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Her Perfect Protector

Her Perfect Protector



General Romance

(GOLD LIFES SERIES 7) Kenneth Domanco Number one BillionaIre in America. People said he's a definition of perfect. With a perfect face, a brilliant brain, built-body, and don't forget he's super rich, he is a dream for famous women and rich girls. But he can't be reached. For him, love is a stupid word. Love doesn't exist in his life. Chloe Regens A girl with an addiction to the fairytale. She's an ordinary girl with a kind heart and always cares about people's feelings first before hers. She thought her prince would make her happy, just like in every princess story. But she's wrong.. it turns out her prince charming cheated on her with her best friend. That's when her knight in shining armor comes into the scene.

  Chloe Regens

  I smiled widely as I landed in Paris. I wanted to surprise my boyfriend for our 3rd year anniversary. Xander is the best thing that happen to me, he's literally my prince charming.

  He's so sweet, handsome and has a lot of charms.

  I'm a girl who still believe in fairytales. Now I'm living in it and I'm so happy. 3 years of relationship is not easy, we have so many ups and downs in life but it makes us stronger.

  I grabbed a taxi to go to Xander's hotel. I miss him and he has been in Paris for a week now. We only face-timing a few times but that's it. I miss him, call me clingy but when you fall in love big time.. it will make you clingy.

  I looked at the blue box that I've prepare for him. He wanted this watch for a long time and I have been saving for quite sometimes now.. at last I got him one. His name is carve on the back of that watch so it makes it more special.

  My phone rings and it makes me flinch. I take out my phone and answered it.

  "Where are you?" Not again.


  "What are you doing there?" Jack asked.

  "I'm going to see Xander." I heard Jack groan.

  My brother Jack Regens never liked Xander. He hates him and have ask me to break up with him a thousand times but I proved him that he's a really good guy and we have already gone through 3 years together.

  "Not him again.. is he asking for your money again this time?" He asked.

  "No.. it's our 3rd anniversary."

  "Stay there one night and go straight to New York." Jack said.

  "Huh? For what?"

  "Sebastian is getting married."

  "I'm not going.. I want to stay with Xander here."

  "You're going Chloe, don't make me cut your credit card!" He threatened.

  "It's our anniversary." I whined.

  "No excuses Chloe, get your ass here by tomorrow or else." He said and ended the call. I hissed and not long after that I arrived in front of Xander's hotel.

  Taking my luggage, I walked in to the hotel. I called Xander's phone and waited for him to answer. My eyes are wondering around to see if Xander came out from the lift or maybe just got into the hotel.

  My eyes widen as I saw Emma pass by, 'What is she doing here?'. My eyes followed her, she leaned to the wall waiting for the lift to open. I look at her curiously.

  As the lift opens, she smiles and.. s***! Xander and Emma kissed, they entered the lift together but they didn't stop the lip locking. I ran to the lift and put my hand before the lift close.

  "Chloe?" Xander's eyes widen as he saw me.

  "What are you doing here?" Emma asked.

  "Should I be the one who ask you that?" I ask coldly to Emma. I get into the lift and closed it quickly.

  "How long?" I asked.

  "1 year." Emma answered.


  "Happy 3rd Anniversary Xander... I'm breaking up with you." I turned to look at him and then to Emma.

  "What a nice best friend you are.. taking what's mine." I smiled sweetly before I slapped her big time.

  "Chloe let's talk, okay? I can explain."

  "No need to talk to her.. I'm pregnant with your child!” My eyes widen as I turned to Emma. 'This b****!' I can't believe that she's my best friend!

  "Unbelievable!" The door lifts open and I gestured them to go. I pulled Emma's hair before I closed the lift door. My heart is burning but the weirdest thing is that... I'm not crying.

  I'm burning in anger but I can't cry.

  My phone rings and Xander's name appear on the screen. 'What an asshole!'.

  I walked out from the lift and take my luggage again. Getting a taxi and decided to go back to New York, again. He's unbelievable... I trusted him!

  How can he cheated behind my back for a whole year without me noticing anything? They even slept together too! Shoot!

  I booked the nearest flight to New York, got to the airport again and took the plane to New York. My phone kept ringing and Xander's name appeared on the screen, all the time. What is he trying to do? Get me back? In his dreams!

  "I'm going back to New York now, you already there?" I asked, Jack calling him.

  "Why sudden change? Yeah I'm already in New York since I called you earlier."

  "Xander cheated on me with Emma. Emma is pregnant with his child!" I announced.

  "That s***!" He cursed.

  "Fired Emma and make Xander miserable." I said.

  "Of course... No one messes with my sister." Jack said and I find myself smiling.

  "Are you okay? Are you crying right now?" He asked.

  "No... he's not worth it. You're right."

  "Of course he's not worth it! That's my sister... how about you find a hot guy at Sebastian's wedding?"

  "Too bad Sebastian is taken... I had a crush on him when I was little." I said and Jack chuckled.

  "Find someone else."

  "I don't think I'm ready to find a guy yet Jack, I just broke up, you asshole." I hissed and he laughed.

  "It's fine... You'll find someone there."

  "Mom and dad coming too?" I asked.

  "Nah... only you and me.”

  "See you there Jack, message me the hotel we're staying at." I said and he ended the call. I sighed and looked out the window.

  How can my prince charming cheated on me? I always believed that me and Xander will get married one day and maybe have cute little kids... Dang it! It's all just a dream. Stupid dream!

  I find myself not crying.. which is weird because I'm pretty sure that I liked Xander a lot but why isn't my tears coming out?

  Xander... I will not forgive you!