I entered my room and changed into my customise uniform, and entered the car with my guards as my driver drove me to school.

Immediately I came down; two of my friends joined me, Ivy and Piper; Piper took my bag from me while we headed to the class; Ivy complimented me," I saw your picture on Instagram this morning; the outfit looks damn hot on you."

" Outfit always look good on me."

Immediately we entered the school building, both male and female students started snapping me with their phone; some even said," the hottest girl has arrived".

I am damn popular in the school and very rich as well; my name is Nora Addison, daddy's favourite, being one of the wealthiest students in the school.

I noticed a demi-god busy playing a game with his phone," what's wrong with him anyway? Didn't he see my presence? I am so beautiful that no one can resist my charms. How dare he to make me look so stupid without complimenting me as others are doing."

I questioned Ivy," It seems my first time to see him. Can you tell me who is he?" I pointed, Ivy, responded saying," you know you are always travelling. That's why you don't know him, his every girl crush, but the bad thing is no girls interest him."

" Oh really, I am damn hot so that I will prove that equation wrong."

They tried stopping me as I walked to him," hey you."

He didn't respond, " you jerk, can't you talk."

I got no response," mmm, he wants to humiliate me", he stood up and decided to leave when I pulled him back," you dare walk out on me, do you know who I am."

He turned around and said," Sorry, miss, you picked the wrong guy; I don't have time to have a chat with someone who isn't pretty."



I can't stop laughing; what do you think will happen now? Cause I think Nora has no patient? She might be the first to throw a punch.

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