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Love, in Letters.

Love, in Letters.

Author:Aurora Luisa Luna


General Romance

Aurora, a 25 year old jobless Japanese, threw everything away and decided to travel alone in a foreign country. She ended up seeing herself in a 12-hour bus ride going in to one of the hidden and sacred mountains in the Philippines. Ready to discover the wonders of Sagada, Aurora joined tour groups to wander around the tourist spots. From there, she met Jay, one of the tourists visiting the province of Sagada. As they conquer the barriers of travelling alone, Jay discovers Aurora's true identity, leaving himself in great doubt.

  Every day is just the same as yesterday.

  Aurora knew that working in this coffee shop for a long time will never be her goal. Starting from the rude customers, poor management, unjustified workload and low salary, she knew that this job is not the one ahe should settle with in a long run.

  “Jessy, I am really sorry but I'm stone with my decision. I will resign from my position and I will give you my resignation letter tomorrow before I start my shift.” Aurora said to Jessy, her Store Manager. Jessy was left in shock, staring at the computer monitor in the back room office.

  Aurora has been working for Starblack Coffee as a full-time barista since 2017. She became interested because of her love and addiction in drinking coffees. From the time she became a certified barista, she invested more of her time in studying the recipes, types of coffees, and on how the store operations works. That is why before she celebrated her first year anniversary with Starblack Coffee, she was chosen and promoted as a barista trainer. Moving to the next year, before she celebrated her second year with the company, she was chosen to undergo a three to six-months training for being a Master of Coffee.

  Days go on and on, Aurora's life became work, home, work and home. Her eagerness in learning turned her personal life into a closed double-locked door. She always missed her family's birthday celebrations, relative's gatherings, holidays and even her time with friends. She loves her job but she, as a person is not happy anymore.

  “Don't fuck with me, Aurora. I know you're stressed. If you need more days or even months off from work then I'll give it to you. Just don't leave!…” Jessy's cracking voice while facing Aurora.

  “I'm sorry, Jessy. I just can't stay any longer. I am afraid I'm going to lose myself again.” Aurora pleaded.

  “Then I'll give you some time off. How many days do you need? Do you need months off? Just tell me.” Jessy insisted.

  “You can get mad at me, for leaving. Just please let me go.”

  “You'll be Shift Supervisor soon, Aurora! Don't tell me you'll just throw your promotion away?!”

  “Jessy, I know that you believe in me and for what I can do for this team and for the company. And I am really thankful to you for that. But I've been missing a lot of things in life, in me. I am not happy anymore, Jessy. I don't want to end up losing my mind, I don't want to end up in a mental institution. I don't need days or months off, nor even years. You might not understand me now but I need my life back!”

  “You are such a weird evil demon!” Jessy said to Aurora while laughing.

  “I am dead serious, Jessy.”

  "Then give me five months. We're lack of manpower. I need to hire a replacement of you."

  “I want to leave immediately…”

  “Then I'll not sign your resignation paper..” Jessy teased.

  “One month. That's all I can spare.” Aurora stood.

  “Three?” Jessy bargained.

  “Two. And that's it.” Aurora insisted.

  “Three and that's final. Take it or stay here with us, Aurora.” Jessy said while smirking.

  “Fucking hell……”

  Aurora Kimimoto grew up in a lower-middle class family in Manila. Her father is a half-Japanese market vendor while her mom, a Filipina, runs a small ramen restaurant below their house. She has two siblings, one older brother named Kiyo and a younger sister named Ghia. As a middle child, she was labelled as the blacksheep of the family. Her grades is not as high as her siblings and she never got awards in school.

  In college, Aurora dreamed of becoming an architect. But because her older brother Kiyo is in college as well and her parents cannot afford the expenses in enrolling into that course, she ended up taking Tourism.

  “Mama, I've decided to resign in my work. I still have three months left to render.” Aurora said while helping her mom in cooking ramen.

  “Do whatever you want. You're old enough, just don't forget your responsibilities.” Mom said, as she hands off two bowls of ramen to the waiting customers at the counter.

  Three months runs fast.

  Aurora rushed at her room, packed her stuff in a suitcase and left a note on her bed.

  ‘Mama, Papa, I need some time off. Don't worry, I'll be back after a week. I'll text you once I arrived in my destination.’ Aurora wrote.

  “Bus leaves at eight!” Aurora exclaimed while running at the overpass near the Provincial Bus Station in Cubao.